Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Stream

Well now that I have rested body and mind a bit after my travels, time for a leisurely dip in the stream.

1. I am feeling very virtuous this week. I have ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly and I got a discount in the bargain.  Just having something checked off my holiday list makes me feel better.

2. How do you handle gifts for your grands?  We give our adult children money but I try to surprise the grands with some gifts to open. We usually ask the parents to do an Amazon Wish list for each child. That seems to work well for us.  I think the older grands will get gifts and money this year. Their interests are so varied these days!

3.Did you see that there is a new Unbroken movie that is out? Unbroken, Path to Redemption focuses on Louis Zamperini's life after WW2.  Louis's life is changed after he hears the preaching of Billy Graham and gives his life to the Lord. Marvin and I are hoping to catch this one soon.

4. An update on my sister, Leta.  She saw the orthopedist and her elbow is healing without the need of surgery. She goes back in a month for another X-ray. In the meantime she can drive and do her usual things but the doctor told her, Just Don't Fall!!   As I have said before I am much more cautious these days. I seldom go barefoot at home as if you step in water, down you will go. I try to wear shoes with good grips on them.  Oh the fun of getting older.

5. Landon's soccer team is playing in the tournament. But then all the teams play even if your team is in the basement score wise. So Saturday morning, Nana will be taking Margaret and Elliott to see their cousin play at North Park. Then we will head to Aunt Mimi's house for lunch and hay rides. Uncle Todd is breaking out the tractor just for Marg and El.  Grandpa and Ben will be in Atlanta for the Tech/ Bowling Green game. If Bowling Green wins, I do not want to hear about it!!

6. I went to my LNS, Cross Stitch Peddler only to find a sign on the door saying the store would be closed until Oct 2nd for medical reasons.  All of us locals love Marlene and we are hoping it is nothing serious.  In the meantime I had to order some things online so now I understand how difficult it is to have to wait for supplies to come in the mail.  I am starting my Christmas stitching this week and I have quite the list of ornaments to complete.

Well I have put off cleaning my house as I recuperated from my travels but today is the day that the vacuum and mop must be pulled out!! Better dry off and get busy!!


Sandy said...

That sounds like a great weekend. I am glad to just be home this weekend. Even though I love going to Auburn, sometimes going just wears me out. I am horrified of falling. After seeing Mom fall, I know how quickly it can happen and change things. Leta is lucky. I tripped and fell in Target a few years back. Now, I always get a buggy to put in front of myself. They wax their floors here in such a way that it catches your shoes.
Have a good day.

Gina said...

Arlene, I'm swimming upstream! I smiled at your - I "had" to order... I have been there! I hope you have nice autumn weather fo the soccer tournament. I am glad your sister won't need surgery. And be careful! Looking forward to seeing the new Unbroken movie too! I am not sure when it comes out though. Christmas gifts - we usually just buy things for the grandchildren. Maybe a few stocking gifts for the grownups. I need to start on my Christmas cards but I have to finish Halloween and Thanksgiving first! xo

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Falling terrifies me and I try to be so careful these days. Good news that your sister doesnt need surgery. We give only to our grandchildren and they get a small gift in their stockings here and a wrapped gift card. It was good to play catch up in the 'stream'!

Terri D said...

Glad to read that your sis isn't headed for surgery! We give our 'boys' and the grands money for Christmas. We don't know what anyone needs anymore since they are so far away. It has taken some of the fun out of Christmas but it is what it is. We are conscious of falls too and are trying to be much more careful.

Mari said...

Oh man - You've made me feel behind. I haven't even got our photo done yet!
We want to see that Unbroken movie too. It's an amazing story.