Wednesday, January 10, 2018


One of the things I like to do after Christmas is Tweaking. I take a walk around my house, I move some things around and try to display some new vignettes.  You may remember that I purchased a set of three pottery houses at Cracker Barrel back in October. Well they were still sitting in the box they came in, mocking me. I decided to try to find a place for them.

So they are now at home on my kitchen hutch. ( You may see our new family picture displayed there as well.)  It is always fun to "shop" from what you already own. Something can look entirely different in a new location.

I tweaked the top of my china cabinet as well. The small oil of cotton on the left, was at Grimmwood but I could never find the perfect place for it there so  I brought it home. I also pulled out this pretty pitcher that I purchased in New Mexico several years ago.  I had displayed some of my special Santas here at Christmas and once they went back to the attic, the top of the china cabinet just looked empty.

Family pictures returned to the secretary in the living room. I added my sweet little dog to the vignette. I collect small china dogs and he is a favorite.

Here is a close up!

Another vignette in the guest room. This china Cocker Spaniel looks a lot like my inlaw's cocker, Honey. The vase belonged to Mama G and the fake Majolica plate came from T J Maxx.

And some of my snow men are hanging out in the guest room. Once January is over, I will have to look for something new to place on top of the Victrola.

One last picture...

This chippy old chair came from Marvin's childhood Sunday School class. When the church was getting rid of these treasures, my MIL, grabbed some so that each of her children could have one. The little gorilla has a special place in my heart as well. It was a Valentine Gift someone gave to my Daddy when he was sick. My grands always enjoyed going into his room to see it and play with it so when he died, my mother gave it to me. When Elliott comes to spend the night, Mr Gorilla is a much needed comforting friend. One of our favorite bedtime books is Good Night Gorilla. Even the older grands still want me to read this book to them before they go to sleep. And  I oblige because I know the days for bedtime stories with Nana are coming to an end as they get bigger.

Have a good day Friends...hope you got inspired to shop from what you have to tweak your surroundings.

Two updates...thank you for praying for Baylor. Katy says he is eating and drinking so we are so happy about that. Please pray for this sweet boy. Katy says he just keeps looking at her like he is trying to tell her something and as a Mommy that breaks her heart. And Nana's too for that matter. On a lighter note, I was able to be the bigger cousin when my team won The National Championship!! Roll looked iffy for a good portion of the game but the young freshman quarterback saved the day.  And he gave a nice testimony of his faith when he was interviewed after the game. Both our guarterbacks are talented players and both just wanted the best for the team, which is very refreshing in this day and age.


Dianna said...

I love "shopping at home", too, Arlene. I did the hutch in the kitchen over the weekend and then today I will do the living room. I love changing things up a bit the first of the year because after Christmas everything looks so different. Love the blue and white that you have displayed with your pottery houses!

Robin in Virginia said...

What lovely vignettes you created, Arlene! I am glad to hear that Baylor is feeling better. Enjoy your day!

Mari said...

Everything looks so cute! I love the old chair and the cotton painting.
I heard about the FB players testimony and I thought of you because I knew that was your team.
So glad Baylor is feeling better.

Terri D said...

Your pretty vignettes are so cute! Seems everywhere you look in your house there is something sweet to see! Baylor remains in my daily prayers and it is good to read about his progress. Small steps forward mean so much! Hugs! (We were happy for Bama too!)

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Baylor is feeling better. Love all your vignettes, Arlene. You are a natural at decorating!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Your arranging for the new year is inspiring. I've tried to stick to white things for winter - as if we know what snow is after having it for six whole hours this year! Bless that little Baylor and his parents! You do a good job of reminding us that not all families look alike.

Mary said...

You have such a great eye for vignettes Arlene! I love the cotton vignette, it's perfectly done!! Your coffee cup colors work so perfectly with the little CB houses too! Happy to hear Baylor is doing better.

Mrs.T said...

I love how you have placed the two pottery houses on the bottom shelf with pictures of family. Home and family ... they just go together!

I did not realize you collected small china dogs. My sister did also and I need to find a home for some. Is there any particular breed of dog you would like for your collection?

RJ said...

What a great job you did decorating for winter. I love all of the vignettes you have put together. RJ