Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Five

Here is what I am loving this week...

1. Informed Delivery.( Sorry no picture of the website). Did you know you can go to the US Postal Service site and sign up for Informed Delivery? Every day you get an email telling you what to look for in the mail. Mail pieces and packages are tracked...magazines are not.  My friend, Susan, shared this with me and I am loving it. Going out of town so often these days, it is good to keep tabs on what should be in your mailbox each day. One of my friends said she preferred to be surprised as she enjoys getting her mail each day and finding a surprise.  Again I am sure this trait is relayed to a personality type....nosy or expectant?

WE finished the first season of The Crown and I can hardly wait for Season Two. I am bidding for a Dvd on Ebay. Hoping I get it as it is pretty pricy on Amazon. The acting and the stories are so interesting and as an Anglophile, I will watch this series again to see what I missed the first time through. I tend to fall asleep watching tv late in the evening.

3. Giannios Candy is my mother's favorite treat. This is the candy that I found at the Mennonite grocery store in Falkville, Alabama. It is delicious and the whole family now likes this great brand.
Peanut Clusters are our favorite. Caramel and peanuts..yum. Rather like a Snickers on Steroids. You can find this company that has been around since 1910 on Facebook. Like their page and see all their goodies.  I did note that if you order from their site they do not mail in the summer due to the heat.

4. This is my new birthday gift to myself.

I like using project bags to keep my cross stitch projects organinized and free from dust and dirt. One stitcher I know related how she had left her stitching sitting on a chair at home and a person who shall not be named spilled Sweet Tea on the sampler. She was able to save it by adding more distressing to it. She says it just makes it look like an old sampler instead of a new one. She learned her lesson about putting away stitching when you are not working on the piece

5. Ben and Katy treated me to Norwex cloths for my Birthday and Mothers Day.

I had been wanting to try this brand for some time but never found a rep who sold them in my area. I look forward to trying out these microfiber cloths that work with just water! I will report back on how they worked for me here in Nanaland. I have heard many raves about their effectiveness. 


Dianna said...

Love your new little project bag! So darling. I'll be interested in hearing about the microfiber cloths once you've used them.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed reading your Friday Five, Arlene. I recognized the candy you pictured; they are available here at Yoder's Market. I like their mint patties as well. I look forward to hearing how you liked the Norwex products. Enjoy your Friday!

Anonymous said...

Oh you will LOVE your Norwex products. My daughter sells them and I use them for everything. Do you have stainless appliances? You are in for a treat. Buy the face cloths. Watch a few you tube videos especially the one about cleaning up chicken juice. Love following your blog ❤️

Miss Dishywoo said...

Fun post. I really like to see things that other people are using and liking. I hope that you get the DVDs! My husband is so good at winning bids .. he loves the last second excitement when bidding on something. Your craft tote is gonna be just perfect for your needlepoint. Have a good weekend.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Happy birthday, Arlene. I love to buy myself birthday gifts!

Terri D said...

Those chocolates look delicious! Shipping to Florida anytime could be a problem. (frowning) I enjoyed your list and look forward to hearing how those cloths work with just water!

Mari said...

I'm nosy! I will check into that site.
I like Norwex. Their carpet cleaning solution works when nothing else will.
I've been enjoying The Crown too.