Saturday, March 3, 2018

Stitching Saturday

One of my sweet readers, Robin, sent me this selection of Victorian Motto Threads. They are absolutely beautiful and I have plans to put them to use the minute I can stitch again. I think these threads will be perfect for my Abigail Adams chart.

Another reader, Mary, asked me about the trim I used on this finish.

I will share my invention.

I purchased this trim at Walmart. I cut it in half lengthwise praying that it did not ravel apart.

it did not!  I twisted this ribbon and stitched it to the pillow with matching floss. I will definitely be using this trim for finishes as the ribbon comes in a multitude of colors. Finishing projects encourages me to think outside the box.

 Even though I will not be stitching for a while, I will continue to post Stitching Saturday. My LNS is hosting Market Night on March 6th so that will be good for next Saturday's post. This weekend is the date for the Nashville Market where shop owners get to see the designers new releases. It is an exciting week for cross stitchers.


Mary said...

Arlene, thanks so much for sharing the photo and instructional on how you attached this ribbon. I'm sure you will be seeing me do this in the future!

I'm so envious of you going to your LHN for a Nashville buying night, probably for the better that I don't have a LHN close, I would certainly buy too much!

How nice of Robin to send you those beautiful threads. The colors would be perfect for Christmas stitching! Hope your continuing to feel better day by day! Mary

Terri D said...

That is such a cute border finish and you are so creative to repurpose the trim to fit your project! Not being able to stitch has to be the hardest part of your healing time! I've not mentioned it before but I broke my wrist when I fell after cleaning carpets (back in 1985!). I fractured my left wrist in seven places, but thank goodness I didn't need surgery. It was a long recovery process though. So I can empathize. Not fun. Keeping you in my prayers!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What pretty yarn and it's great when you know exactly what you can use it for. I love the trim you used too. I'll look for it at W.! Take care of yourself! Hugs!

RJ said...

Robin is the sweetest and she has sent you some beautiful threads. The colors are lovely that she sent your way.

I love how you did your trim...great thinking there Arlene. Have fun at shopping day. I wish I could go with you. Rj

Dianna said...

I love the rich colors of the threads that you were gifted with! Praying for you and a quick healing with that wrist. xx

Mari said...

That's such beautiful thread Robin sent you. Very sweet! I love the ribbon you used to finish that project too. You are so creative!

Robin in Virginia said...

Very clever use of that ribbon for the pillow's edging! Does it have a specific name? I wonder if Michael's carries it. Enjoy the threads! I hope your wrist is on the mend following your surgery.

Carol said...

Robin is such a sweetie! And I appreciate you sharing the trim idea--never would have thought of that one :) I looks so cute!