Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Stream

The last day of July! Let's wade around in the stream as we contemplate August!

1. I am reading a good book that was recommended by Katie, the Preppy Empty Nester. How to Walk Away is the title and it caught my attention because it is the fictionalized account of a young woman who is injured in a plane crash, leaving her with burns and a spinal cord injury.  As a nurse, I always said that the worst things I saw were burns and spinal cord injuries.  And after I watched my daddy suffer with transverse myelitis which left him a paraplegic, Spinal Cord issues would be at the top of my list now. Fortunately this young woman did not have a severed spinal cord, just compressed so I am hoping she will recover with time. And yes, I think of all the book characters as real people.:)

2. Speaking of books, It has been 20 years since Harry Potter became an instant best seller.  I am a Harry Potter fan and I would love to visit the Wizarding World in Orlando but so far I cannot talk Marvin into it. Now if there was a Lord of the Rings land next door, I think we would be on the next plane.

3. I was out doing errands today and stopped by Tuesday Morning. Ladies, Fall things are beginning to appear everywhere. I picked up two more yard flags for Grimmwood. I got two flags at Tues AM for what I spent on one at Pineapples.

4.After having Tomato Pie at the Railyard, I am ready to make a Tomato pie here at Nanaland. It will be on the menu tonight. My friend, Donna, gave me a really good recipe for one.

5. My sisters and I are planning a birthday party for my mother when she turns 88 in two weeks. I did  a Facebook invitation and told everyone it was a surprise. ( Well we told her we were going to have cake but we acted like it was a small mother does not like Surprises.) My grand girl, Margaret was very concerned that a surprise party might not be wise. She was afraid that Grandma might have a heart attack if we all jumped out and shouted SURPRISE.  I think Mother will be surprised by all the guests who are going to come....especially the great grands.

6. I spent most of Saturday afternoon making Christmas ornaments that will be gifts this Christmas. I cannot show them to you yet as it would spoil some surprises.  I am hoping to be organized this year and my plan is to have all my homemade things done by October.

Well that is about all that is new here today. Hope August is full of blessings for all my blog friends.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Saturday Outing

It is always a bit different being in Decatur for a weekend. Yesterday, Marvin and I got out to go to the library to exchange our movies.  We have pretty different taste in movies so he watches his in the man cave and I watch mine downstairs while I stitch.

We did watch The Darkest Hour together. It is about Churchill and how he rallied England in the dark days before the US entered WW2.  A very good movie. Gary Oldman who played Churchill may be remembered by Harry Potter fans for his role as Sirius Black. We did see a few familiar faces in this movie....Rory from the Hamish Macbeth series, Reverend Collins from the 1990s Pride and Prejudice as well Tommy Lascelles from The Crown.  I watched The Phantom Thread which starred Daniel Day-Lewis. If anyone can explain that movie to me, I would appreciate

My picks for this week are A Royal Night Out, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children( I read the book and Kendall and Landon said it was pretty good) The Big Sick( Charles and Nancy suggested this one)and Brooklyn which I had wanted to see when it was in the theaters but I missed it. Kudos to the Decatur Library for their good selection of movies for the patrons.

After the library we checked out High Point Market. This new venture sells locally sourced products. I was looking for Shine On Coffee, which is roasted here in Decatur. Alas they did not have any decaf but I put my name on the list to be notified when some is available. Marvin picked up some sausages and I got a cute High Point Market tee shirt.

From their we strolled down the street to The RailYard for lunch.

The Rail Yard refers to Decatur's past and the present as a RailRoad Town.

We like this restaurant but it had been a while since we visited it.

I had Tomato Pie.

Marvin had the L and N sandwich...chicken, avocado, tomato and several cheeses. It was served with their home made chips.

We were both happy campers as we paid our bill and headed to Pineapples to get a little flag for Grimmwood. I found a perfect one as it said, Farm and Family. I will share a picture when I get it in place.  While I browsed Pineapples, Marvin took a stroll down the street. He declared Pineapples a Girly Place.  And I guess he is right. Saturday was just a lovely day here...the humdiity was low and you could almost feel a touch of fall in the air.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday Stitching

I had an FFO this week.

 Here is my Prairie Schooler Hen....stitched on the fabric from my Hey Chicky Kit from Jen's Stitching Niche.  The trim is chenille from Crescent Colors.  And here is the back...

Jen sent the finishing material as well.

So I have been stitching on Fall and Winter projects this week.

I am not using the suggested flosses on this one. I am trying to use up my Victorian Motto Threads and my Colour and Cotton Flosses.  The cute needle minder is from Brenda's Minders and More.

On to winter...

I changed the red on this piece to Cupid by Classic Colorworks.

This is a pretty quick and fun stitch.

Now here is my big will take years to complete but I will plug along.

It will be a beauty when it is completed.

I am using Cupid for the Red( Classic Colorworks) and Pine( Gentle Arts) for the green. It is nice just using two colors but quakers can be difficult to stitch if you do not keep up with where you are! So I am marking off my stitches as I go. I decided to stitch this on 16 count aida to help keep me on target with the stitching. I love linen and even weave but it is easy to get "off" on your counting.

Well that is all my stitching for this week. Come back next Saturday to see what Nana has been up to!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Five

1. Recliners... Marvin and I had been wanting to get some recliners for Grimmwood. We loved our sofa and love seat but we needed a more comfy chair for us ole timers. My old friend, Dan, owns a furniture store in town. He is our go to man for home furnishings. Well after many years in business he decided to retire. He owns two stores in Chatsworth and he had recently received offers from someone to purchase them lock, stock and barrel. He and his wife are believers and as his wife stated, "We felt God was telling us it was time to retire." Long story short...we got these nice leather recliners for the price we would have paid for one here in Decatur.( Shhh...don't tell!!)

This one is mine as I need an outlet to plug in my super lamp you see on the floor. Thankful for good bargains.

2. Family Heirloom

This drum table belonged to Mama G. It was always front and center in the window on Oleander Avenue. After 50 years of marriage and six children, it was a bit worse for wear when we took it home with us. For years I left it alone, calling it Shabby Chic.  But I wanted to bring this lovely old table back to life. Marvin found a place to restore it in Huntsville. It is my birthday present and it was worth waiting two months to receive it.

Here it is in our living room. You can see the drawer in the front with the lion's head pull. Well in the drawer we found MANY decks of cards. We had to laugh at that as Mama G forbade her children to play cards. ( My mother was the same way....I guess they thought we would become gambling card sharks if we touched a deck of cards.) But the grandchildren COULD play cards. Funny how that work, eh?

3. Grandma's Spot Remover

I purchased this in the fabric section at Hobby Lobby. I used it to clean some of the old handkerchief's that had been stored in Mama G's hope chest.  I doubted it would work all that well but for $4 I would give it a try. Well I have to say it is a wonder worker. I spilled mustard on a brand new Barn Yard Bees Tee Shirt and I was so mad. You know how hard it is to get mustard stains out of clothing. Well I doused it with Grandma's Spot Remover and lo and behold, it worked like a charm. I am sure there are some stains it cannot remove but now it is in my laundry room, ready for service.

4. Aunt Ruthie

I have been reading Aunt Ruthie's blog for many years now but she has branched out into You Tube. She just released her Summer Home Tour yesterday. Be sure and take 12 minutes of your day to visit her beautiful farm house in Missouri.  She has so many good decorating ideas. I wish I had seen them at the beginning of summer as now I am ready to move on to fall. However, I did get some ideas that can be used all year long.

5. Fancy Flosses

I did a happy dance on Monday when both of my Fancy Floss subscriptions showed up in my mailbox. That Victorian Motto Threads Spooky Hollow Orange, really put me in a Fall Mood. Of course Flamingo Pink is luscious as well.  Colour and Cotton included several gold threads which I am sure will be used in a fall stitch sometime in the future.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

Yes I did have brown hair Margaret!  That sounds rather like Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus, doesn't it? My grands have never seen me with brown hair except in photographs so I can understand their confusion.  I used to color my hair brown then started going lighter until it was blonde. When Kendall was born I decided I was done with coloring my hair and since I was a Nana, I was okay with silver hair. Frankly, I wish I had gone natural sooner...I think it looks better on me than colored hair.  But we all bend to the trends and as I started turning gray in my early 30s I was a bit vain back then.

Marvin made this picture of me in February 1976.  I was a senior in Nursing school and he was working on his PhD at Georgia Tech. We were engaged and would be married in September. It was a beautiful warm day in the midst of winter and we took a picnic to Indian Springs State Park.  It was such a lovely day and I remember it all these years later.   I showed it to my hairdresser, Suzanna and she asked it that was a Shag hair cut. ( Susanna is just a few years older than my children so she does not remember the shag but she had heard of it.)   Yes the shag hair cut was IN along with bell bottoms and platform shoes.

It is fun to walk down memory lane every now and then.  Hope you enjoyed this groovy throw back.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Rafting the Nantahala

No not Nana...but the Roberts crew braved the mighty river in North Carolina.

They look happy here.

But Amelia almost fell out of the boat. Thank goodness that Todd caught her.

I get the feeling that water is cold.

And we all laughed at this picture...

Landon looks like he is afraid for his life. Amelia says they were basically going down a waterfall here.

Back on dry land with the mountains in sight.

Smiles all round so I guess white water rafting was a fun adventure.

And a Happy Anniversary to Charles and Nancy....nine years of marriage!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Feeling Mellow

When we got home from Grimmwood we were in the mood for pizza so we headed downtown to Mellow Mushroom.

When we were young and dating, we sometimes ate at the very first Mellow Mushroom that was located in downtown Atlanta.  It was in a little building that took walk up orders only. Picnic tables were available for sitting down to your pizza or you could take it with you. Times surely have changed in the Mellow Mushroom world. Who would have known that little establishment would grow like it has?

A wall mural showing the bridge across the Tennessee River that greets you as you enter Decatur.

Interesting wall art!  I like the wire basket light fixture.

But here is what we came for...

We always get a large pizza so we can have two meals for the price of one.

Our favorite pizza place in Atlanta was Everybodys on the square at Emory University. It went out of business when the owners retired so Mellow Mushroom is now our go to pizza.  So glad that we have one here in Decatur.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


We were so glad to have Charles and Audrey visit us at Grimmwood on Saturday. Nancy was taking her final exams for this semester so she stayed home to complete her work.

I did not get one photograph of Charles...sorry...bad mommy!

But I do have a lot of Audrey.

We tried on her pillow case dress...she was so cute in it. I cropped myself out of this picture as all my saggy baggy parts were

Audrey with Grandma Margie who stitched her pillowcase dress.

Playing on the porch...she looks like a girl on a mission. She loved the tea set Aunt Leta brought to her. We were all served tea all afternoon.

Two pretty girls in purple. Purple is Audrey's favorite color. We were all asked our favorite colors...mine is red, Grandpa's is blue and Daddy's is Green.

And you get chocolate ice cream when you come to Nana's house.  Charles and Nancy are careful with her diet at home but the rules are different at Grimmwood.

Thanks for indulging  me in showing off my youngest grand.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Stitching

Another fun Saturday with the North Alabama Stitchers.  Seems we get more chatting done than Stitching. So thankful to Debi who reserves the club house at her subdivision that we use each month. for our meetings.

I had to share this lovely piece of stitching...

Libby, one of our stitchers with younger eyes, is stitching Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow. I ordered this chart but then I gave it to one of my young friends. I could not stitch on the small count of fabric required for this piece.  Libby is doing a lovely job with it.

Brenda of Brenda's Minders and More on Facebook, is our fearless leader. She started this group one year ago. She brings some of her needle minders and grime guards to sell and I had to get these three needle minders.

This is a grime guard covers your q snaps and keeps extra fabric out of your way as you stitch.  They are  also used to keep the oils from your hands from staining your fabric. I have never had a problem as I try to keep clean hands when stitching.  ( I found this picture from a tutorial on Pinterest.) Brenda makes them in all sizes and different themes. Check out her facebook page if you are interested in some stitchy accessories.

I was in the mood to work on a Christmas stitch. This is another Silver Creek Samplers Chart... My Christmas List, I believe is the name. I am doing it with one thread over two on 16 count Aida. I still enjoy using Aida every now and then. It gives my eyes a break as linen requires keener attention.

I also ordered this sweet kit from Jen at Jen's Stitching Niche on Etsy.

16 count Aida, three exclusive Gentle Arts threads made just for Jen's shop, adorable Chicken finishing fabric as well as two eggs from Just Another Button Company. It was a great buy and I am planning to stitch a Prairie Schooler Hen on my fabric. It will make a cute little cushion.

This might be my problem...

Stitching adds so much to my life. It is calming and comforting to me and as Misterogers used Music to soothe himself, I use a needle and thread.  Happy Stitching Bloggy Friends.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Five

1. Our Vespers Coffee from the Monastery is a new taste treat. Mystic Monk Coffee is very good.

2. Country Sampler September Edition.   Here in Alabama it has been as hot as Hades so the thought of Fall is getting some of us Southern Gals through the day!! I have to say, I surely did enjoy looking at all the fall decor. Fall Colors have always appealed to me. I cannot wear them in my clothing as they make me look peculiar with my fair skin tone.  There is just something so cozy about the oranges, yellows, golds and browns of Autumn.

3. I love this cute stationery that I found at our used book store at the library. You never know what you might find there.  It almost makes me want to go back to school.

4. Look at this cute basket I found for $2.80 at the final Hobby Lobby mark down.  I will take it to Grimmwood. I have no plans for it yet but I am sure I will come up with something.

5. This is my new favorite serving is 110 calories. Be Careful!! There are three and one half servings in every box.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

My sweet daughter, Amelia, treated me to a movie on Tuesday.   Won't You Be My Neighbor is a documentary about the life of one of my heroes, Fred Rogers.

Way back when we lived on Baywood Drive in Louisville, Kentucky, I had three children under the age of five.  I used to say that Misterogers was the only adult I spoke to all day long! "Won't You Be My Neighbor? he sang each afternoon as we waited for Daddy to get home from his job at the University of Louisville. Yes Misterogers, please come in and talk to me in your kind, calm voice. I need to hear that this afternoon.

Even as my children got older and did not watch Misterogers, I would would watch. Fred Rogers was a man who really cared about children and wanted the best for all of them.

This documentary was fairly balanced and I learned some things about this wonderful guy that I had not known before. He was sickly as a child and spent much time in bed. There he learned to use his imagination to keep himself entertained. He played the piano and found great release for his emotions in his music. Before his growth spurt, he was a chubby boy and was often teased...Fat Freddy!  As an adult he was proud of the weight he maintained for the rest of his life. 143 was his weight and he thought of it as I Love You. Onefor I, four for LOVE and three for YOU.

If you are looking for a block buster movie, this one is not for you but if you are looking for some inspiration to be a kinder person, you might want to check it out. Fred Rogers was often dismayed by the violence that he saw on children's television and he wanted to produce a program that taught children to learn, to use their imagination and finally to learn to deal with their emotions.  He succeeded. Many of the people who worked with him were interviewed and all of them say that the Misterogers you saw on television was Fred Rogers.

Amelia and I both teared up at several intervals. At the end of his funeral there was the last DING of the trolley and it made us both sniff a few times.  I am glad that Amelia remembers watching Misterogers as a child and valued the time he spend with her via PBS.

I have a cute story about my oldest son, Ben. He loved to watch Misterogers as a toddler when Amelia was just a baby. One day he was sitting in the floor with a bowl and a spoon, stirring away.
"What are you making, Ben?" I asked.  "I'm making believe."  Thank you Misterogers for making imagination important. I sure do think we could use more Misterogers in the world today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Pillowcase Dress

On my last trip to Grimmwood, my sister told me that she had a project for me to finish. Leta had found a pillowcase dress kit and Mother was doing the embroidery for it. My job was to finish it up for granddaughter, Audrey. Thanks to my Home Economics Major friend, Sandy, and her tip of some you tube tutorials, I finished it this afternoon.

Here is a close up of Mother's stitches. I hope I can stitch as well as she does when I am turning 88. Mother will be 88 on August 11th.

I used one of Audrey's tank tops as a pattern for the arm holes. I made a casing at the top and inserted the pink ribbons. I left them a bit long because you can always shorten them but you cannot make them longer.

it is a precious little dress, perfect for these hot summer days.  If you have a special little girl in your life, there are several tutorials on how to put together this type of dress.  I finished this up in about 30 minutes doing it by hand as my sewing machine has been eating fabric!! Hand sewn makes it special.:)