Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday Stitching

Well believe it or not I have THREE FFO's to share today!

I decided to finish this small into a fridge magnet. I added felt to the back and put a magnet in each corner for good measure. Frankly, two magnets in the middle would have worked better! Live and Learn. It is so attached to the fridge that I have to slide it Well it is batty and so am I.

This is the small finish from Harvest Hill by Abby Rose. I look at big charts much differently these days. If I do not want to commit to a big project, can I use a motif from the chart.

This one is  my favorite...Ye Old Crow by Heart in Hand.

I tucked it in this fabric basket until I can put it out in my fall dough bowl.

Here is the back...

I love Vonna's suggestion of cutting a slit in the back of your fabric then when you are finished stuffing, slip stitch it closed and add an embellishment to cover the stitches. It makes for a much neater pillow and it is easier to stuff and to get all four corners filled out.

Now on to the Stash I was not going to buy!!

Thanks Patches and Stitches for enabling me to drop some $ at your shop.

The bear cub won me over. This will be going to Grimmwood.

I may stitch this on the remainder of my coffee dyed fabric. And it is a very quick stitch too.

Teresa Kogut is more well known for her needle punch designs but her cross stitch charts are very cute too.  I love to stitch pretty little witches. As a child of the 60s, Bewitched was one of my favorite  tv shows.

And finally...I have a niece who may be getting married this year. And if she does not, this would be a cute Valentine stitch.  I just love the fonts on the Silver Creek Samplers.

Hope you enjoyed visiting Nanaland's finishing shop!! Now back to stitching.


Mary said...

I have enjoyed my visit to Nanalands finishing shop!! I just love your vignette with the Harvest Hill stitch! Your batty magnet is fun and I love the Old Crow stitch. I now finish with the slit in the back and it certainly does make for a neater finish. Great new stash, I stitched the LHN with the bear and its a fast stitch and perfect for Grimmwood. Love your new Wedding Sampler.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I enjoy seeing your are so talented, and today's are special for sure.

Sandy said...

I love all of FFOs. The magnet is such a cute idea. I am starting to think differently with the arrival of Tucker.
That barn and sunflowers is perfect for August. I am loving the idea of sunflowers for late summer. We are ready for something else and it holds us off from fall decor. Crows too which by the way...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crow. I am going to do the hole in the back too when and if I ever get into the sewing room and fully finish my growing stack. This week!!!
I saw that bear even before I read your words. Of course, you had to have it. I am not going to has been so hard to not buy. I have been a stitching like a mad woman these past couple of weeks, so I will need to dip into stash soon:) :) :)
IT is all so pretty.

Robin in Virginia said...

Each one of your finished finishes is super, Arlene. I love the barn with the sunflowers. You came home with some lovely charts from Patches & Stitches. Enjoy your weekend!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love the cute Fall designs! You love the same things I love. You'll be proud of me...I started a small project yesterday. I'm trying to limit the time I spend because I had blurry eyes yesterday and couldn't read my book last night! heehee! Once you get's hard to find a stopping place! LOVE your crow! Hugs, Diane PS And thanks for the tip on stuffing!

Terri D said...

Fun finishes and some great new projects to do! I so enjoy your creative Saturday posts!

RJ said...

Oh Arlene, I love all of your finishes. They all came out great. Your magnet looks wonderful. The old crow stands out in one color. I like taking smaller parts from a big stitch too. You have bought some great new patterns. That must be a great shop that I intend to get up to one of these days. I also finish my stitches in the back but I use a seam across the middle of the back and slip stitch it shut. It makes the front look so, so much better I agree. Your pumpkin cover is super cute. RJ

Mari said...

They are all so cute! I would never think to do one in just black thread but I really like it!

Gina said...

Arlene, I so enjoy looking at all your cross stitch projects. I'm so excited that autumn is almost upon us!

Carol said...

Wow! You've been busy, Arlene! I love that cute Batty Bakeshop finish and the crows is one I must make sure to stitch, too. Love that new Teresa Kogut chart--I have just discovered her charming designs and I need to buy a few of my own :)