Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Meanwhile in Hoover

The streets in Hoover are safe from villains while Super Margaret is in charge.

Elliott will be taking up soccer this spring. I am biased but he is adorable.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Humbled and Blessed

I am home, totally overwhelmed by the love of family and friends.  We arrived at the SurgeryCenter at 6:15 am and by 9:15 we were on our way home. I go back in 10 days to have stitches removed and to see if I can graduate to a splint.

My sweet next door neighbor sent supper over.

Costas of Birmingham, lasagna, bread and salad.

 the mail arrived! The Hoover Grimmlins sent their love. When I called to thank them., Baylor told me, Love You! I also received two lovely cards from sweet friends.  I was overwhelmed  with gratitude for the special people in  my life.

Amelia and the children stopped by with my favorite apple butter from the peach park in Clanton,Al Of course hugs were given too...the best medicine.

A big thank you to my friend Deborah,who came to sit with me while Marvin traveled to Huntsville to get a badge renewed for work. In Huntsville that is a big deal. Susan came over too and it was a nice time of visiting.  Calls from friends and family were icing on the cake.

Monday, February 26, 2018


While browsing the Used Book Room at the Library I came upon these lovelies.

When I was a student at Eton Elementary School, our school librarian made sure that we had a subscription to IDEALS magazine.  I can remember sitting at a table in the library looking at the pretty pictures and reading some of the poems that could be found inside the pages of this lovely magazine.

As I got older, I lost track of this periodical but when I was a young wife and mom, I can remember seeing this publication at the Huntsville Library. One time Mama G was with us when we went to exchange books and she sat down with an ideals magazine.  Before we left the library, she copied a few pages that she thought would be useful for a Women's Circle program at her church.

These vintage magazines are from the 70s and 80s.  I did find an article by Gladys Taber in one of the Thanksgiving editions. ( I have several of her books about New England Living).  Also Edgar a Guest had a poem or two among the pages. I love Edgar Guest. He was known as the Poet of the People for his folksy poetry.

The beautiful covers of the Thanksgiving editions ae still breath taking all these years later. I must say that the quality of printing for this periodical has stood the test of time. All are in great shape.

I did some digging around and I found that Worthy Publishing of Nashville, Tennessee continues to release two editions each year. One at Christmas and one at Easter.  There is even a Facebook page for Ideals.

As I get older I find that I am a sucker for things that remind me of my youth. Perhaps that is how EBAY got started!!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stitching Saturday

With it being Presidents Day this week, I finished up one of my Patriotic Stitches.

It is still in the Q snap so pardon the wavy line on the left.  Little House Needlework did a Patriotic Series this year and I decided I would just stitch the ladies. I have completed Betsy Ross and Martha Washington. Now on to Abigail Adams and Molly Pitcher.

I had one FFO this week...
Easter Parade....I love this small finish. It encouraged me to get out a few more Easter things. However, one more Christmas preview..

Speaking of Little House series, this is the next ornament in the Homestead Christmas. I need to hurry and finish Little Red Barn so I can start on this one.

.Here is Easter by Cross Eyed Cricket.  It resides on my bed during Lent. I wish I had stitched this one when I knew I could change colors. Back in the day, I followed a chart religiously. I think she would benefit from some brighter colors. I do love the brown bunnies however...they are perfection.

And the BIG BUNNY is back...

I have done March and on to May.

Have a wonderful Stitching Weekend Friends.

Friday, February 23, 2018

real life

well friends...pardon my one handed typing but this is real life. on wednesday I was mopping my floor with plans to pack for grimmwood when my feet flew out from under me and I put out my left hand to catch myself. well....I broke my wrist in a colles fracture, one of the most common fractures. my sweet neighbor, janet, drove me to the er and stayed with me until marvin arrived. the dr gave me some conscious sedation and put the bone back in place. today I saw the orthopedic surgeon and I will be having surgery early monday morning. please pray for a good outcome and uncomplicated healing.

even tho it is my left hand, I am finding many ordinary tasks quite difficult. marvin has been a wonderful care giver.  so blog posts may be mostly pictures for a while. and if I do not comment on your blogs please know that as soonas I can get back to typing with two hands, I will be commenting. rest assured your blog posts are being read and bring a lot of cheer to me in this small trial.

this has been reminder that while I feel young on the inside, I need to slow down and ti be more careful.I really miss has always been a balm to my soul but all things happen for reason and I will try to learn a life lesson. one thing God is teaching me is that I really have no control over every day life and being a bossy big sister type, I like to think I do!

With You I am Home

I know it is not Stitching Saturday but I wanted to share this freebie from Cathy Haberman at Hands on Design.  In addition to the freebie, she sent this little package to the first 100 people who sent in a SASE for the extra.

I stitched the chart in one evening but I did change up the colors a bit.

Pardon the wrinkles. I always pull a thread to help me know where to stitch my seams. ( You may see in the background one of my favorite Brit Coms, To the Manor Born.

And here it is completed. I did add three small red hearts at the top of the piece as a symbol of our three children.

What stitcher does not enjoy a free chart??

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Stream

The weather is warm this week so lets wade around in the stream and enjoy the spring like weather.

1. Daffodils are blooming in North Alabama.  What is it about these perky yellow flowers that make me smile each time I see them?

2. Only one more episode of Victoria for this season!! I have enjoyed the second season more than the first season. My favorite episode so far is the one where Albert and Victoria get "lost" in Scotland and spend the night with an old crofter and his wife.  Last night's episode was sad...the death of Mr Drummond and the return of disease for Albert's brother. For the life of me I cannot remember his name.

3. I made a Dollar Tree run on Monday and I have to say that their spring merchandise is really nice. I picked up some Easter plates and napkins for the Coffee Bar.  I found a cute little sign for the back door. I will share some of the things I purchased later in the week.

4. I also made a Publix run. Publix is a grocery store that has roots in Florida. Thanks to my blog friend, Terri at Your Friend from Florida, for telling me a bit about this chain and its owner who is very philanthropic.  Publix is a little pricier than Walmart but the stores are very clean, organized and the workers are trained in exemplary customer service.  Because the store is located so close to my home, it is much more convenient than running into town.

5. Something I am loving right now is the Young Living Stress Away Bath Bombs. I had never used a bath bomb before and I did not know what I was missing.  It is so relaxing to spend some quiet time in the tub at the end of the day. I do think it helps me to sleep better at night.

6. We are excited here in Decatur because we are getting a Chicken Salad Chick! I have never tried their food before but chicken salad is one of my favorite foods. We do have a wonderful eatery here called Java Jaay. Their chicken salad has crasins and cashews in it and they serve it on a nine grain bread that is delicious.  I think the Besties and I will give Chicken Salad Chick a try next week.

7. I would be remiss if I did not mention the passing of Billy Graham this week.  What an impact he had as an evangelist. I always admired his wife, Ruth Graham. She held down the home, allowing Billy to travel to preach the gospel.  Every time I hear the hymn, Just As I Am, I think of the Billy Graham crusades.  Another person from my childhood who has gone home.

Well the stream is a little shallow today and it is time to get on the road to Grimmwood. Maybe we can get in some porch sitting.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cross Wall

When I had my painting done I decided to move my Cross Wall across the hall from the previous location. I felt they would have more impact on one dedicated wall. Previously a plate rack had been on that wall and I was ready for a change.

It is hard to get a picture of this wall as the hallway is narrow and the light is not the best.

Can you find Margaret's cross that she made for me?

So many memories of people and places are represented here.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the new and improved Cross makes an impression for sure.

And speaking of Crosses...

Marvin and I came upon this cross at a Methodist church out in the country. I made my driver pull over so I could get a photo.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Yesterday was my Granddaddy's birthday. I never fail to think of him on February 19th. Henry Clifford Tankersley lived all of his life in Georgia. He was a mountain man who worked in Saw Mills in the mountains of north Georgia.  He passed on his love of the land to his two sons, Robert and Ray, my daddy.  He and my grandmother had seven children but only four lived to adulthood. They lost two toddler daughters to diphtheria and their oldest baby girl to prematurity.  Granddaddy loved to hunt and fish in his spare time. He was a superb Bee Man and his honey was some of the best  I have ever tasted.  After he retired he went back to work in the US Forest Service's Older American Program. This picture was made on the job at Lake Connasauga on Grassy Mountain. He was a quiet man but oh how he was loved by all of his grandchildren. I can only remember his "yelling" at the grandchildren one time. The Cousins had all decided to walk down the hill in the back yard onto a utility building which was built into the hill.  We were having a big time standing on the roof of the building when Granddaddy put an end to that. As an adult I know he was probably scared that one of us would fall off the roof. I am so blessed to have sweet memories of this dear man. I am proud that one of my sons( Charles Clifford) and one of my grandson's( Henry Baylor) carry on his name and his legacy.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Saturday in Birmingham

On Saturday morning, Mr Marvin got up and drove Miss Arlene to Birmingham.  She was all excited to meet one of her favorite bloggers at Barnes and Noble at the Summit in Birmingham. Leslie Anne Tarabella, would be signing her book, The Majorettes Are Back in Town!

My friend, Sandy at  I Majored in Home Economics introduced mt to Leslie's blog, Fairhope Supply Company. I quickly came to love her sassy southern style and I was not surprised when she went on to write weekly columns for the Mobile Register. Now she writes for Birmingham News and Huntsville Times. You can find her columns online at You can find her blog at  on my Blog Roll.  I will admit when I first saw Leslie Anne's last name, I thought she had made it up because she comes up with some of the funniest names on her blog posts. However, her husband is a transplanted Yankee with Italian Roots. Her family took a trip to Italy and I could hardly wait for each new post about the Tarabellas travel across the pond.

You all know how it is with Blog feel as though you know them. Well let me tell you that Leslie Anne is just as sweet and genuine in person as she is on her blog. We hugged and chatted like old friends. I was there early so I got a chance to visit and get some pictures.

Mutual admiration society...

To Arlene the best Nana in   no not really but I got a special inscription. I also got to meet a blogger who is a friend of Katie at Preppy Empty Nester. How did I spot her? She was carrying a Miss Daisy Twin MacKenzie Childs tote.  And the lady standing next in line is Nancy from Clanton, Alabama. She and I had a nice chat as well. She spends her winters in Fairhope, Alabama and that is how she came to know Leslie Anne.  Again I must brag on the blogging is exceptional in every way.

After getting my book signed, Marvin and I checked out Daughter in Law, Katy's favorite restaurant at the Summit.

Chuys....oh my goodness it was good.

Great chips and salsa.

We brought home left overs for supper.

The Summit is an upscale shopping center in Birmingham. You might wonder why it is called the Summit.

Quite the view ....

This was the view from Chuys.

Birmingham is a city on multiple ridges....Today the sun was peeping out and the temperature was 67!! A great day all the way around!! Thanks Leslie Anne for making your book signing such a fun event.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday Stitching

I have one finish this week but a final finish will have to wait while I get my house back in order!

I will make it into a small pillow. This is a Sheperd's Bush design...Easter Trifles.  The pictures I posted on Valentines Day were not my stitches but pictures of some patterns I thought were pretty. However I may order the Silver Creek Samplery chart as it is so pretty.

I also want to thank Jeanie, one of my sweet readers, who sent me a Valentine with two freebie Valentines Day charts in it. I had mailed her a copy of a freebie that many were having a hard time finding and she so sweetly responded. Another reason I love our Stitching Community. It is full of wonderful needleworkers.

Robin in Virginia asked how I like Colour and Cotton threads. I really do like them Robin. I have been a member of their floss club for about a year now and I have built up a nice supply of their flosses. I do wish Amanda would do more reds. That would be my only complaint. I am wondering if red is harder to work with in the dying process. Colour and Cotton flosses have a lot more thread than Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works. So to me, they are a good value as well.

It seems that FARM is the big trend in cross stitch right now. This suits me fine as I am doing some farm themed pieces for Grimmwood.

My sisters gave me this one...

It is my next start when I complete what I am working on right now.

I just picked up this Prairie Schooler. I am trying to collect all the months of the year.

I found this one on Cobweb Corner,  an online store that sells old charts. Sue Hillis designed this chart in 1991. It reminds me a lot of Pumpkin Spice Farm, a Hands on Design that I stitched last fall. Marvin has ordered some bees for Grimmwood so this will be appropriate.

And here is my recent farm stitch..

This series will grace the mantle at Grimmwood come Christmas I hope!  I am still considering how to display the 8 pieces of needlework. Vonna Pfieffer did a recent tutorial using photo holders for small pieces. I might take that suggestion and put it to work.

I have to share this pattern...not farm at all...but...

This is from Korea...I am thinking of doing one little girl each year for Audrey as her Christmas Ornament.  Aren't they cute? A friend on Instagram shared this chart and I knew I had to have it. Thanks to Soda Stitch on Etsy, it is waiting to be stitched by Nana.

And I am sure by now all you stitchers know that Lizzie Kate is retiring. Boo Hoo. I understand they have been designing for years and years and the time has come to enjoy life but I will miss them. They will put out one last design at Market...their Spring smalls which will complete that series. I am calling Marlene at the Cross Stitch Peddler to get my name on the list for that chart.

Happy Stitching Friends. Have a good weekend.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Let's Talk about Lent

I grew up in the Southern Baptist faith and there was no liturgy or celebration of the seasons of the church except for Christmas and Easter.  ( This is my experience...but all Baptist churches are different.)  I think the reason for this is that our denomination wanted to get away from "high" church practices.

When I married Marvin I joined the Methodist church that he was comfortable with and I became aware of Ash Wednesday, Lent and Advent.  I loved celebrating the seasons of the church with other Christians around the world. Now I attend a Bible Church and again, not much liturgy is found there. I rather miss it.  So I have been doing my own thing in this area. For the last four years I have celebrated Lent with devotionals and giving up some things that I enjoy for the period of Lent.  I think we all have to admit that we have an easy Christian life here in America. It is good to stretch your faith every now and then. Lent helps me to do that.

This year I am doing daily Lenten devotions with Bishop Robert Barron. He is a Catholic priest who really gets in the Scripture and challenges me. In stead of giving up something this Lenten season, my goal is to do something nice each day for someone. It could be a note of encouragement, holding the door for a young mom carrying her baby or just lending a listening ear to a friend.  Most of all I want to take this time to really meditate on the great price my Savior paid for my soul.

This year Easter falls on April 1st. I am looking forward to celebrating the Resurrection on a beautiful spring morning. It keeps me going in these chilly end of winter days!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Painting is Done

When we arrived back at home from Georgia on Sunday, we had quite the chore to complete.  Our painter was due early Monday morning so furniture had to be moved! I had taken down most of the pictures and doo dads in addition to removing nails from the wall. I did leave the nails for the things I knew would be hung back in place.

I have to brag on my painter, Amador. He arrived at 8:30am with his helper. They immediately set to work, and at the end of the day, my living room, dining room, kitchen and alcove was complete. They returned on Tuesday to paint the fireplace and the ceiling in the bedroom where we had some discoloration from an old leak.   They were so careful with all of our things and cleaned up their mess at the end of the day.  I was very impressed with their work ethic. Unfortunately this is the exception rather than the rule these days.

So here is a peak at the results.

Lenox Tan....

It really did unify the area by painting it all in Lenox Tan. I had used this color in another house so I knew I would like it. Amador told me that this is still a very popular neutral, he had used it in a lot of homes.

Now here is my alcove...

Cinnamon by Benjamin Moore was the perfect color for this small alcove that sits between the living room and the guest bathroom. I wanted a dark rusty red and this color delivered. Amador was very pleased at the result.  If the painter likes it, you have made a wise choice.

I have spent most of the day getting everything back in order. Then I will be back at my organizing. It is going to take a while to get everything just as I like it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day

A reminder of the Greatest love...

And being a stitcher I had to add some Cross Stitch Valentines.

Silver Creek of my new favorite designers.

Aren't these pretty? Imaginating Designs

A work of Heart!!  Tempting Tangles Design.

It is an exciting day here in Priceville Alabama. Our new Publix that is just a hop skip and a jump from my house is opening! After our Glens Stitchers Group this morning,  I will be going over to do some shopping there.  I hope you all enjoy lots of love and CHOCOLATE today.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Loving Brother

Katy shared this picture on Facebook on Sunday.  Baylor goes to a special needs Sunday School class at their church.  His class joins Margaret's class for music time then they return to their class. When music time was over, Baylor spotted Margaret, took her hand and wanted her to come with him to his class.  We all thought that was so sweet and it shows us that Baylor is making smalls steps in his awareness. He does love his sister and I can only imagine how happy it made Margaret to have Baylor find her and love on her!!  Thanks again Prayer Warriors who pray  for our special boy.

Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Hang a Small Wall Hanging

I had mentioned in a previous post that Melinda had shared with me an easy way to hang the small wall hanging she gifted me.

First you will need three small safety pins and three straight pins.

I attached the safety pins to the quilt at each top end as well as the middle.

I  then held the quilt up to the wall and placed pencil marks where the pins were located.

I stuck my straight pins into the wall at the tic lines. Then I looped the safety pins over the straight pins. It worked like a charm.

And it looks so pretty hanging on the wall in my bedroom at Grimmwood.  This might encourage me to make some of my finished cross stitch pieces into wall hangings.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Not a lot of finishes going on here this week. I did finish this small.

Cathy Haberman of Hands on Design does a special freebie ornament each year in honor of her wedding anniversary. If you visit her blog site you can download four of her previous freebies. She just added one for this year this week, as I told you the other day. I love it when designers reward stitchers with free charts. She also designed Sunshine on a Stem which I shared last week. I am becoming a fan of her designs.  This was stitched on 28 count white even weave.  I used Colour and Cotton's Petunia as the floss. It is a variegated floss which was perfect for this design.

Here it is in the dough bowl..

I was browsing in the Walmart hobby section and I came upon so many pretty fat quarters manufactured by Waverly.  These are perfect for backing on these little pillows. I also found lots of colors of the little pom pom trim at a good price. Our Hobby Lobby does not carry very many colors of this popular trim.  You never know what you will find at Walmart.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day!! Now on to finishing up some spring stitching.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Grandpa's Tech Girl

Grandpa loved this picture of Audrey with her Buzz, Georgia Tech Mascot, that we gifted her for Christmas.  Maybe Audrey will choose Tech when it is time for college!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Stream

Let's drift along in my stream of consciousness this week. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in.

1. I am old. Marvin and I went to see The Greatest Showman over the weekend. Spoilers included so if you have not seen it, move on to No2.  We had received a movie gift card from some dear friends and we have not had a chance to use them until this weekend.  We drove to Huntsville...purchased our tickets only to find out the only available seats were on the second row. Fortunately this is the nicer theater with recliners so we were able to watch the movie without too much bother.  I have had heard nothing but raves for this movie so I was all hyped up for it.  No one told me the music was POP...set in the early 1800s. The dancing was also from modern times and not the early 1800s. I am a nerd. I get really offended when the music does not match the period. Remember that Barnum introduced Jenny Lind to America...well she did not sing opera. Oh No...I like Michelle Williams and Hugh Jackman but they were a bit long in the tooth for their roles in this movie. HD shows every wrinkle my friends. On a positive note, there was a moral to the story. Money and fame does not buy happiness and at the end of the movie, Barnum goes home to his family allowing his young partner to take over as ringmaster.  So I can only give this movie three stars in my opinion. Tell me what you think if you saw the movie.

2. I was looking at our extended forecast for here in NoAla and it looks like the really super cold weather is over for us. I kept seeing highs in the 50s and even a few 60s. Yippee. Right now Mardi Gras is in full swing here in Alabama. Mobile is the home of Mardi Gras here in the South and they have some big parades going on right now. Ash Wednesday will fall on Valentines Day this year.

3. If you enjoy receiving a free cross stitch pattern check out Cathy Haberman, the designer, does a freebie each year in honor of her wedding anniversary. She just released the new pattern today and I printed it off. I cannot resist freebies. Also Ms Haberman is graciously giving a free button for the piece to the first 100 SASE she receives at her business. Mine went out in todays mail so fingers crossed I will receive one of the sweet turquoise buttons.( you will find the pattern on her blog that is listed under the header of her business page).

4. I have to say that Victoria on PBS continues to be one of my favorite programs. This week chronicled the Potato famine in Ireland.  I found that very interesting as some of my ancestors came to America as a result of this calamity.

5. I am prepping my house for painting of my living room, dining room and kitchen. Why did I think this was a good idea? I am going to love it but I have spent most of the day taking down pictures and doodads. I am coming to the conclusion that I have WAY too many. I am painting the main rooms, Lenox Tan by Benjamin Moore while my alcove, which is visible from the living room is paprika.  I am gong to move some paintings around once everything is completed. I just want to look at some different things for a while.

6. Valentines Day is on the horizon. I have purchased cards for my grands from Dollar Tree this year. There are many cute cards and they are only $1. I was looking for a card for Marvin at Walmart the other day. I saw one that was very sweet...$8.   Nope, whole lot of nope on that one. I can buy him a lot of Butterfingers ( his favorite candy bar) for $8.

7.My friend, Robin, passed away this week. As I was reading her obituary in the paper, I could not help but think that it said very little about all the ways Robin made a difference in our church and our community.  Robin saw a need for tutoring of children who lived in a local low income housing apartment complex. So she went to the manager of the complex and asked if she could start after school tutoring.  The manager was more than happy to accommodate Robin, providing a nice room for the tutors and the children.  Robin recruited people from our church and this ministry really made a difference in many lives.  She never sat by and waited for someone else to take up a problem and deal with it. I admired her for that. I have known Robin for about 15 years and I will miss her. Cherish the time you have with your friends.

Hope everyone is having a good week!! Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

T is for Towels

I have been doing some organizing and fluffing around the house. What is fluffing? Just moving things around...looking at the things you own in a different way.  We are having our Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen painted  soon so I am removing all the pictures from the walls. This means I may just change the location of some of my art work.

I was cleaning out my buffet in the dining room and came across a beautiful table runner that was a gift from my friend, Melinda. She lived in France for a while and this piece of needlework came from across the pond.  I had an empty towel rack in my guest bath and I thought this piece would look pretty there as a decoration.

Leaf Sprigs are embroidered on the table runner...And the edging coordinated well with some of my fancy hand towels.

Fluffing makes me a happy camper. I feel as though I took a trip to TJMaxx but I shopped from home!!