Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Five

1. New Finishing Tools

When you finish your own cross stitching there are some tools that are invaluable. I broke down and purchased this see through ruler that will work well for my small finishes. I also purchased the marking pen.  The pen's ink disappears when wet with water. I like to have a clear stitching line and this pen makes all the difference in helping me get and keep a straight line when making tuck pillows.

2. Sour Dough Bread

Our near by Publix has started selling demi loaves of sour dough bread. With just the two of us here at home, this is a good purchase. I love some sour dough bread occasionally but the big loaves go to waste here at Nanaland.

3. Wet Its

Y'all know I love wet its but it was time to get a new one for Grimmwood. Don't you love the tractor?

4. Another Dish Towel....okay okay, I admit I have a serious problem when it comes to pretty dish towels.

Now you see why I could not leave this one at the store.

5. Nifty Notepad

My friend, Lori, gave me this notepad that includes a pencil!! I have found it quite handy and I do not have to look for a pen!! When I wrote Nifty Notebook, it took me back to my school days. Do any of you readers remember Nifty Notebooks that used paper with holes at the TOP of the paper? I always wanted one but I think they were too expensive for our family back to school budget.


Mary said...

Arlene, I learned 2 new things from you today! I didn't know about the marking pen or the wet it towels. I go through lots of paper towels and feel guilty about it, I have to try the wet it towels. I have a dish towel obsession too!!! I LOVE your latest find! I don't remember Nifty Notebooks but I do like your notepad with attached pencil!

Sandy said...

I don't know if I remember Nifty Notebooks, but I have always loved a new steno pad.
Those rulers are amazing. I use mine for everything.

Robin in Virginia said...

That loaf of sourdough bread looks yummy. Not familiar with Wet-It Towels, so off to look to see what they are. I love your blue truck dish towel. So nice to see a blue truck versus the ever popular red truck. Enjoy your day, Arlene!

Terri D said...

I need to look for the Wet It towels. I will also look for the smaller loaves of bread at Publix. I usually skip right by the bakery because I am always tempted by all the yummy sweets! Cute dishtowel. I'm not "into" them, but can understand how it could happen! LOL

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love pretty dishcloths and the Wet its too! I'll look for that sourdough bread. It sure makes wonderful French Toast! Hugs!

RJ said...

Hello Arlene! I use that ruler all the time...find it invaluable for cutting fabric for ornaments and bowl fillers. I like how the pencil works alot too. Love the Publix sourdough bread too..same problem here only two people so this size is very nice. I'm not familiar with Wet-it-Towels either but they sound interesting. I'm totally in love with the blue truck towel....CUTE!!! Never used a nifty notebook but love your new one with the pencil. I need to look for one like that because I'm always looking for a pencil or a pen. Have a great weekend. RJ

Mari said...

I like wet its too.
That towel is sooo cute! Glad you didn't leave it at the store. I love those little breads - wish there was some around here.