Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Five

1. I took my Hen to Grimmwood to live in the coop with the other chickens, lambs and pigs.

2. My new flag that sits by the front door. I am just now seeing the garden hose that photo bombed this picture.  The flag says Faith, Family and Farm.

3. I got my new pair of Bernie Mevs from Zulily. I love this brand and it is getting harder to find. I got a great buy at Zulily but I did have to wait about three weeks to receive them. That is the only drawback with Zulily. You cannot depend on a speedy delivery but for the price, I can wait.

4. Young Living Essential Oils has released this new Orange Blossom moisturizer. I love it. As a girl who had oily skin all her life until menopause, I like this light non greasy moisturizer that is made of all the goodness of essential oils.

5. Well  could not ignore a  great clearance price on a cute navy and white tote. Only $14.99 at Target.  It is light weight and easy on the shoulder.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love the shoes and the bag, and the flag as well. Actually enjoyed all your Friday 5's! Hope you have a nice weekend.

Sandy said...

I love every single item. I may have to go look for that tote...I mean navy is my favorite color.
The flag is perfect and the hose is real life. I like real life:)
Your display is perfect for the animals and Grimmwood.

Robin in Virginia said...

Super Friday Five, Arlene! Haven't heard of those shoes before so off to see what I can find. Enjoy your Friday!

RJ said...

I really love all of the super five today. What an awesome flag! The moisturizer sounds inviting with an orange scent. The bag is very sharp looking and a great buy. But, I really LOVE the shoes. Are they comfy too? I have a hard time buying shoes because I wear 5 1/2 and they are hard to find. I wonder if Zulilly would have that size because I love those shoes.

Terri D said...

Those shoes look so comfortable!! Love the bag and of course your mini-pillows in your cute little 'coop'!!

Mari said...

You did good with all of them! I like zulilly too, but recently ordered a little tin pitcher to put on a shelf. I didn't ready the fine print and a big box arrived. Imagine my surprise to see that this "little" pitcher was about 10inches wide and 18 inches tall!
I love your tote!