Friday, April 27, 2018

Getting Older

Kendall and I are both getting older. I was just 50 when she was born on a late afternoon in April. We were all so excited when we found out our baby girl had arrived.  She was the focus of all our attention until Landon joined the family...then Margaret, Baylor, Elliott and Audrey.  Hampton and Hudson were added to the family as well.

Kendall loves the Percy Jackson books so she had requested a necklace that said, Athena cabin 12 and this Wise Girl piece for her bedroom.  I am thankful that Etsy is around to satisfy our every need.:)

I will be turning 63 next month and I am slowly turning into a little old lady. Just this week I ordered a second pair of Clarks sandals.  My 87 year old mother loves Clark shoes and I am beginning to see why.  I have also started carrying a jacket or sweater with me...I get cold sometimes.  I might as well just stick some kleenexes up the sleeve and be done with it!

However, I am glad to be here even if life brings seasons of change.  One thing I am learning as I get older is that change is inevitable and we must roll with the punches and enjoy the ride, wearing my Clark shoes of course as I do not want to fall down on the journey!


Anonymous said...

Great picture of you and Kendall.
I have always been cold-natured and have been taking a sweater with me for years. In fact, my older brother nick-named my sweater "Mrs. Patterson" after a little old lady we knew from church who always wore a sweater!!!

Sandy said...

I have been carrying the sweater along and draping it over for my shoulders for years. Lindsay is always telling me it is a old lady looking. I chuckled at the Kleenex comment. I am quite sure there is a Kleenex in every pocket of Everything Mama owns:) I so understand why my grandma’s shoes looked like they did. At least we have some cuter options. On the other hand my mom can wear anything in her feet; me, not so much! You look wonderful for 63. We are still kicking and they biggest hang up is just wanting to have energy to do all I want to do in a day.

Maggie said...

As another white haired 63 year old grandmother, I think you look fabulous!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, what a beautiful picture of you and Kendall! You are so right about change being inevitable. I, for one, want to roll with the punches, go with the flow and enjoy the journey. Will have to look into Clark shoes! Enjoy your Friday!

Dianna said...

Happy Birthday to your Kendall. She is such a sweet young lady!

I love Clark shoes! When I hit a good sale I love them even more! :-) I'll be 69 in the fall and things are starting to catch up with me. But it is like you say...change is inevitable so we must learn to roll with the punches.

Have a lovely weekend...and before I forget...I love the picture of you and Kendall.

Terri D said...

That is a wonderful photo of you two! Wow! Time does pass by quickly. I've loved Clarks shoes for years and that has nothing to do with age and everything to do with comfort! LOL

Mari said...

Very cute picture!
I laughed at your Kleenex comment. My mom used to always do that!
I've been wearing Clark shoes for quite a few years now and I haven't hit 60 yet... :)

Carol said...

What a darling photo of you and Kendall! You were so lucky to have had your first grandchild at a young age, Arlene... Here I am your age (turned 63 in January) and I still don't have ANY. It makes me very sad to think that by the time I do have them I'll be too old to really get down on the floor and play with them :(

Karen said...

My friends and I were just talking about wearing 'comfortable shoes'. They are prettier than falling down in high heels!