Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Good Morning Stitchy Friends....I thought I would do a WIP parade today. ( Works in Progress). I am really not a fast stitcher so I want you to see that I just do a little bit at a time until I am finished. I am loving some of the small things I have stitched as I get almost instant gratification with them.

Dorothy's Discovery stitched on 28 count mushroom lugana. The designer is Silver Creek Samplery.

Up on the Rooftop by Prairie Schooler. It is stitched on 28 count ivory Lugana.  I put this back into my rotation after putting it aside last fall when I knew it would not be complete by Christmas.

God Save the Queen 32 count Belfast linen in the color Sand.  The designer is Theresa at Shakespeare's Peddler. You Floss Tube fans will know her as Kitten Stitcher.

Farmhouse Christmas by Little House Needleworks ...stitched on 30 count Portobello linen. I did not stitch the second piece in this series as I just did not care for it. And that  is okay. I am purchasing all the charts in the series so it will be complete and who knows I might decide to stitch it later.

And I am kitting up this Frosted Pumpkin design, A Very Merry Christmas Town. It is my first attempt at a Frosted Pumpkin piece. My floss tube friend, Shelley Key X Stitcher enabled me on this one.

Right now I am stitching up summer pieces...mostly patriotic.

A Freebie by Samplers and Santas copywriter 2013. I just used some Aida I had in my stash.

Here is my next Summer Start...

Happy Fourth by Threadwork Primitives. I saw a finish Vonna did on this piece and I may have to "steal" it.

Today I am working on Abigail Adams from the Early Americans series by Little House Needleworks.

I am using a piece of linen from my stash for this one. I am building a brown house bit by bit. One thing I like about smalls...they are perfect for using up scraps of fabric.

Now for a Surprise... a Pass the Stash.

Please do not use the word Give away in your comments. We want the trolls to stay away! To be added to the pass the stash drawing, please tell me who is your favorite Early American Patriot. I will announce the winner next Saturday on the Stitching Saturday Post.  Have a great weekend friends.


Karen said...

I like them all, but especially the Christmas and July 4 patterns. Have a nice weekend.

Sandy said...

That is a difficult question. I have more than one, but based on a recent book I read I will say Samuel Adams.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing your wip. I love the red truck on the Christmas piece. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Jan said...

Maybe an unusual choice, but Abigail Adams is mine.

Carrie Gail said...

As a Virginian, I think I would have to say Thomas Jefferson, although there are so many from which to chose.

Terri D said...

Lots of good stuff going on!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet of you. I want to say Abigail Adams too....and her husband, heehee Thanks, Diane

Carol said...

Oh, so many lovely works in progress, Arlene! I don't know how you juggle them all because when I leave a project, I find it hard to go back to it. That is why I'm pretty much a one at a time stitcher (well, sometimes I have one small and one large piece going at the same time :) Favorite early American? I would say John Adams--I found his life story to be just fascinating!

Happy Sunday to you!

Jazzmin said...

Good morning, Arlene,
I greatly enjoyed viewing the WIPs you shared :) I always think it's exciting and fun to keep different projects going and work on them bit by bit. It's nice to have something else to work on for awhile, especially if you're like me and a project sometimes gets you frustrated so you're happy to have something new to work on for a little while before resuming.
It's hard to pick a favorite, but I especially love the Dorothy and Toto design. All of your pieces are turning out so beautifully as always- my mom just walked by and looked at your post, too, and commented how your work is so wonderful. And ooh, just love the Happy 4th pillow design, too- it has such a lovely layout.
Also enjoyed reading your previous post, seeing little Spike with his heart, and hearing about the wildlife at Grimmwood. Sounds so heavenly.

Wishing you a very blessed Sunday!

Pattie davidson said...

I would have to say my Great great, great, great, grandfather is my favorite. He fought in the Revolution. Richard Christmas is his name and we are still living on the property that he received in the land lottery in 1826.

Mel J. said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely WIPs. I'd have to say the my favorite lately (although a hard choice) Salem Poor - a slave, who paid for his freedom, and then became a war hero.