Saturday, June 30, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Well I finished Amelia's gift right on time for our birthday celebration.

I think she liked it..

My Victorian Motto Threads arrived!! Aren't those colors luscious.

I have been working on God Save the Queen by Shakespeare's Peddler.

And I made a trip to Cross Stitch Peddler because when you finish a piece of stitching you get to kit up another.

This will be my new project.

Some of my orders had come in as well...

I will be stitching this for Grimmwood.

I am doing Cathy Haberman's holiday series.  The pattern is pricy because Cathy includes a piece of velveteen to finish the project.  I will be doing the little pin keep rather than the drum. Lots of people are doing the drums and Vonna has a tutorial so I might eventually give it a try.

And finally...

Prairie Schooler Strawberries....This will be another new finish fo me. I think they will be cute in my dough bowl.

Its always good to get out of the old stitching comfort zone. I keep telling myself that anyway!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Five

1. New Finishing Tools

When you finish your own cross stitching there are some tools that are invaluable. I broke down and purchased this see through ruler that will work well for my small finishes. I also purchased the marking pen.  The pen's ink disappears when wet with water. I like to have a clear stitching line and this pen makes all the difference in helping me get and keep a straight line when making tuck pillows.

2. Sour Dough Bread

Our near by Publix has started selling demi loaves of sour dough bread. With just the two of us here at home, this is a good purchase. I love some sour dough bread occasionally but the big loaves go to waste here at Nanaland.

3. Wet Its

Y'all know I love wet its but it was time to get a new one for Grimmwood. Don't you love the tractor?

4. Another Dish Towel....okay okay, I admit I have a serious problem when it comes to pretty dish towels.

Now you see why I could not leave this one at the store.

5. Nifty Notepad

My friend, Lori, gave me this notepad that includes a pencil!! I have found it quite handy and I do not have to look for a pen!! When I wrote Nifty Notebook, it took me back to my school days. Do any of you readers remember Nifty Notebooks that used paper with holes at the TOP of the paper? I always wanted one but I think they were too expensive for our family back to school budget.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Do you remember the movie, You've Got Mail? In one scene, Kathleen has to explain what a hankie is to a young girl. Kathleen still carries a cotton hankie that her mother gave her, and her initial was embroidered on it with a Daisy because Daisies were Kathleen's favorite flower.  Yes I know I am way too into that movie. It is one of my absolute favorites.  Well when my sis in law, Mina, and I were going through a few more of Mama G's things that were in storage at Mina's house, we hit the motherland of hankerchiefs.

I volunteered to bring them home, wash them and iron them and mail one to each granddaughter and great granddaughter.  So that was my housework for today.  Some could not be saved but most were great after a wash with OxyClean.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of these antiques.

C is for Crane, Mama G's maiden name.

 Mama G loved butterflies sas does Amelia so this one will go to her.
I saved this one for Kendall as teal is one of her favorite colors.

 There were all sizes and colors...some fancy and some plain.
 I love this lacy one...
 I have heard of some ladies making quilts out of old hankies. I bet it would be lovely.

I wrote a note to all the recipients explaining that these had belonged to their GiGi and I hoped they would use them and remember her.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Kendall and her friend, Caitlyn dressed as their favorite anime characters and headed out to Hamacon in Huntsville on Saturday.  This is a convention for anime lovers. I believe Pokemon was there as well as BB8 from Star Wars.   Kendall told me about the video game that she and Caitlyn enjoy but it is all Greek to me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


We enjoyed some days at  Grimmwood.

Marvin picked some blackberries.  The bushes are just starting to get full.

Our wall is coming along...

Well guess whose toes did a photo bomb?

We are waiting on some capstones and a rail...then it will be complete.

And finally...

I love the late afternoon sun that was filtering through the trees.

We enjoy our time in Georgia but I am always happy to get back to Alabama.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Braves Game at Sun Trust Park

Well in an effort to make my life more interesting( see my post The Stream from last week)  Marvin and I took in a Braves Game. Amelia gave us the tickets as a Mothers Day Fathers Day gift and we really had a fun time.  It was our first time at the new stadium which is actually in Marietta. Son Charles says now they are the Marietta Braves.

We set off from Grimmwood at one pm on Saturday knowing that we were not sure of the location for parking etc. Believe me, traveling to unknown parts of greater Atlanta is NOT boring at all.

We found our parking lot with a minimum of trouble. It is much more convenient than the old downtown stadium.  And you get to walk across Interstate 285 to get to the stadium.

It is a LOT of walking. I logged 6000 steps from the parking lot to the stadium and then back to the car.

The Chic Fil A cows were in attendance...

This Mama was showing her baby to the cow.

A kind person took pity on us old people trying to take a selfie and she took this photo for us. We wanted the Sun Trust Park sign in the background.

Our view...we had great seats.  We got to see a Grand Slam in the first inning. Unfortunately the Baltimore Orioles made it and not the Braves. It was hard to overcome that lead and the Braves lost 7 to 4.   This stadium is gorgeous and I was amazed at all the stores and food vendors located on the premises.  If you have a chance to catch a Braves Game, you will have a great time.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stitching Saturday

This weeks stitching has been limited to Dorothy's Discovery and I hope to put the last stitches in Amelia's gift today.  Then to finish it before our family celebration.

So I thought I would share some of my stash and some of my plans for future stitching.

Black Walnut, Prussian Blue, Rose Gold, Pine Needles and Carmine Red came in the mail from Colour and Cotton.  The Prussian Blue and the Carmine Red will come in handy for Patriotic Stitching.

I picked these two up at Cross Stitch Peddler this week.  ( And I just went in to buy a floss!) I am on the subscription list for Farmhouse Christmas however. I have stitched two out of the series so far. They will be displayed at Grimmwood.  Long May She Wave will be done in the Winter. Stitchers can never really stitch seasonally, we work ahead.

I had a gift certificate for my birthday from 123 Stitch so I ordered these Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery designs. I ordered them for the motifs....

I love the cute little jack in the upper right corner.

I can see some individual Christmas ornaments being done from this chart.

I have been wanting to start this one for quite some time. Cool Stitching for a hot NoAla day!!

Prairie Schooler is my favorite designer. I never tire of them.

I plant to stitch serenity and place it on the stand that  now holds Sunshine on a Stem.

And finally...

I know this will take me years to stitch but it will be lovely when it is done.

Happy Stitching and Stashing Friends.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Five on Friday

1. Dyson Stick Vacuum

Here is my Purple Thunder...well don't you name your appliances?? I am really enjoying this new handy helper. I will review it once I have had it for a while.


I found this shampoo on sale at Publix and not being fussy about brand loyalty, I thought I would give it a try. It has worked wonders on my silver hair. It can be coarse and hard to deal with but this shampoo and conditioner really has nourished my hair and makes it easier to style.


This is the Decatur Public Library. It is one of the best deals in town as far as I am concerned. Books, movies, music cds and Books on CD are readily available at no cost to the citizens of Decatur.

4. Peaches are in at Reeves Orchards this week. I picked up a basket of Ruby Reds  and they made a delicious cobbler. I also had peaches to share with our neighbors who graciously pick up our mail when we are visiting at Grimmwood. So Peaches and Neighbors are a very good thing!

5.  I love my essential oils and this week I have just been feeling frazzled. So what do I turn to? White Angelica is such a calming and uplifting oil. The minute I take a whiff of it, I find myself just calming down.  I have suggested it to some friends who have found it helpful as well.

That is my Friday Five. TGIF....I don't know about you but I am ready for the weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Browsing Hobby Lobby....

I needed a few things from Hobby Lobby....well really I did not need them, I wanted them and that ia a very different thing according to Alice Tinker on the Vicar of Dibley. ( At the time she was discouraging the Vicar from having 8 chocolate filled nativity calendars!) I just love that show!
 You ladies know that you cannot go in Hobby Lobby, get what you need then leave. I was in a good mood as I had just gotten my hair done and I felt like browsing.

If you need 4th of July supplies they are 30% off this week.  I usually wait until after the holiday and shop the big clearance sales.

I liked these pretty acorns in gold, silver and copper. Those decorations can stay out until time for Thanksgiving.

Well the ttruck is too cute but where can you find pumpkins for 25 cents?

This would be pretty added to a wreath for a front door.

If you make any round stitched must stock up on these while they are available. I try to purchase a package each time I go to Hobby Lobby. After Christmas they are gone with the wind.  I use these for my Prairie Schooler Barnyard Christmas ornaments.  Because they are sticky on one side,  can add batting to them.

And finally..
Here is the stand I found last week for Sunshine on a Stem. True to my word, I purchased two more. I will paint one white and one black.  Really I would like one in several more colors!!

Hope you enjoyed shopping from your chair and saving money! Christmas ornaments were being put on the shelves along with several racks of wreaths. Our Hobby Lobby is moving to a bigger store this summer and I feel sorry for the employees as they have to take everything down and put it up again at the new location. I am happy about the new store because it is closer to my house.:)