Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Five

1. I picked up some candles at the Yankee Candle outlet store in Foley, Alabama.  Two are put away for Christmas but the Cider Web is on my stove in the kitchen and goes will with my Mrs Meyer's Apple Cider scent. Someone asked if the Mrs Meyer scents were overwhelming. Not at all...they are just lightly scented and very refreshing.

2. I picked this up at the Cracker Barrel in Montgomery, Alabama while we were traveling last week. At only $12.99 it was a bargain. And it uses batteries so I can use it wherever I want. I had a big green tree that Mama G made for us years ago and unfortunately it was broken in one of our moves. It made me very sad as I treasured that tree and it was a memory that my children have of Christmas at our house.

3. I got out my Sue Hillis  design and hung it on my fridge. With Margaret and Elliott coming this weekend, I knew they would enjoy seeing it.

4.  I changed up my guest room vignette as I found this pretty tray at Ross for a bargain price. I also found the fabric pumpkins there. I had the greenery and leaves in my stash so it was an inexpensive re do.

5. I just found Mrs Susie Homemaker on Facebook this week. She shares recipes and vintage pictures. When I saw this little print, I had to save it to share with yall. It takes me right back to my childhood.  It seems like we learned a lot of little poems back in the day at school. Do children memorize things any more?


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Pretty fall goodies you found! The last picture is a good reminder of the 'good old days'. I dont know if children have to memorize these days or not, but we sure did. Have a nice Friday.

Sandy said...

I don't think with all the testing and standards poem memorization gets a front burner role anymore, but I remember doing it. It brings back warm memories. I love that photo and poem. Your tray is so cute. I need to get better at that.

Visits With Mary said...

I've got to find Mrs. Susie Homemaker on facebook!! Your fall tray looks great, and I love your little tree. I also had a large green one years ago, I think one of my girls has it now. Scented candles always makes the house smell good!

Mari said...

I love candles and those look like good ones. Your fall decorations are looking good!

Terri D said...

There are signs of Fall everywhere! I had two of those ceramic trees years ago. They went into a garage sale and wouldn't you know they are coming back in style! Great find and battery operated is even better!

RJ said...

Wonderful fall items for your beautiful home Arlene. I love you lighted tree. I had a green one that my Mom made and it broke in a move was such a sad experience to open it up and see it broken in many pieces. RJ

Gina said...

Arlene, I am tempted to go out and buy more Yankee Candles but you and I both know I shouldn't! ♥

Love your decor especially your pumpkin tray. So rich and festive!