Monday, March 26, 2018

More Quilts from Melinda

My quilting friend Melinda, sent me some more photos of quilts she has completed. I wanted to share them with yall.

Melinda has a new great niece who has a gray nursery. Did that throw Melinda off her game? Of course not.

She pieced the quilt and had it quilted by a professional who machine quilts. Now days they have a fancy machine that can really do lots of different quilting  designs.

Melinda always signs her quilts.  They are after all works of art!!

I have to admit Pink is one of my favorite colors for quilts.

I love this one and I think it is perfect for a little girl.

I am amazed at the piecing that goes into a quilt and that they all line up!! Yes, I tried quilting but I would pull my hair out if the seams were not just right so I gave us that hobby. Another reason my hat is off to Melinda who has really mastered this craft.

Happy Monday Friends. I have Miss Audrey with me this week so my posts may be short and sweet. We celebrated Baylor's 7th birthday over the weekend so I will post some pictures from the festivities. I can hardly believe our sweet boy is 7.


Robin in Virginia said...

What stunning quilts your friend created! Thank you for sharing her work with us, Arlene. Enjoy your time with Miss Audrey this week.

Sandy said...

The quilts are lovely. I am making a very SMALL one for someone that Jeff works with. She was my former principal as well. She is having a granddaughter this next month, so I decided to use some of my stash. If I can get the edges without killing something today, then I plan to add a small pillow with it and that will be the end of that.

Anonymous said...

I love quilts even though I could never make one. These are so nice. Have fun this week and I look forward to Baylor's bdy photos.

Linda said...

They are indeed works of art! I craft quilts - not even in the same league as these real quilters! Ruth Ann and Sherry are both gifted with a needle and scissors. I think the cutting out is equally as important as the stitching.

Terri D said...

I have a friend (lunch bunch Melody) who quilts and has one of those fancy machines. Even with the machine, it is an art that I admire and respect. The gray quilt is really nice! I love pink too. Enjoy your grandma time!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know you are enjoying this week! And the quilts are lovely. I always like the shabby chic pinks I see in bedroom decor! Hugs!

Mrs.T said...

Such beautiful work! I especially love the quilt with the touches of pink. Have fun with Audrey!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts, Arlene. Happy Audrey week! xo

Mari said...

Beautiful quilts! I am not a fan of pink usually, but I love it in quilts too.