Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Grimmwood Update

We took a long weekend trip to Savannah. We stopped in at Grimmwood on the way down and on the way back.  Marvin wanted to check on his girls.

They had been hard at work.

I was the photographer and I was not bothered one bit by the ladies. By the way, Marvin has a new slogan for the bees. Dr G's Honeybees, All the Bees have PHDs.  That old physicist can come up with some clever sayings.

When we go back in two weeks we will add the frames that will hold our honey. Right now the girls are making their food, laying eggs etc. They must get established before we expect them to work for us.

There was a bit of progress on our retaining wall.

Marvin took this picture to show what a great job George and his crew are doing!!

I also wanted to let you ladies know if you do not have a comment from me for several days, it is because I am at Grimmwood and I have a hard time posting comments on my phone. So I will catch up when I get home.  We are still holding out on getting cable or internet at Grimmwood as it is our place to kick back and relax.

Off to have breakfast with one of the besties this morning. The other one is a busy bee herself this week. It seems that summer travel and appointments keep us all on our toes.


Sandy said...

It is looking good. Love the bees and the fact that Marvin has a new hobby.
I also loved the fact that going to the cabin meant I was not connected. It is kind of nice sometimes too!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Have fun! And don't worry about us....just enjoy yourself!

Robin in Virginia said...

Dr. G and his honeybees look fabulous. Enjoy your breakfast out with your friend.

Terri D said...

That honey is going to taste so good once the girls start working for you! I'm sure breakfast was good and you had fun catching up with your friend!

Linda said...

Enjoy your time there!! We will be heading down to the ranch tomorrow or Thursday and I am so excited to get back!

Mari said...

Your retaining wall is looking good.
I love Marvin's witty slogan!

Rian said...

I have friends who have bees. They keep us stocked with honey! It is apparently a fun thing to do... and profitable. As for myself, I'm not too comfortable around bees. But I'm glad you both seem to be enjoying it.

Mrs.T said...

It was great to see an update on Grimmwood! That retaining wall is looking good!