Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Five

1. Dollar Tree Disposable Chopping boards.

There ate two chopping boards in each package. I saw this helpful hack on You Tube. You line your fridge shelves with them and when something spills, it is easy to take it out and wash it and put it back.

Here they are in place in my fridge. I had tried the press and seal wrap as suggested by some but the press and seal would not adhere to my shelves. These work great and you can see through them so they do not make my fridge dark.

2. Stack bracelets

I have found these cute bracelets at Tootie's Boutique in Chatsworth. I love wearing these colors together.

3.Georgia Tech

It is almost football season!! I found this in Georgia and brought it home to display my school spirit.

4. Dollar Tree Bank...

Vacation Fund...these jars came with several sayings on the front. I chose this one! Vacation Fund.

5. Cracker Barrel Bags

These big bags are on sale now at my Cracker Barrel for $1.19. I picked up a few. They are great for TOTING we say here in the South. They also make a great Gift Bag They do not cost more than the small bags. A friend told me she took a bridal shower gift in one of these bags and the young lady said, I got two gifts!! She loved the bag as well as the gift.

And now for the winner of the Pioneer Woman Measuring scoops. It may be Friday the 13th but someone just had a lucky day.  The random number generator picked  RJ. Congrats my bloggy friend. Please shoot me an email with you snail mail address and I will put the scoops in the mail to you!!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that first hack is amazing!! Great finds!

Mrs.T said...

Congrats to RJ!

Loved seeing the fun Friday Five that you shared. I need to get to a Cracker Barrel as those bags are nifty. And I will definitely check out the Dollar Tree mats for the fridge. I wouldn't have thought of using them, for that, but it's a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

I really enjoy your Friday Five tips!! I tried lining my shelves with parchment paper and that got messy, love this idea using the plastic cutting boards! Wish I had a CB near me, what a pretty bag. RJ is going to be thrilled she won the scoops!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love pretty bags! And congrats to your winner! Hugs!

Carol said...

I really like the idea of using the chopping mats for your refrigerator, Arlene! Thank you... Congratulations to RJ :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, I enjoy reading your Friday Five. Thank you for the idea about you using those cutting pads. The Cracker Barrel bag looks great. Congratulations to RJ on the giveaway win! Enjoy your Friday!

Terri D said...

All fun things! Thanks for sharing these great "hacks" with us!

Dianna said...

Congratulations to RJ!

I'm going to check out Dollar Tree for the chopping mats! I love that idea of using them in the fridge. Thanks so much for sharing that tip, Arlene!

And the bags from Cracker Barrel are so nice.

Have a happy weekend!

sharon said...

Will be making a trip to CB to look for those bags. Thanks for sharing.

RJ said...

Well it's late but I'm glad I checked in before going to bed. I'm so excited about winning. Perfect timing...I needed a little pick up this week. Thank you so much Arlene. I promise to love them.

I too love your Friday Five so much. I am DEFINITELY going to Dollar Tree and picking up those cutting boards. I so love this idea for the refrigerator. I'm always looking for a way to keep it neater and this will be great.

Those bags are so sweet!!! RJ