Saturday, September 1, 2018

Saturday Stitching

 Well Little House Needleworks released a picture of the completed series as it would look stitched on one piece of fabric.

 It is very pretty isn't it? I hope to make my stitched pieces into a banner for the mantle at Grimmwood. Right now I am working on Chicken Coop...the house with the checkered roof. I will do the framer and his wife but doubt I will stitch the final barn. To me it is too much like the first barn. But my daddy only had one barn so what do I know?:)

 Stitchy Mail arrived this week.  And look who has a tutorial inside!

 VONNA....she shows how to complete a candlestick pin cushion.

I also received some fancy floss from Colour and Cotton.

I love the names the dyer comes up with for these flosses....Mulberry, Heather, Brandy, Highlands and Chic.

I did not get a lot of stitching done this week as I had to finish a Christmas ornament for my sis in law as I will hand it off to her husband next weekend at our Family reunion.

I did the cow for her last Christmas. I changed this one up a bit...Instead of grass for the pig to stand on...I added mud. Let's be real here. I used a black and tan homespun for the ruffle and backing.  Jute finished off this rustic Christmas ornament.  I hung it up on the china cabinet to get the picture. I added a jute hanger as well.

I also tea dyed some bits and pieces this week.

This one bakes a bit too long but I plan to stitch pumpkins on it and wind it around the spools I plan to antique. It will look old and crusty, just like me.:) I chose this color Gentle Arts Burnt Orange. It has a good bit of variegation.

Here is the pattern I plan to use from Primitive Stitcher magazine.

I think these pumpkins will be the perfect size and I will cut out the leaves and just have stems and vines.

 I went into Cross Stitch Peddler for a snagnabbit but came out with this. Hey...that snagnabbit was lonely all by himself. I only needed Hickory Sticks as I was changing up some of the colors. I have all the other fancy flosses I need. I will use DMC white for Frosty. It was charted for Oatmeal and I just did not like that color. If I do not go with DMC I might look for a floss in my stash.

Well that is all Nana has in her stitching basket this week!!  Happy Stitching.


Mrs.T said...

What fun projects and ideas, Arlene! I love the Farmhouse Christmas designs. The farmhouse with the red truck out in front reminds me of my grandmother's house.

The frame in their photo with the designs all stitched on one piece of fabric ... what an amazing frame! Looks like barnwood with metal all around. Very unique.

The pig ornament came out nice! Good idea to put him in mud!

Visits With Mary said...

Fun things to stitch!! Have a great holiday weekend.

Terri D said...

That banner will be amazing over your mantle at Grimmwood! Your stitching is always so well done and beautiful! I look forward to seeing your work on Saturdays!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm loving all the Fall and winter designs! And the colors! A banner sounds like a neat project. I've finished one small cross stitch and now need to decide how to finish it! Happy weekend!

Gina said...

I am so excited to see your banner when it is finished. It will be absolutely glorious! I love every scene. The last barn does look a lot like the first one. ♥

Mari said...

I love that sampler! Also love the Frosty on the bottom. You may just inspire me to pick up stitching again!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed your stitch post, Arlene! Your PS pig ornament looks super. Well done! Your threads look good especially the green one. Enjoy your weekend!

Sandy said...

Fun projects ahead. I got home today, so I am catching up with my blogs for a few quick minutes. Still have a ton on tap for the weekend.

Carol said...

Such a cute little pig finish, Arlene! And the mud idea makes sense to me :) I hadn't noticed how similar the barns were in the first and last block until you pointed it out. I am not stitching most of these. Just did the first barn and am finishing up the middle square now for a monthly ornament.

Enjoy your new stash :)

Mary said...

So much to see in this post!! Your pig ornament came out darling, love how you finished it with the twine and the homespun. It gave me a twinge of guilt as my PS farmyard animals are on the backburner. For some reason I thought the PS magazine was mostly punchneedle, do you recommend buying it? That little pumpkin and vines are adorable...great idea for spools.
Do the colour and cotton threads give you the dmc alternative? And, I"m off to see what a snagrabbit it, always learning!!!

RJ said...

Arlene your pig is so sweet and cute. Love your idea for the will look fantastic. Love all of your new stitching and your new patterns. And your new threads are the colors and the names. RJ