Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Stream

Good Morning. It is already HOT here in NoAla so a morning dip might be just the thing.

1. It was an exciting week here at Grimmland as we purchased some new appliances. We have been needing a washer/dryer for quite some time but we wanted to wait until Lowes had a sale. Over the weekend Lowes offered 10% off to card holders and on top of the sale price for a set of LG appliances  so we were ready to spend some money. I went with a top loader this time as the front loader, while pretty, STUNK. Literally stunk, no matter how much I cleaned it or left the door open as the factory suggested.  I chose LG as that is the company Nancy works for and I want her company to do well. Plus Charles and Nancy have LG appliances that have stood the test of time.  I could have used her discount but the Lowes sale was about the same and I did not have to bother Nancy to fill out the paper work etc.  I used the washer dryer yesterday, cringing as I did so because there are so many choices to make!! I managed to do three loads of laundry without any problem. But honestly, who wants to make decisions about cycles, timing etc before having coffee??  I can say that I LOVE this product so far. The Damp Dry for knits is perfection.

2. And not only did I get a new washer dryer, Marvin got me a Dyson Cordless Vacuum. I had done my research on these and I knew the model I wanted to bring home.  Marvin decided to make this purchase when I told him his old lady needed an easy vacuum to use or a cleaning lady. He did not have to do the math too long before heading to the vacuum aisle at Lowes.  Kidding aside, I am tired of buying vacuums that do not last and do not pick up the dust and dirt.  I have done some vacuuming with it and I have to say that I am embarrassed by how much dirt was in my recently vacuumed carpet . It was obvious my old vac was not up to snuff.  This model runs for about 40 minutes before needing a recharge. As I told someone the other day...that is about as long as I would vacuum at one time. We have carpet in the man cave and the master bedroom. This Dyson also works on hardwood and ceramic floors so I am set.

3.As I mentioned yesterday, I am putting my family tree on Ancestry.  Typing in all the information and adding pictures has made me miss my family who have gone to heaven.  Most all of my ancestors have been in the United States since the 1700s but Marvin's German ancestors  immigrated in the 1860s.  It is so interesting to note the ship they came to America on...the Humbolt. His great grandfather and great grandmother brought a bevy of youngsters with them. On a sad note they left two deceased children's graves behind in Germany. That must have been hard for them.  Marvin's grandfather spoke German at home and one of Marvin's aunts said she used to get mad at him because he would not speak English.  Marvin's father spole only German until he went to Grammar School and over the years he lost a lot of his fluency. But every morning in Savannah, he would ask us "Vee Gates?" Now this is my southern translation as I have no clue how you spell it. But it means how are you? Guten Morgan,  Vee Gates? That is all the German I know!

4.I watched an interesting movie the other day, Victoria and Abdul. You all know my love of all things British and Royal. I had wanted to catch this movie in the theater but missed it. Dame Judi Dench did a wonderful job in this role. Of course it is her second time to play Queen Victoria as she was in the movie, Mrs Brown.  I have to say she looked REALLY OLD....a very different queen form the Masterpiece, Victoria.

5. On the reading front, I am perusing The Woman on the Orient Express by Lindsay Jayne Ashwood. It is a novel that puts Miss Christie on the same train that Hercule Poirot took in Murder on the Orient  Express.  The premise is interesting and it has made me wish that train travel was more popular and more affordable.

6. I am finally getting used to this new comment format on Blogger. I do like to moderate my comments as some are spam. Well this morning I had a comment from  Anonymous that made me aggravated but then it made me chuckle. I was advised  I would have a more popular blog if my lifer were more exciting.:) Well Anonymous, my life is fine as it is. I actually prefer boring to exciting.

Well time to go and play with my new vacuum!! Have a grand day friends.


Sandy said...

The last comment has to be commented on first. Boring is waaaayyy better. I laughed out loud. You just keep your little old life the same. I actually think it is anything but boring.
I am so happy with my new washer. I hated, no loathed my front loader.
I bought a Dyson vacuum literally the week I retired. I have loved it and have really thought about the cordless one for a lighter quicker do. I have bought so many of those cheaper ones only to have them work for just a while. I could have definitely used all that money towards a better one. Keep us posted on how it works.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, enjoy your new appliances. Your stream was interesting to read with my coffee this morning.

Terri D said...

Too funny about the spammer telling you to get a more exciting life! I love that I can just delete a comment I don't want on my blog. New appliances are always fun and I would LOVE a new Dyson cordless. One day!!

Mari said...

That is too funny! I think my life needs to be a little more boring - that's not all bad, right?
I got a top loading washer for the same reason. Hope you enjoy all those new appliances for some time!

Joyce F said...

I can't believe someone told you your life needed to be more exciting so your blog would be! If they find your blog boring they don't have to read. Not sure why spammers go after blogs?

Enjoy your new appliances. I'd love to have a Dyson. Maybe next time....

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new appliances. It won't be long until I need a new washer/dryer. It seems I receive a lot of spam comments, too. I hope you have a nice day..stay cool.

Mary in AR said...

I always love The Stream; thank you for sharing it with us. What Dyson model did you get? We need a new cordless vac and I'm not sure what to get. We need one to vacuum the bathroom vinyl every morning. Only a few rooms have carpet; others have vinyl or hardwoods. Thanks again for providing some "boring" entertainment; that's precisely the kind I like!

Carol said...

Ha ha--had to laugh at that anonymous comment, Arlene! I'm with you--I like a simple life filled with family, friends, stitching, eating, and a bit of travel thrown in :)

Glad you are happier with your new washer--I had heard bad things about the smells of the front-loaders so went with a top-loader a few years back and haven't regretted my choice. And I think Judi Dench can make just about any film a masterpiece!

RJ said...

Congrats on your beautiful new appliances. What is not to like about your life??? Boring you are NOT! RJ