Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Five

1.  Thrift Books.

Thrift Books is one of my new favorite websites. My friend, Susan, introduced me to it on my birthday when she gave me a gift certificate.  Our Glens Book Club is reading Magpie Murders for our July book club meeting. I have read it before when I checked it from the library but I needed my own copy for the meeting. I found it for $3.99 at Thrift Books.  I have ordered several books on my To Be Read list. At Thrift Books you can find many old or out of print books.


Marvin and I are really enjoying this series. We watch it when we are at Grimmwood.  A great detective story set in the beautiful Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland.

3. Snag Nab It

One of my favorite sewing tools for cross stitch. It can help snag those stitches that are being stubborn and it puts them in their place. Also great for handling snags in sweaters.

4.Pillow Cases

You all know I love dish towels...well pillow cases are another love of mine. I have several pairs that my mother and my sisters have embroidered for me.  I found this beautiful pair in Mama G's hope chest. We were cleaning it out and came across so many pretty things that had been put away. These purple ones will be gracing my bed.  And they are a reminder to use your pretty things. Don't put them away for "best". Every day is the best day to use lovely items.

5.Yellow Box Flip Flops

One of my favorite casual shoes is a flip flop.  Yellow Box Flip Flops are number one in my book. And these cute black and white checked flip flops are my favorite.


Mary said...

Oh, I need a good new show to watch, I'll look for this at the library, I love seeing the gorgeous Scotland scenery. Have you seen Outlander?
I love pretty pillowcases too, and the violets ones you found in Mama G's hope chest are very special. I agree use your pretty things! I have no idea how the snag nab it would work? I never wore flip flops!! I hated the feeling of the thong between my toes and don't care for the sound of flip flops but I do say those gingham check ones are pretty darn cute!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have some black and white check cute for summer. And I'll check on the DVD series. We would sure like to watch a 'new to us' series. I'm checking books out of the library as ebooks and have so many to read but I'll go to this site! Neato!

Robin in Virginia said...

Interesting mix of Friday Five, Arlene! I have never heard of Yellow Box Flip Flops so I will search them out later. Also thanks for the tip about Thrift Books.

Carol said...

I'd never heard of Thrift Books or Yellow Box Flip Flops, Arlene, but both look like they'd be worth checking out--thanks for the heads up!

Terri D said...

Cute flip-flops!! I looked them up and (as usual) none of the flip-flops some in my (huge foot) size. :(

Those pillowcases are just beautiful. You are right about using our pretty things while we can! Silly to pack them away and never enjoy them. I agree!!

Mari said...

Those flip flops are so cute!
I remember embroidering pillow cases when I was young. Those are very pretty and your advice is good.