Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Stream

The last day of July! Let's wade around in the stream as we contemplate August!

1. I am reading a good book that was recommended by Katie, the Preppy Empty Nester. How to Walk Away is the title and it caught my attention because it is the fictionalized account of a young woman who is injured in a plane crash, leaving her with burns and a spinal cord injury.  As a nurse, I always said that the worst things I saw were burns and spinal cord injuries.  And after I watched my daddy suffer with transverse myelitis which left him a paraplegic, Spinal Cord issues would be at the top of my list now. Fortunately this young woman did not have a severed spinal cord, just compressed so I am hoping she will recover with time. And yes, I think of all the book characters as real people.:)

2. Speaking of books, It has been 20 years since Harry Potter became an instant best seller.  I am a Harry Potter fan and I would love to visit the Wizarding World in Orlando but so far I cannot talk Marvin into it. Now if there was a Lord of the Rings land next door, I think we would be on the next plane.

3. I was out doing errands today and stopped by Tuesday Morning. Ladies, Fall things are beginning to appear everywhere. I picked up two more yard flags for Grimmwood. I got two flags at Tues AM for what I spent on one at Pineapples.

4.After having Tomato Pie at the Railyard, I am ready to make a Tomato pie here at Nanaland. It will be on the menu tonight. My friend, Donna, gave me a really good recipe for one.

5. My sisters and I are planning a birthday party for my mother when she turns 88 in two weeks. I did  a Facebook invitation and told everyone it was a surprise. ( Well we told her we were going to have cake but we acted like it was a small mother does not like Surprises.) My grand girl, Margaret was very concerned that a surprise party might not be wise. She was afraid that Grandma might have a heart attack if we all jumped out and shouted SURPRISE.  I think Mother will be surprised by all the guests who are going to come....especially the great grands.

6. I spent most of Saturday afternoon making Christmas ornaments that will be gifts this Christmas. I cannot show them to you yet as it would spoil some surprises.  I am hoping to be organized this year and my plan is to have all my homemade things done by October.

Well that is about all that is new here today. Hope August is full of blessings for all my blog friends.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Well, you and I were both on the same page.....I made my first tomato pie last night for supper. lol Hope you like yours better than I did. My hubby did enjoy it tho, but said he wouldnt want it every day. Hope the surprise party goes as you intend and that your mother doesnt have that heart attack. I feel fall in the air and it is just the end of July. Wonder if we will have a mild winter like our summer has been so far. Have a lovely day.

Dianna said...

Transverse myelitis...I need to do some reading because I have a friend that has it. Thank you for mentioning it today, Arlene.

I shall be searching for a tomato pie recipe! :)

It is wonderful that you and your sisters are honoring your mother in such a special way. My mother did not like surprises either so for her 80th birthday party my brothers and I had, she helped with the planning. :)

I admire you for the way you organize and stick with your plan when it comes to homemade Christmas gifts. What a blessing!

Mary said...

Arlene, I never heard of Tomato pie and if the recipe is a winner I'm hoping you share it. I have 30 tomato plants in my garden this year and have no idea what I'm going to do with them all. Maybe try prisciallas yard sauce.
How thoughtful Margaret is to be worried about your Mom having a heart attack when the guests yell Surprise.
It's horrible to watch a parent suffer and how awful for you to watch your father fail. I hope he didn't suffer.
I never read either of the series!!
I"m in awe of your ambition to be done by Oct for your holiday gifts!!

Robin in Virginia said...

I loved wandering through the stream today, Arlene. I have never had tomato pie, so I hope you will share your recipe. I hope your Mother has a most enjoyable 'surprise' party.

Visits With Mary said...

I've been thinking about that tomato pie, please share your recipe! I've been wanting some new yard flags, was in Lowe's the other day and they wanted $12 for them. WoW, that's just too much, I'll head over to Tuesday Morning and see what I can find. Hope you have a great day.

Sandy said...

I think the birthday party is great. 88 is wonderful!

Terri D said...

I really should be looking at some Christmas crafts and start to get busy. Ha! Tomato pie at our house is not like you tomato pie, but yours looked good! Italian tomato pie is more like a pizza/focaccia with tomato sauce. Bring those kiddos down for Harry Potter and we can finally meet!! Just say when!

RJ said...

The tomato pie you showed us looked so yummy so I hope you will share your new recipe with us. I thought the same thing about your surprising your Mom...maybe you should give her some hint like some of the family are coming over but then in fact everyone will be there. RJ

Gina said...

Arlene, is a tomato pie like a quiche? It is hard to believe that Harry Potter was 20 years ago. I remember the children reading the books. I did too and enjoyed each one. I don't think there is a Tuesday Morning or Pineapples here (I think my pocketbook is relieved!). A surprise party for your mother sounds so exciting! I look forward to pictures. Hooray for you getting ahead of the 8 ball with making Christmas gifts already. I am hoping to start mine soon, xx

Mari said...

I agree with you on spinal cord injuries. So sad...
I love the party and sweet Margaret's heart!