Saturday, July 7, 2018

Stitching Saturday

After watching lots of Floss Tube videos on how to store Fancy Floss..I decided to organize my own Fancy Floss this week. Most of it is Colour and Cotton and Victorian Motto Threads.  Ginger Gerald on Floss Tube convinced me to try Colour and Cotton. He is a very persnickety stitcher( well aren't we all?) and I knew if he said it was good, I should join the monthly floss club.  My dear reader, Robin in Virginia, won me over to Victorian Motto Threads when she kindly gifted me with some of the brand.  I have used both brands and honestly, if  I had to choose one, it would be Victorian Motto. VMT's are so soft that they just glide through the fabric. Also what a value. Compared to the other Fancy Flosses, Nancy Turner's Victorian Motto is hands down more for your money.  So if you are on the fence that is my opinion. My opinion and $5 will get you a cup of Star Bucks coffee. One of our friends calls it Five Buck Coffee! My opinion and $1 will get you coffee at McDs.

Now back to organizing my Fancy Floss...

You will need Binder rings. I found a package of all sizes at Target for $1.84. There are also some very tiny ones but since I did not use them, I did not post them.

My hole punch was $1 at Dollar General.

First I divided my flosses into color waves.

Then I put a hole in the top of each floss card.  Here is my red/pink binder ring. I have lots more room for Fancy Floss.

Here is my whole collection.  I love having the colors on binder rings as I can take out the ring and choose a floss easily.  None of my charts call for either Colour and Cotton or Victorian Motto so I just find a color that is approximate to the color needed. I know that goes against the grain of some stitchers but as I have invested in the Fancy Flosses, I am going to use them. So far so good.

As for my stitching this week...

Here is my progress on Baby Its Cold Outside by Heartstring Samplery.  The chart called for an orange red but I HATE orange reds. Only cherry reds will do for me. So I am using Cupid ( I cannot remember the brand...Marlene at Cross Stitch Peddler picked it our for me and I just use what Marlene tells me to use. I am so glad to have an LNS).  Lots of stitchers who are traveling on I 65 make it a point to stop at Cross Stitch Peddler.  If you are ever in the area, let me know and I will meet you there.

Currently in my stitching spot. The photo makes that red look much brighter than it is in reality.  This will be traveling to NoGA this week.

And here is Knee High by the 4th of July...all ready to travel in my Made by MamaJoan project bag. I love her bags because you can see what you have inside.  I have traded my handbag obsession to a project bag obsession. I may do a give away one Saturday and pass on some of my old project bags. They are still in good shape but I love this brand now. Don't you like my Holly Hobby needle minder? She is vintage just like me.

Hope you enjoyed a trip to the Nanaland Stitchy Spot. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

what a great idea!! Your work is beautiful,, I just found you today and have joined to follow, I miss being able to do this work but still enjoy seeing others,,

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, you have made good progress on your projects especially the Heartstring Samplery piece. Good for you on getting your 'fancy' floss organized! I enjoyed seeing what was in your stitchy spot. I think project bags are a good obsession. Enjoy your weekend!

Terri D said...

That is a great way to organize your floss! Brilliant!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thank you for dropping by Nanaland, Laurie. I try to do a Stitching update each Saturday.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Robin I am so glad you introduced me to VMTs! I so enjoy them.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks Terri! It is much easier to match flosses now.

Mari said...

I'm not a fan of orange red either. I do like your choice of color and the way you are organizing!

Jazzmin said...

Love the clever way you organized your floss! I love weekends for organizing things like this, which is reminding me I need to get in the craft/sewing room and do some serious organizing tomorrow ;) ...Loved seeing your collection, as well as how aesthetically pleasing they all look together.
And I totally agree about the cherry red vs. the orangey-red. Looks so nice with that shade of red, especially for a winter/holiday theme. Lovely to see your newest projects and stitching. And your needle minder is so cute!

Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Mary said...

Arlene, I haven't tried either brand of those fancy flosses yet. Have you started keeping a substitution chart when you use one to make it easier for the next time you want to substitute? And, when you have leftover pieces from stitching do you add it to the ring? If a piece is 2 inches or longer for my fancy flosses I save them.

great progress on your stitching, I especially like Baby it's cold outside! I recall too well Holly Hobby!! I think I still have a plate with her on it!!

If I'm ever in the area of your LHN I would love to meet you there!

Carol said...

All of your projects are so cute, Arlene! And I love the color of red you have substituted. I do have a few VM threads, but tend to forget about them--will have to make a conscious effort to use them more when I make substitutions. Your floss storage system looks very workable :)