Wednesday, August 15, 2018

At the Tennessee River

Elliott informed me that the pond was part of the Tennessee River. We compromised on the idea that it was the WAY Back Waters of the Tennessee River.:)

We came over to Grimmwood with Ben and the children to allow Grandma a time to rest after her party. Amelia and Todd went on to the Lodge at Amicalola State Park.  Charles, Nancy and Audrey headed home to Canton.

Margaret and Elliott enjoyed feeding the fish in the pond.

Daddy is showing them how far he can throw the fish food.

It was more fun in the shade!

My favorite fish feeders. Too bad the sun was right in their eyes.:)


Sandy said...

It is good that they get to be out at the farm. I think all kids could use a lot more of that and less computer time. I know it does me good too.

Robin in Virginia said...

What cute fish feeders you have, Arlene!

Mary said...

A perfect way for the kids to spend a summer day at the Way back waters!!

Terri D said...

Fun times!! Way backwaters... brilliant!!

RJ said...

Looks like fun...wish I was there for a relaxing afternoon. RJ

Mari said...

Sweet pics! Kids by the water having fun!

Gina said...

Oh what fun to feed the fish! Are the fish big enough to fish for and eat?