Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Down Memory Lane

I recently took a DNA test and when I got the results I was a bit surprised.  I was 47 % Irish, Scottish and Welsh, 22% Scandanavian , 4% Great Britain and the rest is Western Europe. I thought I had much more English in me ! I was not surprised at Scotch Irish as I knew that was a big part of my make up.

At the suggestion of my friend, Susan, I decided to put a family tree up on Ancestry and share my research with others who might be interested in our family roots.  I have been uploading a lot of old pictures and thought you all might enjoy these two...

This is our wedding picture from 1976....My matron of honor was my GBH roommate, Karen. Marvin's best man was his dad.  Those brown tuxedos were really stylish back then.

This picture was made for the church directory at Kern UMC in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We had been married about a year when this photo was snapped.  I was going for the Dorothy Hamill bob but my curly hair would not cooperate.

Going through these old pictures I am being reminded of how quickly time passes. And it seems to pass faster as I get older.

None of my kiddos are interested in genealogy right now so putting my tree online, it will be there if they change their minds. I am always kicking myself for not asking more questions of my grandparents.   But my research has turned up some interseting ancestors and a few who I would ike to erase from the family tree but alas I cannot do that.  I am trying to tell it like it was, warts and all!!


Mary said...

Lovely wedding photo....I was married in 76 too! Such a cute couple! I should try the DNA test too, I'm pretty much Irish ancestry with a Dutch Greatgrandmother. Her family disowned her for marrying an Irishman!! I am sorry I didn't write down the stories of my grandparents too. I think it's wonderful that you are doing your ancestry research and sharing it online.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, what lovely photos you shared! I, too, tried for the Dorothy Hamill do, but it didn't work well with the baby fine and wavy hair of mine. Enjoy your day!

Sandy said...

I so want to make a photo album with just one picture of the family tree the kids can trace their roots that I know of. It is on my list of things to do.
I have thought about those tests...I am sure their are some surprises like some Indian in there.
I can so understand the haircut and the curls not agreeing. My attempt at defying nature was the shag in the early 70's. Mine was a poodle cut instead:) Girls these days have so many cool hair gadgets like the straighter that I use all the time. It has revolutionized my hair. What I would have done for that back in the day!
Love the wedding photo too.

Terri D said...

Fun old photos!! Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy seeing the older photos shared! The Ancestry DNA was an eye-opener for me. I am 19% Scandinavian and had no idea about that lineage! I am more English than Irish and Scottish with some German thrown in there too. It is good to have the documentation for those who are interested.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Terri I think my Scandanavian came from the Vikings pillaging Scotland. That is the ony way it could show up as to my knowledge I have no ancestors from The things we find out!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about everyone's DNA. A few relatives and friends have taken the test with surprises for all. Our family has a lot of French ancestors but my cousin showed a small percentage. My sisters and I have done genealogy on the maternal side all the way back to the Mayflower but only up to great grandparents on the paternal side.

Mari said...

I love the photos! We are interested in genealogy here and our daughter Heather has done a lot of work through Ancestry. Very interesting.
When I had my DNA done, it was no surprise - mostly Dutch. I was hoping for a little something else in it! :)

Plain Jane said...

Beautiful pictures, I always love taking a walk down memory lane.
My cousin did the DNA and oddly enough, she came up with a lot of Portuguese. We're Irish and Native American. I keep meaning to get mine done, just to see what I come up with.
I loved my Dorothy Hamil haircut but I was only 6 so my fashion sense probably wasn't the best :)

RJ said...

What great photos Arlene!!! You and Marvin made a wonderful couple then and now. My Mom was big into researching our history. Her family was German and English and my Dad's was all German. But I'm thinking if I did the DNA test more would be found. RJ