Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At Grimmwood

We had a fun long weekend at Grimmwood.  Good Food and Good Fellowship were on the menu for July 4th along with homemade Vanilla and Peach Ice Cream.   Here are some photos from our time there.

My niece, Laura, was on Fort Mountain recently and took this snapshot from the overlook. Our farm is the last little patch of green that you can see in the middle of this picture.  As you can see we are surrounded by mountains.

I had some time for reading and sipping the house wine of the South, Sweet Tea.

The skies put on quite the show on the evening of July 4th. Who needs fireworks?

This is a reflection of the clouds in our pond.   It seems when I am in Decatur, I never pay much attention to nature but in Chatsworth it is all around me.

It was Wagon Train week in our community and we met these Wagoneers as we were pulling into our drive on Friday.

Here is a close up. When I was a little girl, the Murray County Saddle club hosted a Wagon Train that went across the mountain to Ellijay.  We would park at the end of our drive to see all the horses and wagons head up the mountain. Now days they just have a parade through down town. These fellows were heading to Chatsworth for the parade. Their mules were so well behaved...the traffic did not bother them at all.  Of course there is not a lot of traffic on our road these days.

We had some visitors. Marvin's cousin, William and his wife, Amy, along with daughter, Lauren, stopped in to visit as they traveled from Tennessee to Savannah.

And finally our wall is done...pardon the dirt on the steps as they guys were putting down topsoil and some got scattered on the steps.  Now we can walk down to the pond without taking a trek to get there. I love the curved handrails made by our great contractor, George Castillo.

We are hoping some grass grows under the straw!!

Now we are back at home for a while, playing catch up on my blog reading and you tube watching!! Have a wonderful Tuesday Friends.


Mary said...

I can see why you love it there so much, the mountain and farmland is truly majestic! Great job on the handrail, the curve of it following the wall came out perfect. Wagon train week looks like so much fun!!

Sandy said...

The views are so pretty. I can see why you notice nature while there. I love the new wall and steps. I would keep that straw going...less work. It really turned out nice.

Robin in Virginia said...

What gorgeous views you have all around you at Grimmwood, Arlene! I know you are thrilled your wall and steps are finished. What fun to see the Wagon Train!

Terri D said...

Beautiful views and your new wall and steps look great!! Nice photo of your visitors! Wagon Train week sounds like fun!

Dianna said...

What a lovely time you had over your long weekend. The finished step project is amazing! I love those curved hand rails! And that rainbow on the 4th! As you said, who needs fireworks! I also enjoyed your cloud reflection picture in the pond. Just gorgeous!

Mrs.T said...

I do love those curved hand rails. And the sky photos ... oh, my, how beautiful. Lately we have been having some gorgeous sunsets in our area. We didn't see fireworks either ... we were at a picnic where fireworks were planned for the end of the evening, but we didn't stay for them. It was such a hot day, we needed to get home and cool off our house before bedtime.

Carol said...

What a lovely part of the world Grimmwood is in, Arlene--I imagine you are totally relaxed when you're there. Well, you will be when the workmen are totally done :)