Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Patriotic Finds at Dollar Tree

If you are looking for some Patriotic items to use this summer, head to the Dollar Tree now.  As I mentioned last week, I am tired of spring pastels around the house so I changed it up for summer. Memorial Day is just two weeks away after all.

My coffee bar got a makeover with these pretty red gingham plates and napkins. I need to find some matching paper straws. Dollar Tree does carry them but I could not find any at the one I visited. I almost picked up some cute burger and hotdog baskets they had in this store. I saw one lady who was loading several into her cart. She looked like the organized together person who plans  ahead.

These are a real find for $1. These would be pretty hanging in trees with some tea lights...or on the patio to give a glow in the evening.

My cute back door hanger!

These just hopped in my cart! They also had some silver ones which would be nice for Christmas or New Years decor.

I am using pieces of this garland in my dough bowl.

I did pick up a few other things this visit. I love to use buttons to finish off my cross stitch pieces and they can be very pricy. This was a steal for $1. Every Dollar Tree seems to carry different items, making the thrill of the chase fun for me. However, they do have an online store where you can find some of those elusive buys.

I picked these up for Kendall and Landon. Kendall loves owls and Landon loves the Avengers.

These days it seems my car automatically wants to turn in at all Dollar Tree's.  It will not be long until Fall and Winter things will be on the shelves. My advice is to buy early if you really want something. Items fly off the shelves!


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's almost Memorial Day. I love your colorful purchases. If you see anything you like at Dollar Tree, you best buy it - it's never there the next time!
Those owl stickers are very cute.

Robin in Virginia said...

Great finds, Arlene! I like that garland and look forward to seeing your patriotic dough bowl soon.

Dianna said...

When I was out doing a little shopping this morning after my eye appointment I drove by a Dollar Tree and I thought of you. Actually, I thought, "Wish Arlene was here to pull out some goodies for me." I seldom ever find great buys like you do. I think it must have to do with the fact that you mentioned in this post...different stores carry different items. I've had more luck at finding things at 5 Below...but then the price is more. :)

Linda said...

I agree! Buy it when you see it! I bought a patriotic paper banner and stapled it up here in the front room. Love the Dollar stores from to Tree to the Family to the General ones!

Terri D said...

Great finds, yet again! I need to pop in and see what ours has!

Mari said...

I wish we had one around here. You find the best things! Maybe I better check online. :)

Carol said...

Love your latest Dollar Tree finds, Arlene. I was heading over there this afternoon to pick up some cards so I'll definitely be on the lookout for those cute mason jars and the buttons!