Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Five

1. My old dorm....

While driving through Atlanta on Sunday I was able to catch this photo of the dorm where I lived when I was in nursing school. It is near downtown Atlanta, not far from the State Capitol. I lived on the 5th floor as a freshman then moved to the 10th floor for my junior and senior year. I went to a diploma nursing school at Georgia Baptist Hospital, which is now Atlanta Medical Center.  Now the dorm is a studio apartment complex.  Some of my fondest memories are from my days at GBH.


If you think we have bees, check out this abundance of hives. The owner of Barnyard Bees lives here and as you can see, he grows his own bees to sell to those who want to learn the craft. I believe he has 400 hives.

3. Old Drug Stores

Marvin and I stopped in at Paynes Drug Store in Scottsboro Alabama for lunch on Monday as we drove home from Grimmwood.  This store was a drugstore for over 100 years. Now it is a unique eatery.

4.  Dish Towels.

All of my friends know I am a lover of dish towels. It is an easy gift for me and one I will enjoy. I found this Georgia Peach towel at Byrds Cookie Company in Savannah.  I had to bring it to Grimmwood.

5. America

I needed a new flag for July 4th. I found this one at Hammers in Scottsboro.  I love the balloons because Decatur is known for its hot air balloon festival held every year on Memorial Day Weekend. This flag makes me smile when I pull into my driveway.


Sandy said...

Love the flag. I have great memories of those drug store counters in Pensacola, Brewton, and Monroeville. I think someone has recently opened one again on the square in Monroeville. Need to get up there this summer to check.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I love your new flag. It makes me smile. Oh my goodness, look at all those bee 'condos'! Thanks for sharing the photo of the beehives. Enjoy your Friday!

Mrs.T said...

I love the dish towel!! I'm afraid I'm developing an addiction for dish towels.

Terri D said...

Love the towel and the banner! Those old diners are always so good! You sure had a great Friday!

Mari said...

Old diners are so fun!
I love the towel and the banner too.

RJ said...

Oh it feels so good to see your blog again Arlene. I have missed visiting with you so much. I have so much to catch up on but I will enjoy that journey. I love everything you are a very good shopper. The drug store reminds me of a hangout growing up in our small hometown called the Valley Spa. It looked just like your photo...great memories. Have a lovely weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever