Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday Stitching

Well not a lot of stitching or stashing this week so I thought I would share my five favorite ladies on Floss Tube.  You may be saying to yourself, What is Floss Tube. Well it is a great area on You Tube where stitchers share their expertise in stitching and they enable me to buy more stash.:)  Just when I told myself I would stitch from stash this year, I watch Floss Tube and see a chart that I "have to have".

I picked these ladies because they are always positive and they would appeal to most of the stitchers who read my blog.

1. Chelsea and Priscilla

Chelsea and Priscilla are a mother daughter duo who make a video and post it each Saturday. As with blogging, posting regular videos mean that more people will be interested in staying connected with you.  I guess I am a bit jealous of Priscilla because she shares her love of cross stitch with her daughter. Amelia is not interested at all in needlework and so far none of the granddaughters have expressed an interest but I live in hope.  Priscilla's blog can be found on my Blog Roll. She uses her blog as a stitching journal.   Chelsea is expecting a baby boy in July and she also gives us a picture of her baby bump as the time for the birth draws near. She is stitching a lot of Farm pieces for her baby's nursery.

2. Shelley KeyX Stitch

Shelley is a California gal and she stitches exlclusively on Aida.  She is also a knitter. I love the fact that Shelley can laugh at her counting mistakes. For anyone who does counted cross stitch, you know an error can drive you crazy. Shelley's philosophy is Make it Work.  She is the one who enabled me to purchase the chart she is holding in this picture...Quaker Christmas 2. It is beautiful but I am afraid it may take me years to stitch it.

3. Half Stitch Cross Stitch

Dena is a Georgia girl like me and I am always amazed at her many finishes.  She is the person who enabled the to start Smoky Mountain Christmas. She completed her project and it is beautiful Her framed Smoky Mountain Christmas won first place at the Fair in her area last year.

4. Just Keep Stitchin

Another mother daughter team from southern Ohio. Pam, the mom, is my age and has been stitching as long as I have been stitching. I enjoy seeing some of her oldies but goodies. Her daughter, Stephanie, just started cross stitching last year but you would not know it from her beautiful stitches. She is a big Lizzie Kate fan.  Pam and I share a love of Prairie Schooler and Cricket Designs.

5. The Primitive Stitcher

Suzette is a school teacher and lover of all things primitive. She has a beautiful calm delivery that I really enjoy.  She also sews and makes her own needle minders.

So if you have been on the fence about Floss Tube, check out these stitchers. I find that Floss Tube is a good way for me to unwind at the end of the day.  I will be back next Saturday with some of my own stitching.


Mary said...

Arlene, You got me hooked on Priscilla and Chelsea, I look forward to watching them each Saturday now. My stash is growing because of them too!! I enjoy their banter back and forth, so nice that a mother and daughter share a hobby.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for sharing some of your favorite floss 'tubers', Arlene! I haven't taken the plunge into the area of floss tube viewing. How long do the videos run? Enjoy your Saturday!

leftystitcher said...

Yes, these are some of my favorite Flosstubers as well. Very fun and talented ladies. Enjoy! It's Saturday...time for Priscilla and Chelsea. Happy stitching.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Robin, most videos run from thirty minutes to an hour . You can watch for a while then stop and pick up later. That is one of the things I like about floss tube.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Leftystitcher, thanks for stopping by today!! It always makes my day to meet a new reader.