Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Stream

Good Morning...let's see how deep the stream is this morning.

1. I sent in my check for Murray County High School Class of 1973"s 45th reunion. It is being held at a place called, The Venue. Located on the main street in Chatsworth it was the home of Mullinax Ford when I was a girl. Sadly, our small town has lost many of the businesses that were flourishing in the 1960s and 70s.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with old classmates now that we are part time residents of Chatsworth. But really we live in Eton...a suburb.:) And we pronounce it EEE tahn, not Eaton like they say it in England.

2. I treated myself to a mani pedi this week. I enjoyed it so much!! The salon I go to is owned by an Asian family and they do a great job. Their English is a bit limited but as I told a friend of mine, when I go to get a pedicure I want to relax. Do not talk to me.:) They also have those massage chairs that I love!

3. I had coffee with some of my old co workers at Central Weekday School. We taught many toddlers in our days there. I saw a young woman who was one of our former students and asked her to come and say hi to our table. She was on her way to a job interview in Nashville and had stopped for coffee to sip on the drive. I would have recognized her anywhere though it has been twenty years since she was in my two year old class room.

4. We welcomed another great niece to the family. Greta Grey Grimm joined the tribe on May 30th. Greta is a German diminutive of Margaret. It means Pearl. Margaret is a popular family name in the Grimm family. Several girls were named after a Great Aunt Margaret who stepped in along with Uncle Tony, to raise my father in law after he lost his mother and his grandmother.  Marvin's grandmother died in 1919 at the end of the Spanish Flu epidemic, leaving six children. Since they were all rather young, different family members stepped in to help care for the children. Papa G's grandmother, Emilia, took him in as an infant and refused to give him back to his father.  Apparently Grandmother did not thing the home situation was appropriate for him. So when Grandmother died, Papa stayed with Uncle Tony and Aunt Maggie. Uncle Tony had been his sponsor( similar to a god parent) in the Lutheran church and he took his role very seriously. Marvin and his siblings thought of Uncle Tony and Aunt Maggie as substitute grandparents. I think Aunt Maggie would be proud to see all these girls named Margaret in her honor.  Our Amelia is named after the grandmother, Emilia, but we Americanized the spelling.  We are big on family names.

5.We are off to Savannah this weekend. It is Marvin's home town but it has been three years since we last visited. When the parents pass away, it really changes the family dynamics.  I am looking forward to some good seafood and hopefully an ice cream stop at Leopolds.

Well time to hop out of the stream and get busy!! Have a blessed day.


Robin in Virginia said...

Have a safe journey to Savannah -- enjoy the seafood and hope you get your ice cream at Leopolds! Congratulations to you and your family on the newest addition to the Grimms.

Anonymous said...

Have a delightful time in Savannah. My childhood friend and her mom recently visited and had a great time.