Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Five

Here are the things that I am loving this Friday!

1. I ordered this Stitching Bob from Kelly Stodola at That's so Kelly on Etsy.   It is a great way to story stitching notions. It is great for the stitcher who is on the go. It has so many uses.

On one side you have a clear vinyl pocket for keeping flosses and scissors. Then the flannel panel will hold your pieces of floss while you stitch. You take a length of floss, roll it into a circle and place it on the bobbin. No more losing strands of floss, or carrying them all over the house with you as I often do!! The little patch that says, Take life one stitch at a time is actually a needle minder. A super strong magnet keeps your needle in place when you are not using it.

It folds up for storage.

I am going to admit that I ordered another one to take to Grimmwood. No more carrying all my supplies between the two houses.

2. We had a family dinner at Grimmwood on Thursday evening. My mother brought dessert.

Fried Apple Pies are a Southern Delicacy. No one makes them like my mother. I am sure her job in heaven will be frying up these pies. She uses her own dried apples to make up the filling. They are my favorite dessert. My sisters know her recipe but I have not mastered it yet.

3.  On Saturday we went to Barnyard Bees for an open house for Bee Keepers.

I love this picture of the men standing around taking BEES. The guy in the striped shirt is a brother to one of my high school friends.  Our town is still small enough that we do run into people we know or at least know someone that they Gary's sister, Deb, is actually married to my fourth cousin. He has a lot of bees on his farm and he has sponsored a bee hive at Eton Elementary School so the children can see how bees work!

4. After our stop at Barnyard Bees, we headed across the mountain to Ellijay then on to Jasper for lunch.

If you are in North Georgia and want some REAL sea food, stop at the Last Catch. I had shrimp, Marvin had flounder and we shared a dish of their banana pudding. Their pudding is unique as they use Nutter Butter Cookies in the place of vanilla wafers.  I have tried it at home and mine is pretty tasty as well.

5. After lunch we headed to the Bargain Barn just down the road....

I was tempted to purchase this dish towel but I resisted when I saw the $10 price tag. It sure is cute though. For many years, Bargain Barn was The place for selling outdoor clothing, fishing and hunting equipment in addition to camping wares. It was a precursor to Bass Pro shop. It is still a very popular place and often I do find bargains there.

So that is my Five Favorite things from this week!! TGIF....this weekend we are having a special visitor, Miss Margaret. Pictures to come!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I like your favs this week! And I love making fried pies! Usually I make them when the peaches are in season but I just may want to make some apple fried pies this weekend. You've made me hungry for them! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I remember visiting Bargain Barn when we lived in Canton. The stitching bob from Kelly is just perfect for you. We are still having rain/thunder...staying close as many roads/businesses are flooded. Have a nice day.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I enjoyed reading your Friday Five. Thank you for sharing your stitching bob by Kelly. Off to investigate that "tool"! Enjoy your Friday!

Linda said...

All five are great things! So, y’all are going to be bee keepers? I think Sherry is going to do the same and get a bee box from the guy who took all the bees away from near the camper. I brought back honeycomb dripping in honey! So good!

Miss Dishywoo said...

Your stitching case is ideal! I may look for one to give as a gift. LOVE the idea of Nutter Butter cookies in banana pudding. Gonna have to try that.

Terri D said...

Your stitching bob looks like a perfect solution for staying organized and not dropping floss and needles around the house! Very nice. Can't wait to see photos of your fun weekend with Margaret!!