Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday Stitching

Not as much stitching time this week as I am getting ready for my mother's birthday party which will be taking place this afternoon. Pictures to come!

Thanks to Marlene at Cross Stitch Peddler for writing my prescriptions for me on a regular basis.

I did get the supplies to finish my two small finishes. I also found that one yard of orange fabric at Walmart while I was grocery shopping. I hope I will have FFOs to show you next week.

I ordered these Christmas pillowcases from Herrshners and I got a start on them. They have a pretty plaid trim!

This chart is part counted cross stitch and part cross stitch. I hope to get them done before Christmas.

On to the Stash...

I got an order from Hands on Design this week. Cathy is selling some candlepans at a discount right now.

And another love of mine...little houses.

Cathy always send a little freebie along and I got TWO. I already had the Fresh Eggs Farm chart but I also got some cute red fabric. It might look cute with a stitch on it to add to the candle pan. If anyone would like the free chart, leave a comment and the first one to ask for it, gets it!

I got these at our North Alabama Stitchers Group last Saturday. It is nice that Brenda of Brenda's Minders and More is a member of our group.

I had to share this picture.....

My No Alabama Stitchers Friend, Debi, is working on The Village at Hawk Run Hollow. This is the BACK of her stitching. It is on 40 count fabric and she stitches in hand with NO glasses or magnifiers. She is in her late 50s too. I am a bit envious, I will admit.

Have a wonderful Stitchy week fellow stitchers.


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, the back of her piece is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your finished finishes next week, Arlene. The sunflower fabric is gorgeous. Cute needle minders especially the Charlie Brown one. I love the graphic in the first photo; it is so very true! Enjoy your Mother's birthday party!

Sandy said...

Your fabric selections for the finishing are so cute.
I can't wait to see your mom's party.
I can't even imagine that small count without heavy duty reading glasses that leave a little cross eyed when I am done or a magnifier. I have to use a hoop or Q snap too to make the holes stand out. That is amazing to have that kind of eye sight. Those girls don't know how lucky they are.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoyed seeing your projects. You are so talented. Blessings for today.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love seeing these beautiful projects. I am thinking seriously about buying a kit to get back to stitching. I don't have thread and supplies any more and wonder if this would be a good way to start. I sure need a new project to work on. I'm excited to see what kits (with the thread and fabric) are out there so if you have any that you would recommend, let me know! Hug!

Miriiam said...

I would love the chart. Miriam

Mari said...

I think self medicating with thread is a great idea!
Have a fun party!

RJ said...

Holy Moly the back looks as good as the front. She is a great stitcher. My Mom was like that. I used to love to look at her backs too. Can you imagine 40 count, no hoop and no extra glasses or magnifier. Your friend Debi is amazing.

I love all you have been buying. How sweet of Cathy to add some extras...that is so sweet of her. You have so many great stitches going. I love them all. And your fabrics are the perfect choice. RJ

Terri D said...

My friend, Shirley, has work that is just as pretty on the wrong side as the right side. Always amazes me! Nice pieces and fun freebies! I really enjoy seeing your work!

Anonymous said...

You'll be well medicated there! Love your FOs and the fabrics. Debi's work is beautiful!

Mary said...

I would love that Fresh Eggs chart!! I'm looking forward to seeing your Mom's BD party photos. I miss my Mom so much and Ialways think people of our age are so fortunate to still have their parents.

Your friend Deb is amazing!!! I thought my backs were fairly neat till I saw this photo!! And on 40 count too. I tried to hand hold and stitch but it's totally impossible for me, my fabric has to be tight. Can't wait to see your finishes finally finished! :)

Gina said...

That little meme is adorable! I don't cross stitch but I can understand wanting all the colors of thread! Such pretty fabric and stitching!