Monday, June 11, 2018

Five Years Ago at Nanaland

As a long time blogger it is fun to look back and see what was happening five years ago here at Nanaland.

Of course, some of these memories are bittersweet. As you can see my babes were enjoying a Happy Meal while watching tv up in the Man Cave.   I was reading a few of my early June posts and another bittersweet memory is of my Daddy. We had been to visit him, not knowing that in August he would be leaving us for Heaven.  I miss him so. He did not get to meet Elliott or Audrey.  And every time I sit on my porch at Grimmwood, I think of how much he would have enjoyed seeing our little house.  With Fathers Day coming up, he has been on my mind.  I surely am thankful that I had a caring Daddy who loved me, taught me the things I needed to know and pointed me to the Heavenly Father. He leaves quite the legacy behind him.


Miss Dishywoo said...

Isn't it so true that a picture says a thousand words? That one picture brought back so many memories and it was nice to hear them. I have the same kinds of thoughts about my dad. On a lighter note, hurray for kids' meals! My two-year old grandson is now able to sit and finish a Happy Meal. It's convenient so if we are out for the day we can pop in somewhere and eat.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful post to read this AM, Arlene! Enjoy your day!

sharon said...

My daddy passed away May 8th. I am not looking forward to Fathers Day!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I haven't done that in a long time but I think I'll go back and see what I was doing a few years ago...and posting on my blog. I had a good Daddy too and I sure do miss him. I sat in his lap even as an adult! My sister and I both sat in his lap at the same time! heehee! Enjoy your afternoon. I drove by a Cracker Barrel this morning and thought of you. I almost stopped just to see what was 'new'! Hugs!

Mari said...

Such cuties! I especially see how little Margaret looks!
I'm blessed with a wonderful Dad and am so thankful to still have him in my life!