Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wondering Wednesday

We saw this vine growing on one of the trees at Grimmwood. We have never seen anything like it before so I thought I would ask some of you gardeners just what this vine may be.

We also saw two pretty goldfinches in our yard on Friday. We had to look them up to see what they were. Marvin called me to look at the parakeets!lol  I googled the colors and sure enough it was a gold finch.

We always seem to take more time to enjoy nature at our happy place.

And a happy birthday to Miss Kendall who turns 12 today. What joy she has brought to us!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning! That might be a black-eyed Susan vine. I love to watch the goldfinches, they are so pretty. Happy Birthday to Kendall - hope she has a fun day.

Dianna said...

Good morning, Arlene. I've not seen a vine like that in our neck of the woods so I'm not really sure what its name is, but it certainly is beautiful!

Happy Birthday to Kendall. She is such a cutie!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It might be Jessamine. I need to look it up.....sure is pretty!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Great pic of you, Arlene with your beautiful family. Happy birthday to Miss Kendall. Enjoy your week.

Sandy said...

Nature is always good for us. I think you have to get away from the routine to fully soak it up. Oh Kendall will be grown before you know it.

Terri D said...

Whatever that vine is, it is beautiful! Happy birthday to Kendall! She is a lovely young lady! Have fun celebrating with her!

Mari said...

I've never seen a vine like that. The flowers look like little sunflowers!
Happy Birthday to Kendyll!