Thursday, April 19, 2018


Cousin Scott took this picture of Foothills Farm on April 16th. While the trees and the grass look green, there is snow and ice on Grassy Mountain. You can see Grimmwood just peaking through the trees. Bruce is fixing a fence post with his John Deere tractor nearby.  We are looking forward to some days at Grimmwood this week.

Wrist update...I went back to my orthopedist yesterday and no more splint and no more PT. I go back in one month for an X-ray to check for regrowth of bone. It is slowly starting to grow back. Of course I will always have my fancy hardware to keep it in place. But nothing has shifted and that is a good thing. My doc says some people just have slower recovery than others and mine was a splinter break so I am glad for any progress.  Thanks to so many of you for praying and for asking how I am doing in my recovery.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo. Thankful you won't have to go back for a month. I hope the weather for your Grimmwood visit is wonderful.

Sandy said...

The wrist news is good news. Continuing to pray for a fully healed wrist. We have stitching to do! Have a great time at Grimmwood.

Robin in Virginia said...

What good news to read this AM about your wrist, Arlene! I will continue to pray that it mends fully. What a gorgeous photo your cousin took! I know you will enjoy your time spent at Grimmwood.

Mrs.T said...

Yay for no more splint and no more PT! I've been praying and am happy to hear of this progress. Love the photo of Grimmwood and the farm! Still snow on Georgia mountains ... amazing!