Monday, April 30, 2018

The Stream

Let's dip a toe in the water...surely it has warmed up a bit now that May is just around the corner.

1. Most of you know I am a complete Anglophile. I love all things British so I was excited to hear the new prince is named Louis Arthur Charles.  Louis is a nod to Lord Mountbatten as well as Phillip's grandfather. Arthur and Charles are names of his father and grandfather.   Didn't Catherine look great as she left the hospital? I would never have made a princess as it took me at least two days to even think of doing my hair and make up, much less wearing heels. Okay...I never really wore high heels at all. Wedges are the only heels I can manage.  By the Way....she prefers Catherine so I have read. It reminds me of the 80s when Diana was called Princess Di. She did not like that moniker at all.

2. Speaking of British things, Marvin and I are watching The Crown when we are at Grimmwood,( Remember we have no cable or internet there). We have really enjoyed it and I must say that Matthew Smith, a former Doctor Who, has the character of Prince Phillip down pat!  The actress who plays Queen Elizabeth is lovely.

3. Marvin took me on a date last Thursday evening. We saw the movie, A Quiet Place, starring John Krasisnski and Emily Blunt.  It was a thriller but one with a moral to the story. A young family must live in silence to protect themselves from creatures who have invaded Earth. The creatures are blind but have keen you better be quiet! I wanted to see this movie after reading a review of it by Bishop Robert Barron. He noted the theological tones of the movie...something he was not sure was planned or not.   We had Chick Fil A for dinner as we discussed the movie. There were some inconsistencies but again it is just a movie.

4. Spring Cleaning is upon me as I have spent several days purging closets and book shelves. I decided to be brutal with my books and keep only the ones I KNOW I will read again. I donated my discards to the Library Book Room so our library will benefit from my purge.

5. May is my birthday month and I have asked Marvin for a special gift. We inherited his Mother's drum table and it is a little worse for wear. Embracing Shabby Chic, it sits in my living room but it needs some refreshing. It is off at the refinishers to get a face lift. I am looking forward to seeing it all pretty again.

6.I woke up from a nightmare this morning. It is not a nightmare in terms of monsters or such. My nightmare always consists of trying to get somewhere and being constantly prevented from reaching my goal.  I dreamed I was supposed to go with a girl friend to check on her husband who is in poor health and he was not answering the phone.  I was trying to call Marvin to tell him where I was and all  had in my purse was a flip phone. I could not figure out how to use it...then my car was acting up. I woke up with my heart racing!! I just got up and started my day!  No sense in trying to drift back off. Am I the only one who has this type of recurring dream?

Well I guess that is enough chatter. Have a good day dear always, I love sharing life with you!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Good Morning Friends....first things first. The winner of the Pass the Stash is Diane at Lavender Dreams. Her favorite Patriot is Abigail Adams. Diane if you will send me your address( I thought I had your address but it seems to have evaporated into thin air!! Congrats on winning and Happy Stitching.

I did have one finish this week.

Farmhouse Christmas Series by Little House Needleworks. This one is Granpa's Truck.. I did not do the border around the piece because I plan to finish these myself and display them at Grimmwood. Right now I am thinking maybe a banner for the mantle.  Borders are so hard to "get straight" when I finish them and they sure do scream, CROOKED, if not done correctly. I will leave borders to Vonna , Faye and the other professionals.

I received my Colour and Cotton flosses for the month...

The turquoise is just calling my name. I need to find something to stitch with that pretty color.

And I did order one new chart...

This is from the Etsy Shop, Rovaris. It is on its way to me from Italy!! I just could not resist the chicks and the bees. I am going to leave out the brown fence and the flowers. It will be perfect for Grimmwood.  I have resolved to order NO new charts for a while. I am going to continue to get Farmhouse Christmas to complete the series.  I have more charts than I can get to in a month of Sundays so I am going to work on my WIPs and complete them. I did order some fabric that I needed and that will be the end of my HAUL for a while.

Hope everyone is having a good end of the month. May is quickly approaching and if you are like me you are wondering where this year went already! Time Flies.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Getting Older

Kendall and I are both getting older. I was just 50 when she was born on a late afternoon in April. We were all so excited when we found out our baby girl had arrived.  She was the focus of all our attention until Landon joined the family...then Margaret, Baylor, Elliott and Audrey.  Hampton and Hudson were added to the family as well.

Kendall loves the Percy Jackson books so she had requested a necklace that said, Athena cabin 12 and this Wise Girl piece for her bedroom.  I am thankful that Etsy is around to satisfy our every need.:)

I will be turning 63 next month and I am slowly turning into a little old lady. Just this week I ordered a second pair of Clarks sandals.  My 87 year old mother loves Clark shoes and I am beginning to see why.  I have also started carrying a jacket or sweater with me...I get cold sometimes.  I might as well just stick some kleenexes up the sleeve and be done with it!

However, I am glad to be here even if life brings seasons of change.  One thing I am learning as I get older is that change is inevitable and we must roll with the punches and enjoy the ride, wearing my Clark shoes of course as I do not want to fall down on the journey!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dollar Tree Mother's Day

I know I have bored ya'll to tears with my tales of my You Tube love of Dollar Tree posts. Electic Kristen is one of my favorite Dollar Tree channels. This year I decided to challenge myself to do some Mother's Day Tote Bags for my daughter and daughter in laws. Tell me what you think!!

I have tried these candies at the Dollar Tree and they are fresh and delicious. I think there are six or seven pieces in each bag.

Kristen told her viewers about this sachet...smells so good. I did package the sachets and the candies in separate zip lock bags. I did not want the sachet to make the candy taste like sachet.:)

I have tried some of these myself and they are very nice..similar to Bath and Body Works.

Amelia loves butterflies so she got some cute paper plates and napkins.

Paper Straws....

Cute note cards...

A cute is the inside...

These come in handy to carry grocery bags or to add something to a stroller handle.

These bath puffs are so cute...

LA Colors nail polish...a good brand for a good price.

Dollar Tree has really upped their card selection!

And I found this cute tote bag to put everything into!! Add some tissue paper to the top and you have a gift bag to be proud of for a cost of $14.

I found out that the vine is a Cross Vine, a member of the trumpet vine family. Thanks to my cousin, Steve and  blog friend Aritha for helping me out.  My cousin, Steve, is a retired Georgia Forrest Ranger and when he told me that was the name I was certain he was right.  If you google Cross vine, you will see that it is an exact match! You are never too old to learn.  Thanks to all on Facebook and here in the Blog world for your comments.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wondering Wednesday

We saw this vine growing on one of the trees at Grimmwood. We have never seen anything like it before so I thought I would ask some of you gardeners just what this vine may be.

We also saw two pretty goldfinches in our yard on Friday. We had to look them up to see what they were. Marvin called me to look at the parakeets!lol  I googled the colors and sure enough it was a gold finch.

We always seem to take more time to enjoy nature at our happy place.

And a happy birthday to Miss Kendall who turns 12 today. What joy she has brought to us!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Shower for Greta

While we were in Georgia, we were glad to have Marvin's older sister, Mina, with us. She came up to visit and to attend a baby shower in Atlanta for our future great niece, Greta Grey Grimm.

We headed out early Saturday morning for Atlanta via Ellijay...

We stopped at Panorama orchards to pick up some goodies.

Then it was down I 575 to Duluth, Georgia.

We were about 30 minutes late getting there as the Atlanta traffic held up up. The party was in full swing with lots of Will and Jen's friends  and family in attendance.

Our niece, Brittany, did a great job with the decorating...the theme was April Showers bring May flowers. And Greta will be a lovely flower added to the bouquet of our great nieces and nephews.

The Cake with a G....lavender is going to be the color of the nursery.

We all filled out envelopes with our addresses to make thank you notes easier. We also were asked to write a note on a diaper so that the parents can enjoy reading it during those middle of the night changes.

Homemade Lemonade, Water and Sweet Tea were on tap.

Nephew Will trying to be as tall as Uncle Marvin! All the boys want to be 6 '5".

Will and Jen....both serve our country in the National Guard. That is how they met!

Sis in law, Barb...aka Grammy. Ella is looking forward to having another girl cousin in the family!

Family time with the Grimm side of the family is rare so we always enjoy being together.  And of course we can't wait to meet our new great niece.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Springtime at Grimmwood

While it might not feel like spring...the trees are all budded out and the birds are singing...even the bullfrogs sing a bit at night!

We are having some work done at Grimmwood...a retaining wall will be in place soon with steps leading to the pond. Our contractor met with us on Saturday and plans are underway.

Marvin did a little project that we have been planning as well.

Located right behind the swing on the porch, we put up some vintage car tags from al the places we have lived as a married couple....Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and two counties in Alabama.

It was sprinkling rain as we headed out on Sunday morning....April showers bring May flowers.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Good Morning Stitchy Friends....I thought I would do a WIP parade today. ( Works in Progress). I am really not a fast stitcher so I want you to see that I just do a little bit at a time until I am finished. I am loving some of the small things I have stitched as I get almost instant gratification with them.

Dorothy's Discovery stitched on 28 count mushroom lugana. The designer is Silver Creek Samplery.

Up on the Rooftop by Prairie Schooler. It is stitched on 28 count ivory Lugana.  I put this back into my rotation after putting it aside last fall when I knew it would not be complete by Christmas.

God Save the Queen 32 count Belfast linen in the color Sand.  The designer is Theresa at Shakespeare's Peddler. You Floss Tube fans will know her as Kitten Stitcher.

Farmhouse Christmas by Little House Needleworks ...stitched on 30 count Portobello linen. I did not stitch the second piece in this series as I just did not care for it. And that  is okay. I am purchasing all the charts in the series so it will be complete and who knows I might decide to stitch it later.

And I am kitting up this Frosted Pumpkin design, A Very Merry Christmas Town. It is my first attempt at a Frosted Pumpkin piece. My floss tube friend, Shelley Key X Stitcher enabled me on this one.

Right now I am stitching up summer pieces...mostly patriotic.

A Freebie by Samplers and Santas copywriter 2013. I just used some Aida I had in my stash.

Here is my next Summer Start...

Happy Fourth by Threadwork Primitives. I saw a finish Vonna did on this piece and I may have to "steal" it.

Today I am working on Abigail Adams from the Early Americans series by Little House Needleworks.

I am using a piece of linen from my stash for this one. I am building a brown house bit by bit. One thing I like about smalls...they are perfect for using up scraps of fabric.

Now for a Surprise... a Pass the Stash.

Please do not use the word Give away in your comments. We want the trolls to stay away! To be added to the pass the stash drawing, please tell me who is your favorite Early American Patriot. I will announce the winner next Saturday on the Stitching Saturday Post.  Have a great weekend friends.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Throwback

Things are a little slow here in Nanaland this week so  I thought I would see what I was doing 5 years ago on this date on my blog.

I shared this picture of little Spike the bull. He had a perfect heart on his forehead. He was one of Bruce's calves back in 2013. I think he has since been sold.  Standing next to him is one of Bruce's cows...not sure if she was his mama or not. Since he is so close to her, I think she might be!

One of the reasons we enjoy our trips to Grimmwood is to slow down and enjoy all the nature we see there. Bruce's cattle often come to pay us a visit in the pasture across the pond. Our geese and our blue heron are fixtures we look for now. We usually catch a glimpse of them early in the morning. A little lizard lives under our porch steps. I always check to make sure there are no snakes lurking there. Those critters are a part of nature I can do without.  We are hoping our trip this week will include lots of porch sitting as the weather is supposed to be warmer. We live in hope that Spring will finally come!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Cousin Scott took this picture of Foothills Farm on April 16th. While the trees and the grass look green, there is snow and ice on Grassy Mountain. You can see Grimmwood just peaking through the trees. Bruce is fixing a fence post with his John Deere tractor nearby.  We are looking forward to some days at Grimmwood this week.

Wrist update...I went back to my orthopedist yesterday and no more splint and no more PT. I go back in one month for an X-ray to check for regrowth of bone. It is slowly starting to grow back. Of course I will always have my fancy hardware to keep it in place. But nothing has shifted and that is a good thing. My doc says some people just have slower recovery than others and mine was a splinter break so I am glad for any progress.  Thanks to so many of you for praying and for asking how I am doing in my recovery.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Family Time

After the party we spent some time with our niece, Sarah and our nephew, Warren. Both live in Memphis.  We enjoyed some Mexican food at Salsa. Yes, it seems that all we did all weekend was EAT...but that is fun every now and then.

I have to share this picture of Marvin with great nieces, Sallie on the left and Dottie on the right. They love their Uncle Marvin.

Our niece, Sarah,her husband, Trent  and nephew, Warren. Warren brought his girls but his sweet wife, Jessica, was unable to attend because she had strep throat.

Here is an Easter picture of Sarah and her family...

Baby Mollie, Dottie, Rob and Sallie

Here is Warren's family...

Adeline, Eden and Mae...or as we call her, Mae Mae.


Lanier snapped this one outside the restaurant. I love Warren's purse. I think it must have been Adeline's as she is looking at her Daddy with a smile.

We ended our visit to Memphis with breakfast at Portcellinos.

It was a neat breakfast spot. Unfortunately I was so stuffed I only ordered scrambled eggs and toast. We did get one of the cinnamon rolls to go and it was delicious.

Thanks to Lee and Lanier for a great weekend in Memphis. It is good to spend time with family.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Southern Birthday Celebration

One thing I have to say about my sis in law, Lanier, she is a great entertainer. When she throws a party, she goes all out!  On Saturday she was hosting a 70th birthday bash for her long time friend, Carolyn.  I was so happy to be included.

Marvin snapped this picture of me and Lanier, all dressed and heading out the door to the party. Lanier held the party at the University Club in Memphis.

We were in the library and it was a cozy gathering of a dozen ladies. Lanier's friend, Kathy, brought Sweet Williams from her garden and Lanier made several pretty Centerpieces using her birch envelopes. She purchased these unique vases years ago for the rehearsal dinner for one of her four sons and Lanier said it was a great investment as she uses them all the time.

The invitation to the party was displayed on a side table along with more Sweet Williams.

Lanier and Carolyn met in Dallas when they both lived there. Their children were about the same ages and they bonded as they raised their family.  Carolyn recently moved to Memphis and she loves it there. Lanier is glad to have her dear friend close by.

A Capote Birthday Cake from Muddy's Bakery. A Capote cake is chocolate cake with white frosting. Muddy's cakes and cupcakes all have unique names. The Capote refers to the Black and White Ball Truman Capote held years ago in NYC.

Lanier opened the party with a prayer and we were seated around a cozy table. We were served a tapas style lunch. Small servings of pimento cheese fritters, crab cakes, potato soup, shrimp cocktail and chicken strips were among the samplings.  After eating, Carolyn read cards that we each had brought to her. She had mailed out large pink and green index cards to each guest. Carolyn asked that we each write down a memory on one card and a favorite Bible verse or Blessing on the other.  It was such a blessing to hear words of honor heaped on this special lady.

One of the guests made this cute envelope so that Carolyn could store her special cards in it and then she could take them out and read them when she is feeling down!!

Carolyn received many nice and unique gifts at her party. We ended with cake and pictures.

It was a lovely tribute to a true Southern Belle, raised in New Orleans and now a Memphis gal!