Friday, May 11, 2018

My Friday Five

Here are the things I am loving this week....

1. Pop Sockets....I finally caved in and purchased this at our local Lynn's Hallmark. For $10 it is something that has really come in handy for me. You attach it to the back of your phone and it helps you take pictures more easily as well as making scrolling a snap. When not in use, it collapses allowing it to fit in your purse.  As usual I am late to the party....I see these everywhere now. The lady at the Hallmark store told me that she had sold one to an 80 year old lady just the other day. Just remember that it pops Twice....once for skinny fingers and twice for us with fat fingers.:)

2. I picked up this necklace at Tutti's Boutique in my home town. It was on sale and it is my birthday month so why not treat myself.

3. I ce..these sparkling water drinks are new to me. I have cut way down on Soda but every now and then you just want something fizzy!!

4. I found this Portofino candle at Tuesday Morning. It smells just like the expensive Volcano candles at Anthropologie but for a fraction of the cost. Win Win.

5. While most people are ga ga over the Royal Wedding( and who am I kidding...I am ga ga as well) I was excited about the wedding of Amy Farah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper.   And we finally get to meet Amy's parents.   As I have said before, we get a big kick out of The Big Bang Theory...a comedy about physicists, who'd a thunk it???


Sandy said...

Jeff and I are Big Bang watchers. Honestly, I am not a TV fan at all these days, so Jeff knows if he is going to engage me in TV he must keep Big Bang on. I just bought me a similar necklace the other day. The colors just said hello to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene, The necklace is so pretty. I wish you a Happy Mother's Day. xo

Terri D said...

I love your new necklace, and yes indeed we need to treat ourselves now and then!! I have an I-Ring on the back of my phone that allows me to hang it on a hook on the dash of my car as well as give stability when taking photos. The ring fits over my finger which also makes it more secure when holding it. We don't watch Big Bang. That wedding dress is sure fluffy!! I'm looking forward to seeing Meghan's wedding dress!

Dianna said...

We love the ICE drinks here at our home! :)