Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Humbled and Blessed

I am home, totally overwhelmed by the love of family and friends.  We arrived at the SurgeryCenter at 6:15 am and by 9:15 we were on our way home. I go back in 10 days to have stitches removed and to see if I can graduate to a splint.

My sweet next door neighbor sent supper over.

Costas of Birmingham, lasagna, bread and salad.

 the mail arrived! The Hoover Grimmlins sent their love. When I called to thank them., Baylor told me, Love You! I also received two lovely cards from sweet friends.  I was overwhelmed  with gratitude for the special people in  my life.

Amelia and the children stopped by with my favorite apple butter from the peach park in Clanton,Al Of course hugs were given too...the best medicine.

A big thank you to my friend Deborah,who came to sit with me while Marvin traveled to Huntsville to get a badge renewed for work. In Huntsville that is a big deal. Susan came over too and it was a nice time of visiting.  Calls from friends and family were icing on the cake.


Dianna said...

I am so glad to know that your surgery went well, Arlene. I understand that one completely. I will be praying for you, my friend. xx

Sandy said...

So glad it went well. I hope it is good enough for that splint in 10 days.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, glad to hear the surgery went well. Praying for a smooth recovery and a full healing to your wrist. Thinking of you!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Glad your surgery went well! Your friends are wonderful to think of you in such special ways. Your supper looks really yummy. Heal quickly and take care.


Anonymous said...

Happy that the surgery went well and you are home. Enjoy the lasagne.

Carol said...

So glad your surgery is behind you, Arlene--and what a wonderful outpouring of love from friends and family! Hope you heal quickly--don't push yourself :)

Jazzmin said...

So happy to hear that your surgery was a success and that you are now home and getting to rest, and doing so surrounded by love and warmth and so many warm wishes. What a special gift from God to be shown love and care by family and cherished friends. I'm sure Baylor's love and the precious cards are getting you off to an especially wonderful start in healing♥
Praying for you and sending my thoughts and hugs to you as you recover!
Also just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your last post, which I meant to comment on previously- loved reading your reminiscing and memories of Ideals magazine. It looks wonderful and I am now dreaming of getting my hands on a copy soon :) Thank you for sharing it!

Terri D said...

I have been so happy to read that the surgery went well and that you have so many loved ones taking good care of you!! Prayers continue for a swift and complete recovery!

Mari said...

I'm so glad surgery is done and you are home - and that you are feeling so much love!
Praying for a quick recovery.

RJ said...

Well I'm so sorry I missed this post Arlene. It must have been when I was sick. And I've been wondering when surgery was. I'm so glad all went well and I hope you have a speedy recovery. RJ