Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Stream

Well with all the rain, my stream is more like a river today...grab your boat and some oars.

1. Clean Up is ongoing here in Decatur. Marvin and I went downtown to eat at Mellow Mushroom on Friday and we were surprised at all the damage. It truly looked as if a tornado had hit our small town. We are fortunate that neighbors help neighbors here and our Utility Department worked non stop to restore power to everyone in the area.

2. I have several friends who are dealing with heavy burdens regarding elderly parents.  I am thankful that my 86 year old mother is still able to live on her own with help from my sweet sisters. Mother spends most of her days embroidering pillow cases. She does beautiful work. We have had to ask her not to cook unless one of us is there with her. She forgets to turn off the stove...and sometimes she has forgotten that she has things cooking on the stove. It is hard for anyone who was very capable to realize that their mind is just not what it used to be. When I find myself getting impatient, I remind myself that one day I will need people to be patient with me.

3. Baylor Update....Katy and Ben have decided that Baylor will be in a contained classroom for special needs children next year. Being in a regular class room was just too much for our boy and  it was causing anxiety. I am thankful for each of you who lift Baylor up in prayer. Please pray that he will be happier in his new classroom next year.

4. Many of you know one of my favorite books of recent years is A Man Called Ove. It is being made into a movie starring Tom Hanks. I really look forward to seeing it.

5. Katy shared that she and Margaret are reading Anne of Green Gables together. Margaret is a lot like Anne so that book is right up her alley.

6. I have been watching Call the Midwife on PBS.  I am glad to see it has returned to the themes that made it popular when it premiered quite a few years ago. Watching those nurses almost makes me want to be one again. But I sit down quietly until that thought disappears.:)

7. Marvin got us Season Tickets to Ga Tech Football games again this year. I found the cutest pair of Sandals that I can wear until it gets cold. They are Clark's Lexi Marigold in Butter Yellow. They are really more Gold, which is a Tech Color. Now I have a purse and shoes in team colors. Go Tech.

8. As you know, we do not have internet or cable at Grimmwood so I try to take DVDs that we can watch while we are there. On the recommendation of many of you all, I ordered the first season of The Crown. We will watch one episode each evening so that we can make it last for a while. Next I plan to order the first season of This is Us. It is another one that we have heard good things about. Of course one of the best things about Grimmwood is that we spend a lot of time on reading and hobbies while we are there. We do not want to disrupt the peace we find there.

Well friends, time to hop out, dry off and head to my Physical Therapy appointment. Still working on that Range of Motion.


Anonymous said...

All the best to you with PT. Thank you for the update on Baylor and yes, I'll continue to pray for him. Good news about your book being made into a movie and Tom Hanks is great. How fun for Katie and Margaret to reading Anne. I would love the serenity of Grimmwood - a great place to enjoy the simpler things in life. Your sandals sound perfet for Tech ball.

Sandy said...

Our library has DVD's for rent just like the old days of video stores. Glad y'all are going to enjoy another year of Tech games. More reasons to enjoy Grimmwood.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's fun to do a little update on things in a post like this. I should do one too. Enjoy your day sweet lady. Hope you appointment goes well! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

I hope PT is helping with increasing your range of motion, Arlene. I enjoyed reading your 'stream' today. Grimmwood sounds so peaceful; I bet it allows you to really slow down your pace. Good for you on the shoe find!

Dianna said...

Caring for elderly parents...ah, yes, we've walked in those shoes. We are so thankful we were able to be here for them and now they are all with the Lord. But we also understand that it can be a physical, mental and emotional battle at times. I am blessed to know that when you are tempted to be impatient you remember that maybe one day you will need someone to be patient with you. Bless you, Arlene.

Will be praying for Baylor's classroom situation for the next school year.

I love it that you sit down quietly when you watch Call the Midwife until the thought of wanting to nurse again disappears. Made me chuckle.

Please let me know what you think of The Crown when you start viewing it. Have you ever seen the PBS production of Winston Churchhill with Robert Hardy as Churchhill? I'd love to have is out on DVD, but quite expensive.

Hope your physical therapy appointment went well today. It may take a bit for the range of motion to increase, but just stay faithful to your therapy at home and it will come. Experience has taught me that one! :-)

Terri D said...

Hoping that the new classroom for Baylor will be just what he needs! I loved Ove too and we watched the movie that has already been made of it. Tom Hanks will do a great job, I' sure. We started watching The Crown and are enjoying it. Neither of us liked This Is Us. I think we are the only people in the nation that don't care for it. Wishing you a good rest of the week!

Mari said...

Keep working on the range! You know how important it is. :)
I love Call the Midwife too.
Praying for Baylor and hoping this class will be better for him.

Rian said...

I too read "A man called Ove" and think Tom Hanks is perfect for that part. And we love 'Call the Midwife' and 'Anne of Green Gables'. Netflix has it called 'Ann with an e'... and I enjoyed that also. As for cable, it's getting way too expensive. Ours just went up to $200/mo. We won't be having it much longer.

sharon said...

Praying for Baylor. I have seen many children very successful in self contained classrooms. In February we moved my dad from Florida to live with us. Not an easy situation but I am thankful we were able to do it. Good luck with your pt!!