Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Fun Times

We had a very nice weekend with our special girl, Margaret.

We stopped at the Mennonite grocery on our way home on Thursday and Margaret had to make a wish in the little wishing well on the property.

Landon came to spend Friday with us. We were off to do some errands and these two were cheesing!!

Some vampires stopped by for lunch.

We had visited the book store while out doing errands and each cousin got a book. Well Margaret got three because I do not have a chance to give her book money when the book fair is at her school. One of the bad things about living so far apart. I made it up to her on Friday.

Reading after lunch.

Landon spent the night with us and we watched Paddington 2 that evening. It was a cute movie. Marvin and I enjoyed it as well.

On Saturday we took Landon home and had some fun at the Roberts Pool.

Landon, Hudson and Margaret having a sword fight.

My mermaids.

Who would not love a pool with all these neat floats?

Time out for slushies  that Uncle Todd made for the crew.

I know you enjoy seeing pictures of my grands so I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of Lee and Lanier's grands at Lanny Camp.

Lanier holds a Lanny Camp each June, complete with tee shirts and lots of fun activities. This year she rented a big van for the week so the grands could travel in style. 11 out of 15 grandchildren are old enough for camp. Lee took a week off work so he could help Lanny out. He is the camp cook and camp  Hoping his doctoring skills are not needed this week.  I am glad I just have 8 as that is about all I can handle.


Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like everyone was having a good time at Nana's. What memories you are helping to create with your grands!

Mari said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!
I am impressed by Lee and Laniers camp. That's quite a production!

Terri D said...

Fun times for all!! Love the photos!!