Saturday, June 2, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Welcome to my favorite day of the week, Stitching Saturday. Here are some of the things Nana has been working on...

I whipped up this Queen Bee from the Prairie Schooler chart, Where there are Bees there is Honey.  I took it to Grimmwood for my tiered basket of smalls. Now that Marvin is keeping Bees, I had to include Queen Elizabeeth.

I finished up this Hands on Design. It is my first time to add embellishments to my stitching. Cathy Haberman, the designer included some nice felt to make the leaves along with the chart.  Now to fully finish it !

I also received a sweet surprise in the mail from my friend, Sandy, at I Majored in Home Economics.

She passed along some stash! I had been eying Home of a Needleworker for some time so I was very happy to receive it.   Sandy has finished some very pretty pillows recently. You might want to check out her blog. I admire her for making her own bias tape....but then she did Major In Home Economics!!:)

I went by Cross Stitch Peddler to pick up the Fancy Floss or Harvest Hill.  I am beginning to work on fall and winter things.

And I had to get more sleds along with some fabric and trim for my Molly Pitcher project.

Recently on a stitching site on Facebook, ladies were posting some Blasts from the Past.  Things we long time stitchers stitched many years ago.  I was one of two who shared this pair.

I cannot remember how old Little Aviator and Tea Party are but I am thinking in the 20 to 25 year range. I stitched Tea Party first  thinking it would be a stand alone piece but I could not resist The Little Aviator. A friend of mine had stitched it and it was so beautiful, I knew I had to stitch it.  These two are hung in my guest room, welcoming over night visitors to Nanaland. ( pardon the shadow of the bedpost!)

Happy Stitching Friends!!


Sandy said...

Oh Arlene, Queen Elizabeth is perfect for Marvin's new hobby. The sunflowers are really pretty too.
Your blast from the past is beautiful. We did some pretty intricate work back in the day! I think those should be priceless pieces.
My aunt is with my mom today so I am up and checking in with all my blogs and then hoping to get some rest and some housework done.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your bee finish and that sunflower piece is adorable. I look forward to seeing it in finished form. What fun new stash you picked up and/or received. I like the pieces from your 'blast from the past'. Enjoy your Saturday!

Terri D said...

It is always fun to see what you are working on and/or have finished! Your two older pieces are lovely! As always, your work amazes me as one who just can't do what you do! Happy weekend!

Mari said...

That bee is so cute! I love the blast from the past set. They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

Oh, I remember those two "Blast From the Past" pieces, Arlene! They really are so sweet and you've framed them perfectly. And how cute is that tiny bee--I will have to stitch him for my bee bowl :) Love your pretty finish with the felt leaves, too!

How sweet of Sandy to pass the stash to you--all three are wonderful charts :) Enjoy!