Saturday, September 29, 2018

Stitching Saturday

I spent some time focusing on Fall Finishes this week. No FFOs yet but these are pressed and waiting for my attention.  This week should be titled, On the Ironing Board.

I finished up Live within your harvest. Now I need to go and watch Vonna's drum tutorial one more time before I attempt this one. The ever helpful LNS owner, Marlene, chose a stiff weave for this project so that the drum does not have lumps and bumps!  Fingers crossed that I can complete this one successfully.

After working three solid days on this one, I have a finish!!  It will go on the fridge come November 1st.

This one got a good press as well. I do use Ever Press on my pieces as I iron them. This is another helpful tip from Vonna.  I will add magnets to the back of this one and put it in one of my frames that is fitted with metal.

And finally...

Happy Maile from Nancy Turner at Victorian Motto Threads as well as my Colour and Cotton.  I was organizing  my threads this week and I do think I have enough fancy floss for now. I need to use some of it up!

Several people have asked about the thread subscriptions. After using both threads for a while, here is my opinion.  For the money, VMT offers much more thread. However, Nancy only takes Pay Pal. She has graciously allowed me to send a check at the beginning of each month as I do not have ( or want to have) Pay Pal.  I must remind you, I am a dinosaur. Colour and Cotton threads takes the subscription cost out of my credit card each month and I like the convenience of that method.  I would say both threads are equal in quality and ease of use.  If I had to chose one right now I would choose Colour and Cotton as I do not have to remember to send a check. I do understand why some companies prefer Pay Pal and eventually I will break down and get an account but for now, I just do not want another thing to keep up with!! I have been trying to simplify my life and the less I have to remember the better.:)

I am going to leave you with this...

 A witch jumped in my Potted Plant!! I found these cute witches legs at Dollar Tree and I knew Margaret and Elliott would get a kick out of Nana's Halloween decorations. Some people may think Nana is an old witch this week as I went on a purging of my Facebook, Instagram and You Tube after this weeks Senate Hearings. I try to keep my Facebook, Instagram and blog, a happy place. I trust that my readers are capable of making up their own minds about things!  We all have every right to share what we wish on Social Media but we also have the right to unfriend, unfollow or unsubscribe to people who are pushing an agenda.   I look to Social Media to keep up with family and friends, get great recipes, see inspiring stitching and share a few of my favorite things, my stitching and my grands. When anger and vitriol become the order of the day, I am out.   Sermon over!! I am going to my happy place, my stitchy spot.  Thanks to all of my blog friends who make our community so wonderful.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Five

1. I picked up some candles at the Yankee Candle outlet store in Foley, Alabama.  Two are put away for Christmas but the Cider Web is on my stove in the kitchen and goes will with my Mrs Meyer's Apple Cider scent. Someone asked if the Mrs Meyer scents were overwhelming. Not at all...they are just lightly scented and very refreshing.

2. I picked this up at the Cracker Barrel in Montgomery, Alabama while we were traveling last week. At only $12.99 it was a bargain. And it uses batteries so I can use it wherever I want. I had a big green tree that Mama G made for us years ago and unfortunately it was broken in one of our moves. It made me very sad as I treasured that tree and it was a memory that my children have of Christmas at our house.

3. I got out my Sue Hillis  design and hung it on my fridge. With Margaret and Elliott coming this weekend, I knew they would enjoy seeing it.

4.  I changed up my guest room vignette as I found this pretty tray at Ross for a bargain price. I also found the fabric pumpkins there. I had the greenery and leaves in my stash so it was an inexpensive re do.

5. I just found Mrs Susie Homemaker on Facebook this week. She shares recipes and vintage pictures. When I saw this little print, I had to save it to share with yall. It takes me right back to my childhood.  It seems like we learned a lot of little poems back in the day at school. Do children memorize things any more?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Stream

Well now that I have rested body and mind a bit after my travels, time for a leisurely dip in the stream.

1. I am feeling very virtuous this week. I have ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly and I got a discount in the bargain.  Just having something checked off my holiday list makes me feel better.

2. How do you handle gifts for your grands?  We give our adult children money but I try to surprise the grands with some gifts to open. We usually ask the parents to do an Amazon Wish list for each child. That seems to work well for us.  I think the older grands will get gifts and money this year. Their interests are so varied these days!

3.Did you see that there is a new Unbroken movie that is out? Unbroken, Path to Redemption focuses on Louis Zamperini's life after WW2.  Louis's life is changed after he hears the preaching of Billy Graham and gives his life to the Lord. Marvin and I are hoping to catch this one soon.

4. An update on my sister, Leta.  She saw the orthopedist and her elbow is healing without the need of surgery. She goes back in a month for another X-ray. In the meantime she can drive and do her usual things but the doctor told her, Just Don't Fall!!   As I have said before I am much more cautious these days. I seldom go barefoot at home as if you step in water, down you will go. I try to wear shoes with good grips on them.  Oh the fun of getting older.

5. Landon's soccer team is playing in the tournament. But then all the teams play even if your team is in the basement score wise. So Saturday morning, Nana will be taking Margaret and Elliott to see their cousin play at North Park. Then we will head to Aunt Mimi's house for lunch and hay rides. Uncle Todd is breaking out the tractor just for Marg and El.  Grandpa and Ben will be in Atlanta for the Tech/ Bowling Green game. If Bowling Green wins, I do not want to hear about it!!

6. I went to my LNS, Cross Stitch Peddler only to find a sign on the door saying the store would be closed until Oct 2nd for medical reasons.  All of us locals love Marlene and we are hoping it is nothing serious.  In the meantime I had to order some things online so now I understand how difficult it is to have to wait for supplies to come in the mail.  I am starting my Christmas stitching this week and I have quite the list of ornaments to complete.

Well I have put off cleaning my house as I recuperated from my travels but today is the day that the vacuum and mop must be pulled out!! Better dry off and get busy!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Looking Back

45 years ago today I set out with my parents and my aunt to begin my three years at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing.   I had only been to Atlanta one time before that day and that was to interview for the school back in January.

I remember some of the upper classmen being there to help us unload our cars and get settled in Sewell Dorm. I lived on the fifth floor my first year. Freshmen were not allowed to use the elevators during the week. The elevators were the territory of the juniors and seniors who worked in the hospital and did not have time to dilly dally at the dorm.  We did not gain the freshman 15 climbing five flights of stairs every day.

I was blessed with some of the sweetest friends and we are still friends to this day.

Nursing school was hard but then it has to be hard as it turned young girls into professional nurses who worked in many hospitals all over the USA and produced quite a few missionary nurses as well.

Even though it has been 45 years I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach as I watched my parents drive away. Would I be able to make it through three challenging years and reach my goal? I admit that even though I have not worked as a nurse for many years, I still have dreams that I am late passing out meds or that I forgot that I had a whole hall of patients to care for!!   Here's to all the class of June 1976....we did all right!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Grove

I love the Mrs Meyer products but I have a hard time finding the scents I want at our local Target. So when I saw an offer from Grove Collaborative, I decided to give them a try. This is not sponsored by the Grove Collaborative. I spent my own dollars on this one!!

This is the box that arrived at my doorstep, delivered by UPS.

Everything was really well wrapped and cushioned. In fact I put away some of the bubble wrap to recycle in some of my mailing.

A freebie was the caddie and this...

All these Mrs Meyers Apple Cider scented products. The soy candle was not a freebie, I purchased that one.

More freebies....scrubbers always come in useful.

Another freebie....I can always use this to mix up a cleaner for the bathroom.

And here is what I purchased.

I like this cleaner for my bathrooms.

Great for getting rid of soap scum.

I keep this in the shower and spray down after each shower.

I think one of these might have been a freebie...I cannot remember but the sponge is great for getting in water bottles and hard to reach spots in glass ware. The Dish Scrubber allows you to change the head when it is worn out. These scrubbers fit the hand nicely and do a great job in after dinner cleaning.

I have said it before and I will say it a cleaner smells nice, I am more likely to pick it up and use it. The apple cider scent is just lovely. And ordering from the Grove, I know I can get the seasonal scents without camping out at Target and then hoping I get a bottle before it is gone.  Having products delivered at the door is nice too!!   I am finding that convenience is a quality I am beginning to value more as a customer.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Home Again Home Again

I saw this posted on Facebook and I liked it because I know a strong woman raised me and I hope Amelia thinks a strong woman raised her!

Right now I am a pooped woman. Marvin calculated that we drove 1250 miles last week.  September has been a month of being on the road and I was so glad to pull into our driveway in Decatur today! As Dorothy said, There is NO place like home.

We started off the week in Birmingham where we stopped to love on the Grimmlins. Then we rode on to Gulf Shores. We spent most of the week on the beach with trips to eat in between. Then we headed home on Friday as Marvin was insistent that we go to the GA Tech vs Clemson Game on Saturday. We got caught in horrible traffic and finally made it into Grimmwood at 8 pm after 12 hours in the car.  Up we got on Saturday and headed to Atlanta....again AWFUL traffic as they were working on the roads. It took us an hour to go about 10 miles.  We got to the game where we had our heads handed to us so we left at halftime.:) We might be old but we are not stupid. Back in the Atlanta traffic and made it to Cartersville where we stopped for dinner at Johnny's New Your Style Pizza.  Let me tell you, a nice meal with a lovely caring waitress does a lot to revive your spirits. When our meal was finished I asked the waitress if there was a way to get to Highway 411 without getting back on the interstate.  A very kind man heard my inquiry and offered to let us follow him to 411. A small act of kindness and a good meal restored my faith in human nature.  We got home at nine, watched an episode of Pie in the Sky and hit the sack. Then up early again and on the road. Thankfully our trip to Decatur was uneventful.   And I also managed to pick up a gift from the Grimmlins...a summer cold. Note to self, don't love all over the grands before heading on vacation.  What a week....thankful for our many blessings but most thankful to get home.

So that was our week in a nutshell....looking forward to two weeks here in Decatur where I will enjoy every minute.

P S....Ladies I have found some comments in my awaiting moderation file on Blogger and I did not receive any notification of them. So If you commented on my blog and you did not see your comment that is the reason. I went through all the ones that were there( and there were 10 or 12 of them and published them to my blog posts. Just a hint for all you ladies that you might want to periodically check awaiting moderation. I was trusting my email notification but it was letting me down!! Hope to be back to reading and commenting on all your lovely blogs this week.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Well it is another slow stitching week friends.  Marvin and I have been at the beach and my stitching time was limited a bit. I had good intentions.

I brought along this big bag from Cracker Barrle filled with projects. I did have one finish!

This is from Prairie Schooler November. It is the smaller piece you will find on the back of the chart. I admit that I think Prairie Schooler pieces just look better on Aida. And they are surely easier to stitch on Aida.

Mary had asked about the October 31st piece that was in my Fall at Nanaland tour. It is from Lizzie Kate. I believe it was on one of the Tingle sets for Halloween. I passed that on to a friend so I no longer have the chart.  That was one of my first finishes on my own and I love it.  I am a Prairie Schooler fan and  I was happy to see that Hoffman is releasing another reprint ...Christmas Samplers. I did not get it the first time around so now I can pick it up!

Still working on the Chicken Coop for my Farmhouse Christmas.

And hoping to get this Sue Hillis design done soon...The Most Wonderful Feast of the Year.


Hot Chocolate by Little by Little Design Company. I saw this at my LNS and it appealed to me. I have not seen this designer before but her pattern is cute.  Pardon the tilted was late at night when I snapped this picture.

I want to give a shout out to a new Floss Tube to me anyway! Jennifer, The Whistlestop Sticher. I just found her channel this week thanks to Pam and Steph at Just Keep Stitchin.  Jennifer is a quilter as well as a cross  stitcher and she and her husband own The Whistlestop Quilt Retreat in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Their retreat is an old farm house that is just the cutest thing ever. She is planning some open cross stitch retreats there in the future and this stitcher would love to go to one  just to see the farm house. So go by and say hello to her this week if you have some free time.

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Five

Here are my favorite things this week...

1. My new hair cut...

I went a little shorter! It was time for a change....

2. My friend, Sharon, gave me this pretty pumpkin soap dispenser for my guest bathroom. She knows how I love to decorate for the seasons.

3. My soccer player, Landon.  He had some goals this week.

4. My view this week...

And number five is going to require two photos....

My nephew, Will, took command of the Chatham Artillery in Savannah. His unit will be deploying to Afghanistan in December.

Here is Will with the former commander along with his wife, Jennifer and baby daughter, Greta.  Please say a prayer for his safety while oversees. I hate that he is going to miss so much of Greta's first year. Our service men make big sacrifices to protect our country. Jennifer is also in the National Guard. She plans to retire in two to three years when she has in her 20 years. And yes she still has weekend training she must attend while Will is gone. Family and friends are stepping up to care for baby Greta on those weekends.  If Nana lived closer, she would be glad to take care of that sweet baby girl!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fall at Nanaland

Come on in...its Fall at Nanaland.

A Jack o Lantern vignette in the guest room!

On the breakfast bar.....Punkins.

The tea cart is dressed for the season.


By the kitchen sink....the white pumpkin lights up and changes colors. I found it in the Dollar Spot at Target. The little pumpkin with the G came from Kirklands several years ago.

The china cabinet.

I added some pumpkins to the parfait glasses.

Even the bathroom got a touch of fall. I am on the look out for a small tray to place this vignette on so it is easier to move it to clean.

I love fall colors, they are just so cheerful and happy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Some of the Grand Boys

Even when Nana is on vacation she is happy to get pictures of the grands! Here are some I got this week.

Landon went dove hunting with his daddy a week ago. He was all decked out in camo.

Glad to see he is wearing his ear protection.

Meanwhile we stopped in Hoover to see the Grimmlins and Katy snapped this picture of me and Elliott.

He is wearing a genuine WW2 army cap that belonged to his great grandfather, Papa.

Landon and Hudson are ready for Halloween in their Dumb and Dumber outftits.( I cannot stand that movie but my children loved it when they were teenagers.)

Ben sent me this picture of Elliott and Baylor enjoying the carousel at the zoo.

Elliott is keeping an eye on his brother. Both he and Margaret are very protective of Baylor. That makes Nana happy.

Still having a good time at the Beach so tomorrow will be a fall tour of Nanaland.

The Stream

1. Life is Good at the Beach! We are spending our annual week at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It is our anniversary gift to ourselves. It is so perfect here in September...mostly retirees and no crowded beaches, restaurants or stores.  We did overhear several people at the beach explaining they had vacations planned on the East Coast and Florence forced them to find a new vacay spot so they headed for the Gulf. They might never go back to the East Coast beaches after enjoying our sugar sand beaches and calm Gulf waters.

2. Prayers for my little sis, Leta. She was walking on Saturday and fell. She says she has no clue why she fell, she was just suddenly on the ground. Sis Kristi took her to the ER where a cut was glued shut and it was determined she had chipped the bone in her elbow. I told her at least she did not break her wrist like the rest of the women in our family when we took a tumble. Ladies, as we get older our balance is not as good as it once was and we have to be constantly vigilant. I am very aware of wet floors, changes in level of sidewalks etc. In fact I will admit it, I am rather paranoid. So be safe out there!!

3. Speaking of the women in my family....I found out I come from a long line of ornery women.( Not that there was really any doubt!). I have been doing some family research and with the help of a cousin, I have found out some interesting things about my ancestor and 5th great grandmother, Christina Chapman. She was married to John Martin Chapman and while they were in Georgia waiting on the Cherokee Land Lottery Grandpa abandoned the family and moved back to South Carolina where he married a young girl. Apparently he did not tell her he had not gotten divorced in Georgia before marrying again.  Well Grandpa and his young wife were standing on the porch of the house he had built for his new wife  and both fell. He broke his neck and died immediately while she died two weeks later. On coming to hear of her husband's death, my Grandma, sent an attorney to South Carolina, claimed all his property and moved all the new wife's family out of the house.  The things you learn when doing family research!!

4. I have been binge reading the Louise Penny Series set in Three Pines, Quebec. I am going to be sad when I have read the last one. However, a new book in this series will be released this fall so I have that to look forward to!

5. I have a big bag of cross stitch with me here at the Beach. I will share my progress on Saturday Stitching. It really is nice to live at life of leisure at the beach, sleeping in, sitting on the beach reading then coming up to cross stitch and finally going out for dinner at one of our favorite places. Tomorrow we will hit up the outlet malls in Foley. I am looking forward to visiting the Vera Bradley outlet and the Yankee Candle outlet.

6. My thoughts and prayers are with those of you who live in North Carolina. I have friends as well as family there. We have some friends who built their retirement home on Emerald Isle. They built it to and above the Hurricane Code  but with a storm like Florence, who knows what they will find when they are allowed back on the Island.  It is going to be some time before things are back to normal there.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Aunt Maggie's Chocolate Chip Cookies

While we were together with the Grimms, several of the kids mentioned how they loved eating cookies at Aunt Maggie's home in Waconia, MN, when they visited from Savannah.

One of her granddaughter's shared this recipe with me and I took some time to try it out.

1 c shortening( she used lard but I stuck with Crisco)
3/4 c brown sugar
3/4 c sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 eggs
2 cups oatmeal
2 cups chocolate chip( I like semi sweet)

Mix shortening, sugars and vanilla well
Add eggs one at a time, beating to incorporate
Mix in flour that has been sifted with salt and soda( The next time I make this cookie I think I will use Self Rising Flour...the cookies seemed a bit salty to me.) Here in the South we pretty much use Self Rising Flour for everything. ( And I use White Lily...the best!)
Stir in Oatmeal and chocolate chips.

Here is the dough....Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. I line my cookie sheets with parchment paper but if you do not, grease your cookie sheet for this cookie.

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto the cookie sheets and bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown.

The result...

Marvin and I had to try them out.:)

Most of these are going to son, Ben, who loves cookies.

If you like a chewier cookie, you can refrigerate the dough before baking the cookies. I did not refrigerate my dough as I like a thinner cookie.

Hope you enjoy these cookies from the Land of Lakes!! Aunt Maggie kept these in small bags in the fridge, ready to give out to any grands who might drop by!!