Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Five

1. Kendall's drawing

Kendall is always drawing and she likes to draw some of her favorite Anime characters. I wish I could draw like this girl.

2.My new memo pad
I picked this up at Target today for just one dollar.

3. Salem Memorial

Amelia shared this picture with me of the memorial to the innocent victims accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1629. You can see their names carved into the rocks.

4.Sibling Reunion Gifts.

These are my gifts to Marvin's siblings at our reunion next weekend.  I took an old black and white picture of the home they grew up in, modge podged it to the simple circle I found at Hobby Lobby, added some snowflake stickers and added a blue bow.  I thought they turned out well. I am packaging them in the cellophane bags along with the tissue paper. Presentation is everything.


I found these wooden spools at Target in the Dollar Spot. I will rewind the thread onto cardboard and use these wooden spools for a cross stitch project.  I picked up four of them but I may go back for more. I plan to do a small seasonal motif on cross stitch fabric and glue it to the spool. I will antique the spools first. Wooden spools are hard to find these days.


Mary said...

Kendall has amazing talent!! I cannot draw a stick figure and am always impressed by the artistic talent in others.
Cute pad for your shopping and to do lists!
I love your ornament idea and will certainly copy this!!
Salem is on my bucket list, I think it would be a very interesting and yet sad place to visit.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Wow! She is a talented artist! These are great! They would make cute girl for each one. Love that old black and white pic too. Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I love the precious reunion gifts you created for Marvin's siblings. Your granddaughter is very talented. Thanks for the heads up on the wooden spools in the dollar aisle at Target. Will have to snag some that next time I am there. Enjoy your Friday!

Visits With Mary said...

Kendall is very talented! I love the reunion gifts, what a great idea!!

Terri D said...

I really love your siblings' project!! What a wonderful idea!! I'm anxious to see your wooden spool project now too. Creative people fascinate me. I can only copy! Kendall is one of those amazingly creative people!! I'm sure she gets it from you!

Mrs.T said...

Arlene, I loved seeing all of these! I tried a Friday Five post today myself. You have inspired me! It was easy and fun -- of course, this was a good week to do it because several really nice things happened. I think I may try to do this weekly. We will see.

Kendall's drawing ... how amazing! She is incredibly talented. I know she is good at STEM stuff too, but I hope she pursues art in some form in the future.

The reunion gifts are gorgeous. What a wonderful idea!

Have a wonderful weekend!

RJ said...

Love your Friday Five today Arlene. Kendall is most talented. I'm a stick figure person at best and love to see people with artistic talent. Love your memo pad...cute! I've been to Salem and it really does leave an impression. The wooden spools are so cute and for just a dollar...that a big win! But, most of all I love the reunion gifts you made...very clever and pretty and I know will be much appreciated. Great presentation my friend. RJ

Sandy said...

Kendall is quite talented. She needs a good art teacher or class.
I love the photo ornaments. A great idea!
Wooden spools are hard to come by.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

What a talented young lady and she is just like you.....I love your finds and the reunion gifts are extra special. Happy Labor Day weekend.

Gina said...

Arlene, what a lovely surprise for the reunion! I am sure they will be touched by such a sweet gift. Great idea on how to present them!!

Dianna said...

Kendall has talent! It is amazing work she's done. What a clever idea for the siblings' reunion! I love what you've done, Arlene. Yes...wooden spools are hard to find and I love your idea for using them. You are a clever lady, my friend.

Mari said...

Kendall is so talented!
I love your siblings gifts.
Wooden spools are a rare find!

Barbara said...

You make mud look good! (the stitching under the pig ornament)

Please define “snagnabbit.” I might need to get one, too!

Those pumpkins from Primitive Stitcher magazine are cute! BTW, I assume I need to get myself a subscription to Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher mag because I can’t find a copy anywhere here in town. What do you know?

Thanks for sharing all your projects with us! Love it all!!!!

Carol said...

What a cute idea for the gifts for Marvin's siblings! May have to steal that idea some day :)