Friday, March 9, 2018

Up the Road

Amelia and her family live just up the road from us, which is very nice.

The kiddos enjoyed the nice weather over the weekend.

Landon and Hudson demonstrate their trampoline skills.  As you can see, spring is busting out here in NoAla.

Our big girl....where has the time gone?

Hampton bowed out of  the photo opportunity. Teen aged boys do not want to be seen on Nana's blog!

Happy Friday. I will be going to my orthopedic doc to get my stitches out. Hoping I get a lighter splint as well.


Mary said...

I'm so envious of your spring weather!! Cute photos of the kids. I hope all goes well at the doctors and your healing is right on schedule so you can start stitching again soon.

Sandy said...

Kendall is turning into a lovely young lady. Mother and I were just talking yesterday about when grandkids become teens you see less of them. She took it in stride.
Spring is coming with the blooms, but yesterday was a bit too chilly. I was fine with a little, because I am not ready to move into straight up summer. Spring for awhile.

Robin in Virginia said...

Great shots of the grandkids, Arlene! I hope the removal of the stitches goes smoothly and you are able to get a lighter splint. We are seeing small signs of spring here in Central Virginia.

Aritha said...

What a nice photos. Greetings from Holland!O. I hope it goes well with the doctor with your stitches. I think of you, yes. And I pray for you.

Visits With Mary said...

Good pics of the kids, looks like spring is has come to your area!!

Dianna said...

How wonderful to have some of your grandkids just up the road from you. Our son lives in Maine and our daughter lives in Delaware...we live in WV. :-)

Terri D said...

Good luck with the stitches and better cast. Your grands are so cute and growing up so fast!!

RJ said...

What sweet wonderful grandchildren you have Arlene. And you are the best Nana in the world. RJ