Friday, April 6, 2018

More of Mooresville

Located just off I 565, Mooresville is a place that all history buffs should visit. I love to visit there just to see all the gorgeous homes. It is a great place to park and walk to take in all the sights as well.

This is located next door to Java Mooresville. Grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell.

Wisteria was blooming all over.

This house belonged to my late friend, Vene. It was once  featured in Southern Lady Magazine.

Dogwoods were showing out as well.

Weddings are still held in this historic church. It has to be a small wedding though!

A beautiful historic color. I love the brickwork you can find everywhere in this town.

Jackson Vine covers this porch.

One of my favorite houses in Mooresville. I will see if I can purchase it when my ship comes in.

Unfortunately, Mooresville was hit with the straight lines winds as well. Lots of old trees were down, most in the road fortunately and not on these beautiful old homes. Just a reminder of how much things can change in a day.

I have always loved old houses and we looked at some older homes in Decatur's historic district but we quickly found out it would have to be a small house and we were afraid of the older homes requiring a lot of money and attention. We just could not justify such a purchase at this stage in our lives. So I enjoy looking at them from afar. This summer we will be going to Marvin's home town of Savannah and I am already planning some drives through the Squares and Ardsley Park. Marvin's 50th high school reunion is coming up in 2019 and he is on the planning committee.We are looking forward to visits with family and friends we have not seen in a while.


Mary said...

Gorgeous flowers and homes. I'm glad your enjoying Spring, more snow coming here for the weekend! I can't wait to see green! The homes in this town are so lovely, I love Salt Box colonials. How exciting that you will be going to Savannah, it's on my bucket list!

Sandy said...

Nothing like those old homes. They always draw me in as well. I can't imagine the upkeep though. Shoot, with just a 34 year old home, there is stuff often.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, thank you so much for the photo tour of Mooresville. It looks very charming; what a beautiful array of old homes. Enjoy your Friday!

Visits With Mary said...

Gorgeous homes, what a beautiful place to live and visit. Enjoyed all the pictures!!

Mrs.T said...

How beautiful, Arlene. I love wisteria and old homes. Thanks for sharing; if we ever get to the South again this would be a place I would enjoy visiting. Snow predicted here for later today! The day started out gloriously sunny but very cold; now it's clouding in.

Terri D said...

I enjoy historic buildings and towns too. Lovely photos!! Sounds like your visit to Savannah will be full of fun. We really enjoyed walking through the old cemeteries when we visited there.

Anonymous said...

So pretty, Arlene! Love the wisteria vines. I love old houses too but too concerned about all the upkeep to buy one.