Thursday, May 24, 2018

At Grimmood

Marvin went over to Grimmwood by himself over the weekend as I had my North Alabama Stitchers Meeting here in Decatur.  Marvin had to tend to DR G's Honeybees. They came to us in a Nuc ( nucleus colony) so they needed to be moved to their hive that will be there permanent home until they outgrow it and we need a new hive.

Marvin took this selfie for Landon...he wanted to see Grandpa in his bee suit Thanks to Barnyard Bees in Chatsworth, Ga for all their help in getting DR G started in his new hobby.  You can find them on Facebook and they have lots of interesting videos linked to their page.

And here they are in their new clean house. Marvin put a big block on top to keep it stable in storms. We do not want the wind to blow it over.  You can see some of the bees headed to the hive with their nectar. Our Queen Bee is named ELIZABEETH. yes Dr G thought that one up on his own!

Marvin did have a snake sighting..

We leave the black snakes alone and they leave us alone. In Georgia it is against the law to kill a non poisonous  snake. They eat a lot of varmints and if Mr Snake will keep the mice out of my house, then I will let him hang around.

We are also having a retaining wall put in around our house with steps leading to the pond. We have had to go around through the woods to get to the pond and we wanted to remedy that.

The foundation is dug and we should be getting the supplies for the wall delivered this week. Thanks to Brother in Law, Bruce, who recommended George for this job. George and his crew have done a lot of work on the farm for Bruce and he is hard working and dependable.  Two things that are becoming harder to find in our culture these days!!

Hope all of you are having a good Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

Fun to see the bees! I know you will enjoy the steps to the pond; thankful you have someone dependable to do the work.
Have a great day.

Dianna said...

Seeing Marvin suited up brought back so many good memories of when we kept bees. It is such a rewarding hobby...and the outcome is very tasty!

Sandy said...

Love Marvin in his new bee suit. I about died ---I have such a phobia of snakes I had to scoot by. I would be breaking the law every time I saw one. My family knows there will be no rest for me if one has been sited and not taken care of. I wish I weren't like that...need a psychologist:)

Linda said...

Marvin looks good in that bee suit!

Terri D said...

Yum. That honey will taste SO good!!

Mrs.T said...

That sure is a nifty bee suit! Hope Marvin has fun with his new hobby ... raw honey is so healthy, it will be nice to have your own supply. Love the idea of the retaining wall and steps to the pond. Don't love the idea of the snake, but then I don't like mice either and if he will deal with them, so be it!

Thanks for the report from Grimmwood!

Mari said...

Marvin is looking good in that suit!
I'm not a fan of snakes, but if they stay in their area, we're good. :)
The retaining wall is going to be great!