Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Stream

Good Morning....let's see what is flowing through Nanaland this morning...

1. I had my DNA done at Ancestry. I was surprised to find I was only 4% English. Mostly Scottish, Irish and Welsh.  I decided to subscribe to Ancestry for six months so I could do a little more research and put my family tree online.  I have found out that three branches of my family came from Renfrew, Scotland.   Now I am wondering if they all knew one another before they immigrated to America. Two are on my Daddy's side of the family and one on my mother's branch. I do have several family mysteries that I am trying to solve. I actually sent a letter to a fourth cousin that I do not know to see if he could shed light on my mystery. Of course, he probably thinks I am a crazy person from Alabama. Secretly I am hoping he will respond to my letter. Am I obsessed? Maybe just a bit.

2.I was really upset this week when I went to Amazon to order the 4th season of Shetland and all they have are British versions that will not play on American DVDs.   I could watch it on Netflix if I had Netflix.  So I went to the library and checked out the first season of Cadfael to take to Grimmwood this week. We watched Cadfael many years ago on Mystery so I think we will enjoy the reruns.

3. Marvin and I joke that Britain must have only 100 actors/actresses in the whole land. We see the same ones on the British DVDs we enjoy. We are always saying, "Oh that is so and so from such and such." And if we have an argument about it, we check Internet Movie Database.:)

4. I had a great time at my Stitching meeting the other day. Twelve ladies were in attendance and it was so neat to see what different stitching personalities that were represented.  North Alabama Stitchers is celebrating one year of existence. Many thanks to Brenda who started the group and does all the administrative work for the group.

5. Marvin took some time over the weekend to go through the last of his mother's things. It was hard for him to toss some of the sentimental things but as I reminded him, they have been in boxes for almost five years now and we have not missed them. We did find a few sweet things that we kept. One was a thank you note that Ben had written to his grandma Saramina. I mailed it to Ben and he can make the decision to keep it or toss it.  I have to tell myself that they are just "things". I have heard that if you have a hard time discarding sentimental things, just take a picture of it before it goes in the garbage can. But then, where do you put the pictures? Marvin and I are trying to be more intentional about the things we bring into our house as we know one day our children will have to get rid of it all.

6.  My first Fall magazine arrived this week. ( You may see it on my Friday Five this week). I also had dinner at Cracker Barrel and they have put some fall things in their store as well. I know many hate to rush the seasons but if you spend a summer in Alabama, you will be glad to think of a day with no humidity!!  Of course, Hobby Lobby is full out Christmas mode. I had to purchase some craft items there the other day so I can get started on some of my Holiday Crafting.

Well it was a rather shallow stream this morning. Time to get busy around the house!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I enjoy the British movies/series too. I watch them on Netflix and agree that they only have a few that do those as it seems it is the same people all the time. One of our daughters has done and she loves finding out where we all actually came from. Always some surprises for sure. Hope you have a nice Tuesday and stay cool....we in Tennessee are suffering from the humidity as well!

Sandy said...

I have thought many times about the ancestry thing, but I am a little like that as I am about Facebook. Here I go...are they tracking me? Yes, everywhere and all the time. Just need to get over it.
I love that you wrote a letter. I can't wait to see if you hear back. Very interesting.
When you get the sentimental stuff all figured out, let me know as that is a huge problem for me.
I am so jealous of the stitchers. I am sure in person you really learn what others are doing and can see it. That is my one wish for a LNS is that I could actually touch the kinds of linen.
Fall, yep, it is hot as blazes. After this weekend, I will allow myself to look at them. I have kind of avoided picking them up, but I am ready too. I always take my patriotic stuff down after the Blue Angels weekend.

Robin in Virginia said...

Nice stroll through your stream today, Arlene! Like you, I don't want to wish time away (it is already moving too fast), but I am ready for fall temps and air quality. Enjoy your Tuesday and stay cool!

Victoria Stankus said...

I would like to do the DNA thing sometime, too. It sounds really interesting!

Jan said...

The Brother Cadfael series is one of our favorites-we also have the books on Audible. We're watching Midsomer Murders right now and recognize many of the same actors from other shows.

RJ said...

Arlene, I am so interested in what you find out from your fourth cousin and what other hunting you do. My Mom traced our ancestry about 30 years ago and made a book for each of us girls. She got her info through the Mormans...they are extremely helpful. She would have loved It would have made her quest much easier. RJ

Linda said...

I love your stream! I am ready to start embracing fall early - even though we will be in a string of days where the temps are 101- 106 degrees! Not yet. I am waiting. But soon.....I can feel it coming! I'll probably be too embarrassed to post fall in August! But who knows?
I love how you and Marvin love Grimmwood the same way we love the ranch!

Terri D said...

I had to read your #3 to Joe because that is exactly what we say all the time. The same actors show up in all the shows and we try to figure out what shows we have already seen them in. Too funny!! I love Ancestry so much and have enjoyed finding so many cousins I didn't know I had. We chat through Ancestry now and then. I really need to get back to my research. I have so many green leaves to open!! Hope you cousin responds and can help solve some of the mysteries!! Keep us posted!

Mari said...

Too funny! Bob and I say the same thing about British actors. We are always trying to figure out where we saw some of them.
It's hard to get rid of some things, but I find if I just start it's easier. I did some of that today. :)

Mary said...

Having my DNA tested for ancestry is on my bucket list of things to do. I pretty much know it will be Irish and Dutch but it will be interesting if there is a surprise I don't know about. I hope you hear from your 4th cousin.
I enjoyed CAdfael very much. I went to the library yesterday and asked for Victoria to be put on hold for me, the woman behind me on the checkout line said she had just put it in the return box! So, I watched 2 episodes in the middle of the night and yes, sure enough there was an Outland actress in it! I also watched a few episodes of a Henry the 8th documentary. ( I have a major case of poison ivy and can't sleep!)
So, glad you are enjoying the stitching group.
WE have had a run of horrible humid weather but woke up to low humitity and cool temps today. I can't wait for fall.

Carol said...

Interesting about your ancestry results, Arlene. My husband's family is from Scotland, too. People can really get hooked on genealogy once they get started :)

I've been cleaning out stuff, too, and have taken to handing things off to my kids that they might want. If not, I tell them to just discard things--makes it much easier on me!