Friday, May 4, 2018

My Friday Five

I thought I would share with you my Friday Five. Five things I have been enjoying this week.  I always love to try new products that my friends have shared so I wanted to share some things that I think you might like to consider the next time you place an Amazon Order.

I picked up a bag of these for Amelia, my Oreo loving daughter. Unfortunately I opened the bag to taste one. That was my first mistake. Oh my goodness. These are so good and you can have nine of these for 180 calories. ( I ate three!).  I got these at Publix and they were just out on the shelf there as they are anew product. They also have some in mint for those of you who wait each year for the Girl Scout Thin Mints.

I have been poking fun at myself over my Clarks Sandals. Here is the gold pair that I purchased for the Tech games this fall. I ordered a black pair for this summer and I am loving them. These are the Lexi Marigold.  I ordered these from Amazon for about $60. The price is showing a bit higher right now. I found my black pair on EBAY. Apparently they sell some of their overstocks at a discount there. I got a brand new pair for $50.

My kids make fun of me all the time because I wear these sunglasses over my glasses. Sorry kids, Nana is too cheap to get a pair of prescription lens sunglasses when I can order these from Amazon for About $13.  They fit perfectly over my glasses and I love the look.

I got a tip on this product from Katie at Preppy Empty Nester. It has really done wonders for my face and it is so refreshing. It is a bargain at $7.

I found that I can order bands for my Garmin Stepper! No more plain black! I am wearing the White one right the way it looks.  The whole set is $16 at Amazon.

I hope some of you will share a Friday Five next week so we can see what you are loving in your world right now.


Anonymous said...

I have a pair of sunglasses like these and I like them. The sandals look very comfy. I've seen those Oreo's but I don't dare even taste them! lol

Robin in Virginia said...

I like your sunglasses and the fact they fit over your glasses. I saw those Oreo Minis when I shopped on Monday. I left them on the shelf since they are like eating potato chips to me. In addition to the mint and regular variety, they also have them in coconut. Nice sandals; will have to check out the Clarks website. Enjoy your Friday, Arlene!

Rian said...

I like your idea of sharing a Friday Five. And we do love oreo thins... although we haven't tried the dipped ones yet.

Tina said...

Oh my goodness Arlene I had to laugh about your sunglasses! I just got a pair of the fit over your glasses kind from Amazon too and I LOVE them! My grown kids shake their heads every time I put them on but I agree with you that prescription ones are so expensive! Have a great weekend!

Mari said...

I wear my sunglasses over my glasses too, so you made me laugh. I enjoyed your Friday Five. :)

Terri D said...

Aren't Katie's recommendations great?! I've picked up a few things from her blog too!! Love the sandals and I wear sunglasses over my prescription glasses too. It's the only way! LOL

Dianna said...

Thank you for the heads up on the Garmin Stepper bands!