Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Know Your Blogger

Since I have some new readers I thought I would do a Get to Know Arlene at Nanaland post.  I always enjoy hearing more about my fellow bloggers so I thought you might enjoy this little Q and A.

1. Full Name..Bonita Arlene Tankersley Grimm. My mother wanted each of her girls to have a "different" name. She had planned to call me Bonnie and changed her mind at the last minute. Never call your child by their middle name. It is such a pain and I know from experience. Bonita has been pronounced every which way in North Ga where I grew up. I always wanted to be Debbie, Linda, Kathy or Teresa just like all my friends.

2. Your Blog Name....I chose Nanaland because of Kendall. When she was two we moved to our townhouse community. As with most townhouse communities, it looks pretty generic. When Kendall would come to visit she always refereed to our community as Nanaland.  Since my blog is about my journey as a wife, mom and Nana, I thought Nanaland was appropriate.

3. First Best Friend....My cousin, Carolyn, who was two years older than me. I thought she hung the moon. She passed away in her early 50s from complications of Lupus. I will always miss her smile and her silliness.

4. How tall are you?  5 7 1/2"  and yes the half inch is sometimes rounded up to 5' 8".

5. College.....three years at a diploma nursing school, Georgia Baptist School of Nursing in Atlanta. One of the reasons I went there was that their cap was pretty and we were promised that we would marry a Tech man! Well it wasn't a promise but many of us did marry a GT man. I met Marvin thanks to my suite mate, Jenny. We were engaged six months after we started dating and married a year later when I graduated from Nursing School. We moved to Oak Ridge Tn, where Marvin completed the work for his PhD and Ben was born then moved to Athens Ga where he did his post doc and Amelia was born and then on to Louisville, Ky where he taught at Uof L and Charles was born.We moved to North Alabama in 1984 to work in the defense industry and we have been here ever since!

6. Children.....Benjanamin Anton Grimm,,,,named after his great great grandfather and his father. Amelia Morel Grimm was named after her Great Grandmother Hasse and the Morel was the maiden name of  another great grandmother. The Morel name goes back to Oglethorpes's settling of Savannah, Ga. Our ancestor came with Jame Oglethorpe as a weaver.  Charles Clifford Grimm was named for his dad's best friend,Charlie Clarke and Clifford is after my beloved Granddaddy.  We are big on names having significance!

7. Favorite Movie...a toss up between Steel Magnolias and You've Got Mail. Yes, I am shallow.

8. Favorite Book....I would have to name two...Gone with the Wind and Little Women.  To me the Bible is in a category all by itself and is also revered.

9.Favorite TV shows...Jeopardy, Big Bang Theory and almost anything on Masterpiece Theater. Right now I am enjoying Call the Midwife.

10. Bad Habit...I used to bite my nails. I had done it since I was a child. But one day I just woke up and that craving was gone. I hated doing it and I credit God for delivering me from it.

11.Favorite perfume....Clinique Aromatics  and White Shoulders.

12. Purpose of your blog...I starting blogging to keep a record of my life. I had been involved in forums on line and I really enjoyed them. Once they started disappearing I wanted to do something to stay connected to my online friends. I have to commend the blogging community. It has been a source of encouragement to me for many years now. I do not do it to get rich. I do not do it to get attention. I do it to keep a record of my life so that I can look back and see the tapestry of life unfolding. Along the way I have met the most wonderful bloggers who are dear friends now, some I have never met but I hope to do so one day.

There you go....lots of randomness but hopefully honest answers.


Carol said...

Fun to learn more about you and your family, Arlene! Interesting about your name, too! I had a friend who named her daughter Maureen, but three months later had it changed to something else :) And how lucky you are to be taller... at a mere 5'1" I am always struggling to find clothes and reach things.

Thank you for blogging--I know it takes time, but it is so nice to meet like-minded friends online!!

Zaa said...

Thank You Arlene this was a most enjoyable read and it’s really nice to get to know you ... Hugs

Visits With Mary said...

I loved this post, it was great reading all about Nanaland and how it got started! I love White Shoulders too.

Anonymous said...

What fun, Arlene! I'm with you on naming children exactly what you want them called. Teachers always got my name wrong too. And it's embarrassing as a child. I did not know you were so tall! I'm only 5'2". Love all your little stories!

Mari said...

I never knew you had another name besides Arlene. My real name is Maribeth, but I have always been called Mari, pronounced Mary. A lot of people think it is pronounced Marr-ee, if they just read it, so I have a little feel for your name issue.
I really enjoyed this post!

Terri D said...

What a fun post!! I learned more about you today! The name game is played by many of us, I think! We could do an entire post on that, I think!

doodles n daydreams said...

Hi Arlene, This is a really fun post and I've really enjoyed it. The name thing can be really aggravating can't it? I am Diana but frequently am called Dianne - I think it's because people don't listen properly.
Have a good week,