Thursday, August 16, 2018

Patches and Stitches

I had a dental appointment in Huntsville on Monday and to console myself afterwards, I looked up my old LNS, Patches and Stitches.  It has changed locations from 34 years ago but with Siri's help I decided to check it out. Some of the Huntsville ladies in North Alabama Stitchers group had mentioned it and brought it back to my mind.

Previously located in a strip mall in Huntsville, it is now located in a roomy yellow house in the Five Points area of Huntsville. Doesn't it just make you want to go inside?

The mantle is perfect for showing off stockings and stitches.

They have some Christmas ornaments on display as well.

More ornaments...

I could have looked for hours.

Here is Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow stitched on 40 count linen. Obviously some stitchers have wonderful eyesight!!

Patches and Stitches also has a large room full of fabrics for quilters. Each quilt shop in Alabama did a banner quilt for their area of the state. As you can see, Huntsville is well represented. ( The Saturn Rocket was developed in Huntsville.) While I am not a quilter, I am amazed by the creativity of quilters in designing such a piece.

If you are ever in Huntsville, be sure and visit the lovely ladies at Patches and Stitches.

Mary, I will be sending you the Fresh Eggs Farm freebie chart!! And Diane( Lavender Dreamer) had asked about how to step back into cross stitching. In regards to kits, Dimensions makes some kits that include the fabric and flosses to complete a design. However,  I am not a fan of kits. I guess I am spoiled by the nice fabric and flosses that are available these days. Diane, I would go to 123 Stitch online and look at some of the Lizzie Kate charts as well as Little House Needleworks. Both are good beginner charts. Order some nice 14 count Aida as you return to stitching, It is easier to see and as you get in your groove, you might want to look into linen or even weave. As for flosses, use DMC which you can find at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Joann's.  So that is my advice to anyone who thinks they might like to take up the hobby or return to it after a break.  It is always nice to have an LNS ( and I have Two  in my area!!). But there are many online stores that you can order from with confidence.  Some that I enjoy are 123 Stitch, Jen's Stitching Niche, Down Sunshine Lane and Gulf Coast Stitches. I also order directly from Hands on Design. For those who might be interested in cross stitch but have no clue how to actually do the stitches, there are some good tutorials on You Tube.

So this week you will get two Stitching POSTS.  Pardon the bad pun!!  I hope to be back on Saturday with some FFO's and I will share what I purchased at Patches and Stitches.


Mary said...

Thank you so much for the chart Arlene, I appreciate your generosity!

Great advise to Diane, the LK stitches are a great way to start stitching. You are so fortunate to have local shops, Patches and Stitches looks wonderful and how ideal to have it combined with a quilt shop. This way you can find fabrics to finish your ornaments all in one spot. I'm looking forward to seeing what you purchased!!

Sandy said...

I seriously love that quilt. I am so envious that you have two places to actually shop in that close. I would love to be able to hold some linen in my hand before purchasing and be able to pick up fancy floss when I run out and not wait. I don't know what I would do without 123 Stitch though. They are so quick with shipping.

Robin in Virginia said...

Patches and Stitches looks like a fabulous place to shop. Thank you for sharing about your trip there and I look forward to seeing what you purchased.

Tina said...

I'm so happy that Diane asked the exact question I've been wanting to ask! I've done some stamped cross stitch over the years but have always been intimidated by counted for some reason. But your work is so beautiful I think I finally want to try it for myself. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions on how to begin, especially what pattern designers to look for and what count of fabric to use (my eye sight is not the greatest anymore either!) Have a wonderful day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thank you SO much for giving us all such good tips on getting started...or restarted! lol I looked through my embroidery thread last night to see what I have already. And I've enjoyed looking at 123 Stitch! WOW! They have everything. I sure love a lot of the Fall patterns and kits. And youtube is a good hint too. I hadn't thought about that. I need to start small but I'm anxious to do something and see if I can do it. I appreciate you taking the time to write this. Would LOVE to go to a store like that! WOW! I could get in all kinds of trouble there! Hugs!

Terri D said...

What an excellent diversion from your dental appointment!

RJ said...

Oh I want a Patches and Stitches shop so badly. It looks so fabulous and what a wonderful house to have all those goodies in. You are SO lucky to have two store near you. I looked them up and see that they are both in northern Alabama. We were thinking of going to see some good friends who live in Montgomery but I can't find anything there or along the way. Do you know of any shops in those areas of Alabama?

Great advice to Diane. I would say the same. It's addictive...once you start you will not want to stop. The products today are so beautiful and you want to make so much. RJ

Linda said...

Wow! So much to look at in that shop!

Gina said...

Arlene, oh I'd love to visit that shop. Such beautiful handiwork. Now can you buy finished work or just kits etc? I couldn't do one myself but I'd be happy to buy a few! ♥

Mari said...

I think that's just what you needed after the dentist! What a fun place!