Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Five

1. Kendall's drawing

Kendall is always drawing and she likes to draw some of her favorite Anime characters. I wish I could draw like this girl.

2.My new memo pad
I picked this up at Target today for just one dollar.

3. Salem Memorial

Amelia shared this picture with me of the memorial to the innocent victims accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1629. You can see their names carved into the rocks.

4.Sibling Reunion Gifts.

These are my gifts to Marvin's siblings at our reunion next weekend.  I took an old black and white picture of the home they grew up in, modge podged it to the simple circle I found at Hobby Lobby, added some snowflake stickers and added a blue bow.  I thought they turned out well. I am packaging them in the cellophane bags along with the tissue paper. Presentation is everything.


I found these wooden spools at Target in the Dollar Spot. I will rewind the thread onto cardboard and use these wooden spools for a cross stitch project.  I picked up four of them but I may go back for more. I plan to do a small seasonal motif on cross stitch fabric and glue it to the spool. I will antique the spools first. Wooden spools are hard to find these days.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday with the Fam

Proud Nana/Mom post at your own risk!

Margaret with her teacher on Meet the Teacher day. Third Grade!

Margaret's teacher has a private facebook page for parents and grandparents. We get to peak into Margaret's days at school.

Margaret believes leprechauns are real! :) And her signature look is her big bows and her glasses.

Charles and nancy had a family photo shoot last week. This was  a preview. ( Love their color coordination!)

Daughter, Amelia, and her husband, Todd took a quick tour of New England including Salem and Kennebunkport.

The Inn where they stayed in Maine.

This looks rather like Cabot Cove on Murder She Wrote.

Good looking couple!

I always enjoy seeing pictures of my kids and grands!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Christmas at Cracker Barrel

Marvin and I stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel as we left Ga for Alabama on Sunday morning.

One corner of the store was dedicated to Christmas decor!  I knew you would want to see it.

Oh Christmas Tree   Oh Christmas Tree

I love this little may have to come home with me.

Looks like cardinals are still popular.

Red trucks are everywhere.

This animated Lantern has to be seen in was so cute.

These cute.

More cardinals..
I really liked this pretty basket. It would be a good hiding place for Christmas candy!!

It made me feel happy...I love Christmas.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Sweet Gift

My sister, Leta, surprised me with a special gift while we were at Grimmwood.

Aren't these so cute? And she did a great job stitching them.

I was not sure how I would use them but here is my decision.

For now they are on the beds in the guest room. I think they are adorable. Thanks so much Leta!!

A few asked questions about my reunion post so I will answer here. Yes Marvin went with me. He played photographer for me. He hung out with my friend, Debbie's boyfriend. It was the first time they had met but they found lots to talk about.  Gina wanted to know what I won as a prize for coming the longest distance to the reunion. I got a Georgia Map, a Georgia Tourist Guide and a $20 Visa gift card!   Marvin's class is planning their 50th for next year and he is on the planning committee. I find I now know a lot of his classmates. However there were about 600 people in his graduating class.  I had to come home and look through my 1973 Arrowhead to remember some of the people in attendance.  I thought I knew almost everyone in my class but as I paged through the senior class I realized I did not know as much as I thought I I wonder where they are these days.  I do think I enjoyed this reunion more than some of the others I had attended. As Marvin puts it, the ground levels out in 50 years between the cool kids and the others. Now we are all just old people.:)

Monday, August 27, 2018

MCHS Class of 73

 Where did 45 years go?  Our high school class met to celebrate our 45th reunion. Out of a class of 150, here are the brave souls who made it to the festivities. We met at Venue 208 which was at one time Mullinax Ford. We ate in the old show room that once housed the latest Ford Vehicles. I am toward the back middle...look for the silver hair.  Oops...several have silver hair now. And by the way, we are Murray Country High School of Chatsworth, GA.

 We sat at the table with my high school bestie, Debbie and her boyfriend, Mike.

These class members were married right after high school and are still going strong!!

Me and Debbie. We have been together through thick and thin...we were there for weddings, babies and many of life's ups and downs.

Me an my friend, Amy. We were in elementary school together and Amy's mom was our Girl Scout Leader.

Me and my friend, Lynn. She just finished a course of chemo and radiation for breast cancer. You Go Lynn!!

Another fun photo op!

What a fun night as we reconnected with old friends. I won a door prize for coming the farthest to the reunion. Out of the whole class only two of us were there from out of state...both of us from Alabama!

One of our class mates led us in singing the Alma Mater and then we sang, Bye Bye, Miss American Pie. And hey, we sounded pretty good!! Games were played....oldest member of the class, Youngest member of the class, who has the most grands, who has the most prescriptions. ( Oh my we are getting old....)  I am going to say that our class was rather cliquey back in the day. Forty five years has made us all much nicer! I am looking forward to the 50th!!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday Stitching

Time to look into my stitching world this week...

My new stitchy friend, Brenda, made this grime guard for me. It is hard to tell but the fabric displays Old World Santas.  I do not usually use a grime guard but my Christmas Quaker two has so much extra fabric that I needed one for this project.

I typically start in the upper left portion of the chart. When it is not a big piece, this works but from now on, I will start in the middle of a big project. It makes it much easier to handle. I could barely tuck all the extra aida in the grime guard. And I have to say, Aida is not as easy to roll and tuck as an even weave or linen.  I am really enjoying this project. I am sure it will be years before I complete it but it will be worth all the effort.

I completed another small and added it to my waiting for fall basket.  A pumpkin Pie, not I!! It is embellished with a rusty jingle bell.  I used jute and some chenille to wrap around the piece. Rather than stuffing it I folded the cross stitch over a batting covered piece of corrugated board. I covered the back with a complimentary fabric, glued them together and added the jute and chenille to cover the space between the two boards.  I still fuss over my corners. They never turn out as good as Vonna's.

I got a start on Live Within Your Harvest by Hands on Design. I love these sunflowers.( These flowers were stitched with fancy floss and  think it really works here.)  I am hoping to finish this one into a drum...fingers crossed I will be able to do it. Marlene, at Cross Stitch Peddler, recommended I use a stiffer linen for this piece. It should help it to stand up without lumps and bumps. I am thinking of filling it with crushed walnut shells or sawdust.

And finally, another fall piece that I stitched on Saturday and Sunday.

This is Windown Winking Cheerful Lights Warm the Cold November Nights. It is the smaller design on Prairie Schooler's November. I must admit, after I took this photo I realized that I had November in the wrong place so I had to frog that and start over. I did complete the whole inner hexagon over the weekend.  I think this will be done soon. I am doing just a Fall Rotation right now so I can finish these up and move on to Christmas Stitching.

There is a lot of discussion about stitching on Aida vs even weave or linen. Some stitchers see Aida as old fashioned and only for beginners. Well I happen to think that the Prairie Schooler pieces look better on Aida. When Prairie Schooler began designing, back in the olden days of cross stitch, Aida was about the only fabric readily available for stitchers.   I distinctly remember a conversation I had with a fellow stitcher back in the late 80s. She ONLY stitched on Linen, she informed me. Well being a bit younger and very intimidated by this lady who stitched beautifully, I did not admit that Linen terrified me.  And it did at that time. I hated the slubs and the uneven weave of linen. When I had tried stitching on a piece, I got "off" on my count and ended up just tossing the piece. Now I do enjoy stitching on even weave and even linen every now and then. The Live Within Your Harvest is on linen but it is a nice even piece of linen...I did not see any slubs on it.  All this to encourage you to stitch on the fabric that makes you comfortable.  As Marlene tells me over and is your piece and you need to make sure you love the stitching experience. So what if you cannot justify the expense of Fancy Floss. I used DMC for years and it is still my go to for most of my projects.  And if you enjoy stitching something more whimsical, go for it. Not everyone loves samplers and those big pieces that can take years to complete.  I am all over the place with my stitching, my fabric and my flosses. But I totally enjoy all the things I stitch! Remember the Batty Bakery from last week? I once said I did not understand the love people had for Frosted Pumpkin Designs. They just did not appeal to me.  However when I saw that sassy little witch whipping up cupcakes, I knew I wanted to stitch her up and I loved every minute of that stitching process.   You are never to old to grow and to change, in stitching as well as in life.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Five

1.  Ta fall wreath that I found at Ross. It will look nicer when I take it out of the box and fluff it up. Not bad for $18.  And here is another wreath I found for $11.

I have been looking for a wreath like this for my guest room for years. Ballard Designs sells something similar but for MUCH more money. There is a Ballard Designs outlet store in the north Atlanta suburbs and one day I am going to make it there.

Here is a close up. At Christmas I have a pretty wreath that I hang over the bed and that is what gave me the idea to use a wreath instead of a picture. I am slowly transitioning this room to a more neutral palette.  Yes I am using some white after I have ranted and raved about the sterile look of all white decorating.  I think it works for a guest room as you want it to be restful. The walls are painted my favorite color, Nantucket Gray by Benjamin Moore. I plan to have the Man Cave and the back stair well painted in the fall and I am going to use Nantucket Gray there as well.

2. Look what I found at The Dollar Tree this week. I love these small sizes of tacky glue and dodge podge as they do not dry out before you use it up!

3. Speaking of Dollar Tree...they now carry HALLMARK cards. I picked this one up for 50 cents!! I needed a card for a friend who lost her mother this week and I think this one is very pretty and it certainly does not look like it cost a half dollar.

4. BOC shoes...I found these at our local consignment store, Better Than Before. These shoes would retail in the $100 plus range. I got them for $20 and they are brand new! They will look very cute with jeans this winter and they are SO comfortable.

5. A sweet friend who loves fall as much as I do, dropped by my house with this happy for me, the Be  Grateful sign.  I put it on the tea cart for now.  I can always use a reminder to count my blessings.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Throw Back Thursday August 2014

It is a slow week here in Nanaland so I thought I would see what we were up to in 2014.

Amelia with Kendall and Landon in Chatsworth.  How these kiddos have grown in four years.

Charles with a photo collage Kendall made of our family.  She took an old catalog and cut out figures and put our heads on She is my crafty girl.  This photo was made at Charles and Nancy's home in Harvest, Alabama before they moved to Canton.

I had shared one of my favorite pictures of Baylor, made at his Dinosaur Birthday party when he as two.

One thing I love about blogging is the ability to look back over the years and to see what we were doing, the places we visited and the children and grandchildren growing and changing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sea Salt Pecans

I am busy trying to make lot of snacks to put in the freezer for our Siblings Reunion in two weeks. Here is a winning recipe that is Keto friendly for those of you who are cutting carbs.

Sea Salt Pecans

2 cups of Pecan Halves
3 T unsalted butter, melted
1 1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt

Melt your butter, mix with salt and pour over pecan halves that you have placed in a medium size bowl.  Stir Well.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees while you line a roasting pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil.( Makes for easier clean up.)

Bake for 20 minutes, stirring after 10 minutes. This is a recipe where you have to stitch close to the nuts and keep an eye on them.

Drain on paper towels and store in an air tight container.

They are yummy and filling!!  Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Happy Birthday Charles

This picture was made several years ago when Kendall made a birthday crown for Uncle Charles. He is turned 34 on Sunday.

I was supposed to be induced on August 18th which was perfect as it was Patrick Swayze's birthday.( I had a bit of a crush on Patrick after watching North and South). However the hospital called and told me we would have to come in on the 19th as the labor area was full to overflowing. So he was born on August 19th on Bill Clinton's birthday. ( and I have NO comment about that.) Charles also shares a birthday with his great great uncle, Chet Henderson.

Charles has completed all his course work for his PhD and now he must write and defend his dissertation which he hopes will come in 2019.  We are so proud of him as he recently got a job teaching English at Georgia Highlands college which is located in Rome, Ga. Charles will be teaching some of the classes that are held in Cartersville Ga. As he put it, much better than driving to Georgia State in downtown Atlanta.

We did not get to celebrate with him this year but he was in our thoughts and prayers.

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Stream

Good Morning...let's wade in the shallow end of the stream today.( That means I really do not have a lot on my mind this morning!!)

1. I just finished a really good police procedural/mystery this weekend. A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny is sure to grab your attention if you are a fan of Masterpiece series like Endeavor, Morse and Prime Suspect and Inspector Adam Dalgliesh. I stayed up until midnight Friday night trying to finish this book but sleep claimed me and I had to finish it Saturday morning.  Many people say they would like to live in Mitford. Well I might want to move to Three Pines. ( And this mystery explains how Three Pines got its name.) I may have to start at the beginning and read the rest of this series.

2. Well I got an email from Blogger and just as I was getting used to moderating my comments in this new way, they are going back to the old format. I am once again getting emails with my comments and I can publish them from my Hotmail account. Can you tell I do not do well with change?

3. Marvin has decided that he is going to retire at the end of this year.  It will be a big change. I am used to his working two and a half days a week so I know I have some ALONE time. I may need some advice from those of you with fully retired husbands.  I am trying to look on the positive side as we will be able to do more things together but I am a person who needs the house to herself every now and then. I may have to send him to Grimmwood occasionally.

4. I have been buying more cross stitch stash than I normally do but I am trying to save up for the future. I know when Marvin retires we will have to adjust our spending habits. I do use my Social Security check money for my purchases. But once I turn 65 the check will decrease as I get to enjoy Medicare. Frankly I am looking forward to the Silver Sneakers program that comes with Marvin's package. We can go to several gyms in Decatur for FREE. I am thinking of going to the Water Aerobics class as that is good exercise but easy on the joints.

5. Marvin and I are planning a Siblings reunion for his brothers and sisters in September. We are trying to come up with a hashtag for the weekend. Daughter in law, Katy, came up with #the future is GRIMM #Grimm and Bear It #Grimming from Ear to Ear. So far I like the Future is Grimm. Any of your suggestions will be considered.  I thought of #the brothers and sisters Grimm

6.I am like most of you, trying to avoid the pumpkin mania too early. I will probably wait until we come back from the beach in September to deck the walls with fall decor. However, now is the time to look for good bargains at discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross, Tuesday Morning and Big Lots.  I have used the same fall wreath on my front door for over 10 years now. I spruced it up every now and then but it was time for a new one. I found a beautiful wreath at Ross for $17.99. I am sure it will show up in my Friday Five this week. I can tell you that if you do not pick up those bargains when you see them, they will be GONE. I have tried to avoid Impulse Buying but in some cases it is the way to go.

Hope all of you have a good week. I am off to breakfast with friend, Lori, today and then withe Deborah and Susan tomorrow. Breakfast out is one of my favorite restaurant meals.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday Stitching

Well believe it or not I have THREE FFO's to share today!

I decided to finish this small into a fridge magnet. I added felt to the back and put a magnet in each corner for good measure. Frankly, two magnets in the middle would have worked better! Live and Learn. It is so attached to the fridge that I have to slide it Well it is batty and so am I.

This is the small finish from Harvest Hill by Abby Rose. I look at big charts much differently these days. If I do not want to commit to a big project, can I use a motif from the chart.

This one is  my favorite...Ye Old Crow by Heart in Hand.

I tucked it in this fabric basket until I can put it out in my fall dough bowl.

Here is the back...

I love Vonna's suggestion of cutting a slit in the back of your fabric then when you are finished stuffing, slip stitch it closed and add an embellishment to cover the stitches. It makes for a much neater pillow and it is easier to stuff and to get all four corners filled out.

Now on to the Stash I was not going to buy!!

Thanks Patches and Stitches for enabling me to drop some $ at your shop.

The bear cub won me over. This will be going to Grimmwood.

I may stitch this on the remainder of my coffee dyed fabric. And it is a very quick stitch too.

Teresa Kogut is more well known for her needle punch designs but her cross stitch charts are very cute too.  I love to stitch pretty little witches. As a child of the 60s, Bewitched was one of my favorite  tv shows.

And finally...I have a niece who may be getting married this year. And if she does not, this would be a cute Valentine stitch.  I just love the fonts on the Silver Creek Samplers.

Hope you enjoyed visiting Nanaland's finishing shop!! Now back to stitching.