Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Hoover Goblins

 Margaret is a Queen Bee while Baylor is Harry Potter
 Elliott is Darth Vader.

Loving Margaret;s honey colored hair.  Be sure and check the previous post for the other Grimmlins.

Happy Halloween!

Miss Susie Homemaker shared this cute pumpkin last week on her Facebook page.  My kind of Jackolantern.

Here are the Grands in their costumes.

Amelia made this one at Grimmwood when they were there two weeks ago. Kendall is the Red Witch, Landon and Hudson are Dumb and Dumber  while Hampton is Bob Ross.

Here is Audrey at her Preschool Dress Up Day.

She is a PJ Masks character...Nana is not too sure about the origin but I think it is a kiddy show on Nick Jr or Disney.

I am still waiting on a photo of the Hoover Grimmlins but I will be sure and share them as well.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Thank You Shutterfly

This post is not sponsored by Shutterfly. It is just an honest review of this online photo site.

When it comes to Christmas cards, I usually go with Walgreens and while the cards are nice and very reasonably priced this year I wanted a card that was a bit more substantial.  I went to Shutterfly where I placed an order for 40 cards. I had hoped to order more but I stayed within my budget.  I received my order and I was extremely pleased with my cards.

About two weeks ago I received a card in the mail thanking me for my Shutterfly order and offering me a coupon code that would give me a 40% discount on any future order. The code was good until mid December.  I saw this as my chance to order more Christmas cards at a discount price. I sat down at my laptop, placed my order, added the code and was told the code could not be found. I double checked all the numbers and letters. It was a long one suggestion for Shutterfly would be to make the codes shorter and easier to read.  I tried to find a phone number  for Shuttefly on the website but no luck there. I googled Shutterfly and a phone number popped up. Suggestion number two for Shutterfly is to offer a phone number where customers can talk to a person.  My call was answered promptly and a very helpful young man went to work on my problem. At the end of my time with him, I had more discounts added and  I was a happy Christmas shopper when I saw the total for my order.  It would have been easy for the service agent to tell me that the invalid code was my problem but he did not. He assured me that he would work with me to make my shopping experience a good one.

If you are on the fence about a photo service, I would give Shutterfly a big Thumbs Up. It is a company that stands behind its promises!

Monday, October 29, 2018

My Christmas Tee Shirt

Last week I showed some cute Christmas tees that I found at Hallmark. Well I have purchased my Christmas tee and here it is.

This nice long sleeved tee was found at the Georgia Tech Bookstore. I have a warm winter sweat shirt that shows the Tech Tower with Snow falling on it. ( Like that ever is very rare!)  I have plans to wear this while we are in Georgia for Thanksgiving. Most of our family are Georgia Bulldog fans so I have to represent for Tech.   Thanksgiving weekend is the annual Georgia Georgia Tech game and this year it is in Athens. Our state rivalry is heated but one sided!! Georgia usually gets the win.  Some of you may not know that we do have a Georgia connection. Marvin did his post doctoral work at UGA and our daughter, Amelia, was born in Athens. I worked part time at the University Health Center and I have to say it was my favorite nursing job. It was lower stress and I worked with some very nice people.  The downside was working on Football Saturdays when we saw lots of Drinking related injuries. :) People really do stupid things when they are drunk...just a word to the wise!:) So while we are life long GT fans, we have a soft spot for UGA as well.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday Stitching

After proclaiming that I have moved on to Christmas stitches, I had to stitch two more Fall items.

I got Heart in Hand's Tom Turkey on the old Q snaps.

And as it was a quick finish, I have an FFO. I must add that the chart came with beads but I am not a fan of beads so I just put a cross stitch where the beads were to go. When I pass the stash, my friend will get the beads and she can decide if she wants to use them.  I love the freedom we stitchers have in deciding what works for us in our stitching world.

Here it is...I found the matching fabric at Walmart and it is perfect for the piece. I also added a burlap ribbon.

The Back...

I use Vonna's idea to leave a small slit to add the fiber fill. I traced the leaf pattern on some nice feet I had purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I free handed the stitching.

Here it is in the dough bowl..

After Halloween, the dough bowl will get a Thanksgiving look.

I got this from the Framer...

My niece's wedding gift will be going along to Georgia in November.  I love the way it turned out.

And here is my next quick stitch.

I ordered this from Beach Cottage Stitchers and you received the pattern and the flosses for the stitch. I have most of it stitched so maybe it will be FFO'd by next Saturday.  Dena at Half Stitch Cross Stitch on Floss Tube enabled me on this one. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.:) If you have not watched Dena's channel, you need to do so. She is a Beautiful stitcher and a lovely lady. She takes on big and complicated stitches and makes it look easy.

Here is a new one by Heart in Hand. So sweet for Christmas. Heart in Hand has been one of my favorite designers but I have to say that they are not consistent in putting out new charts. They seem to be on fire lately so I am trying to purchase their new designs.

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Five

1. Winter PJs

Kendall will like these pjs I chose, she is an Owl lover. I liked this pair because they are light weight and very soft.  I got this pair at Ross.

2.Grands in Fall Setting

The Grimmlins spent Sunday at their Aunt Franny's house out in the country, carving pumpkins, making treats and enjoying the fall day.

3.My December Treat Basket

Another Ross find....I keep a big basket of treats...candy, fruit, etc in the kitchen for the grands. I had been on the look out for one to switch out with my fall Peterboro basket.  This will do nicely.

4. Red Coat and Hat

Especially when Sweet Audrey is wearing it. I love her ensemble and I think she is rather Audrey Hepburn like in this photo. 

5. Winning a Giveaway

Sweet Meg at Live to Stitch had a giveaway and I won. I was so excited. She also sent a sweet card and the lovely enclosure that I am using as a bookmark.   I like to stitch on perforated paper in the car line as the holes are big enough that I can see them without a magnifier. This will be the perfect car project.  Thanks Meg!! 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

What's New at Hallmark

With my mall walking this week, I took a moment to check out the Hallmark store. Remember I no longer purchase cards there as Dollar Tree now carries Hallmark cards.  So I just browsed their shop where Christmas was in full swing.

A cute tote bag for Nanas out there. Their grands think Nana is better than Santa.

I know many of you are cardinal fans. I did not look at the price on this pretty platter but Hallmark is usually pricy. I find it is best to go to the after Christmas sales when things are half off or more.  Of course you run the risk that none will be available so it all depends on how badly you want a pretty item.

I did find this pretty Thanksgiving yard flag. They were $12.99.

Grandson, Elliott, is a big Paw Patrol fan.  He would love these beanie babies.

A Charlie Brown Nativity....So cute.

Now for some tees....

Amelia needs this one. She is a HUGE Hallmark Christmas movie fan.

Here is my favorite..

I love Red Trucks.  But this is another one I would like as well.

Another one for Amelia

The short sleeved tees were all $18.99.

Hope you enjoyed strolling Hallmark with me today.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Stream

Fall has finally arrived here in No Ala so we will just sit by the stream this morning.

1. Since fall has finally arrived, I decided it was time to look for some new winter jammies. I went to three stores before I found what I wanted at Ross. And let me tell you, Christmas is OUT this week at all the stores I visited. I know many of you do not want to rush the seasons but I have learned from experience that if you do not pick up some things now, the inventory is limited later on.

2. I woke to messages from some of my nursing school friends that there are new grand babies in the group. What an exciting time for my friends. There is nothing like a new baby.  One of the babies was born in France!! ( the parents are missionaries there) so we decided it might be time for a trip to Europe!! I'm not sure Europe is ready for the Mini Reunion Gals....this is what we call ourselves since we try to have mini reunions now and then.

3. Speaking of Nursing School, I had another crazy dream that I was back in school and I had lost all my uniforms.  I am sure I would make a good study for a psychiatrist.  It has been 40 something years since I was a young student at Georgia Baptist but it really made an impression on me.

4. Fall always makes me want to bake but the real problem is I want to eat what I bake. I have been on the hunt for the best chocolate cake( my favorite). I tried a Southern Living recipe that was pretty good but still not as good as the cupcakes at Muddy's Bakery in Memphis.  If you are ever in the Memphis area, check out their chocolate chocolate cupcake called Prozac. It is the BEST I have ever tasted.  I did cut up my chocolate cake to share with neighbors as well as Amelia and Todd so I did not eat the whole thing myself.

5. Only one week until Halloween. I picked up my candy at Walmart yesterday. I always do full size bars of candy as we get so few trick or treaters.  I got Hershey bars and Reeses Cups.   When I was a child it was normal in our area to get  a full size bar of candy but back in the OLDEN DAYS I am not sure they made the smaller pieces of candy. And there were those houses who gave out APPLES or popcorn balls. We knew everyone we visited as we lived in the country and had to trick or treat by car.  So no worries about razor blades etc. Now we have to worry about peanut allergies.  Do people make pop corn balls these days? I am not a fan of them myself but they are cute treats.

6. I am also trying to get back into a walking routine by going to the Mall where it is heated and I can get a lot of steps in at one time.  I have to say that I had not been to our mall in a while and I was surprised to see there are very few shops there these days. I believe that Belk's and the AMC movie theater are the businesses that are keeping our mall open.  I remember when I went to Atlanta to school and saw my FIRST mall...I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was just overwhelming to this little country girl.  Another reminder that times do change!!  Now that Decatur has Target and other stores located away from the mall, people just do not go to the Decatur Mall.  A company recently purchased it with hopes of bringing it back. They have done so many improvements but still empty stores.

Well time to get busy around the house. Today is early dismissal day for the kiddos so Nana will have to get her chores done before lunch. Is is me or does it seem like kids do not go to school as much as we did? There is early dismissal or  holiday or break every week or so!! Lucky ducks!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oakville Indian Mounds

Landon's class took a trip to the Oakville Indian Mounds in nearby Lawrence County, Alabama.  Originally there were five mounds and over time three were destroyed leaving two intact.  Amelia went with Landon on his field trip and took some pictures of our boy.

What ten year old boy would not like to throw an Indian spear?

Here is the largest mound at the site. I got this picture from the website for the museum. There were several tribes of Indians living in this area, including the Cherokee, who I am most familiar with as I grew up in Cherokee Country.

Animal skins make a good background for a picture.

Listening to the docent as she tells about the lives of the Indians.

Here is what the area might have looked like at one time.  The museum houses many artifacts including arrowheads.

I am glad the kids are learning about their state and the many people who made Alabama what it is today.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Return to the Pumpkin Patch

This  memory popped up on my Facebook page yesterday.  Marvin and I took Landon and Margaret to Tate Farms in Meridianville, Alabama for a day of fall fun.

Nana was trying to get a cute picture but neither one of them would look up!!

Riding the Corn Train.

Margaret was not too sure about that corn bin.

Landon on the ride home.  Oh how time flies as Facebook reminds me. This was 8 years ago.

And those pictures made me want to look at some made 10 years ago...

At Tate Farms with Kendall, just days before Landon was born.

Kendall wanted to look at every pumpkin in the patch.:)  I was probably impatient with her that day, now I think I would just slow down and enjoy the moment.  Because here is Kendall all dressed up for the Priceville Junior High Homecoming Dance...

She is 12  1/2 years old and a sweet heart who probably would turn down a trip to the Pumpkin Patch today.   And that head band is the rage among the junior high girls around can get headbands with all sorts of embellishments.  Amelia was telling me that the school banned them for a while but relented. Hey if headbands are the worst things Junior High kids get into, let it go!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Stitching

Christmas Ornaments have been on Nana's mind this week.

Little House Needleworks Merry Merry stitched on 14 count Aida Coffee Dyed by yours truly. I also tea stained the fabric for the backing and the bow to make it look retro. Recognize the little ginger bread man I got at Hobby Lobby?

Prairie Schooler Barnyard Christmas stitched on 28 count even weave. I changed the pig to pink and I used black and white gingham for the ruching. I also changed the grass color at the bottom to brown as everyone knows pigs like mud. Pardon the flecks of floss that I should have blown off before snapping my picture. I was in a hurry!!

Another Barnyard Christmas. I stitched this last year but I gave it to my sis in law after she saw it and wanted one too. This year she got the pig but in the charted black and ecru. I changed my cow from black and ecru to black and white.

I wanted to get a close up of my embellishment. If you tear the fabric instead of cutting it, the finish looks better in my opinion. And the bow hides my crooked corner. ( Vonna here!)

My final ornament for this week.  In full disclosure I must admit that I ruined the first one!! I was preoccupied and allowed some hot glue to seep through the fabric. Believe me it could not be saved. So I spent the evening restitching this Lizzie Kate and being thankful that it was an easy stitch.  However, while stitching it, I got a new idea for the finishing so it turned out to be a WIN WIN.  Recognize my snowflakes from Dollar Tree? I added some buttons and red string to add them to the bottom of the piece. The chart called for stitched snowflakes at the bottom of the Feliz Navidad but I did not want to stitch them.  This was a better solution for me.  And frankly, now I want to keep this one but I have it in the box to take it to Katy when we go to Bham this week.

A close up of the snowflakes. I just added the buttons with hot glue and let them dry for a while before adding the red string to them. I am thankful for the jar of buttons I found on sale at Tuesday Morning a while back. I use them a lot.

Now for my stash...

I have had this one for a while but forgot to share it. I am becoming a Waxing Moon fan.

I picked this up at the Cross Stitch Peddler this week. It is a reprint that I did not own. How I missed some of these I do not know!!  I am not sure I will stitch any of the samplers but oh the motifs on these three!!

And this one I had ordered and it just came in.

 I started it last night as I should be able to stitch it quickly. It will look great in my Thanksgiving Dough Bowl. I am using a 32 count Creme Brûlée by R and R Reproductions for Tom Turkey.

I also picked up these hair clips at Dollar Tree. They are great for holding extra fabric out of the way when you are stitching I have some grime guards but honestly I prefer these little grippers!

I know Chelsea and Priscilla were going to the Mid West Stitchers Retreat this weekend so I guess we will have to do without a video from them today, unless they film at the retreat.  I just got my regular video so I guess I was wrong about the retreat.I do know Priscilla did a wreath for the auction at the Retreat so I assumed the gals were going.  That is one retreat I would love to attend! But Katrina Boyd is doing a retreat in Huntsville in January and I am signed up! I can hardly wait as it will be my first stitching retreat. It gives me something to look forward to after Christmas. It is a small retreat with just 25 stitchers. I think that really allows the stitchers to get to know one another. I am not sure if any Floss Tube gals will be attendance but that would be fun!

Happy Stitching  Blog Friends.